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Soap Opera Digest January 27, 2020

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3 min.
judi evans on days exit

“I t’s pretty devastating. I can’t lie,” admits Judi Evans, who makes her DAYS exit this week as Adrienne Johnson Kiriakis, a role she started playing in 1986. “You don’t know what to think … It’s like a part of your life, a big part, is gone.” Rumblings of Adrienne’s impending demise first surfaced on set. “I heard some rumors from a couple of people in the crew, and I was like, ‘What? What?!’” recounts Evans. “Albert [Alarr, co-executive producer] is usually on the floor during taping, so I kind of sidled over to him and said, ‘Hey. Is this true?’ He said, ‘Yeah, yeah, yeah. But let me talk to you about it.’ So that’s how I found out. It’s that whole thing where a cold shiver goes down your…

2 min.
y&r’s head writer on sharon’s cancer story

▪ Y&R Head Writer Josh Griffith put a lot of thought into scripting Sharon’s cancer battle. “She was in an emotional place where it felt right, as she was getting her center back, to knock her off again with something that would be profoundly challenging and life-changing,” he explains. “And also knowing that Sharon Case [Sharon] would just knock it out of the park. It just organically felt right. What I really wanted to do was explore the dynamic of a new relationship facing something like this, as well.” Look for Rey to stand by Sharon during her journey. “Talking it through we said, ‘Let’s explore how this will bring them closer together,’” Griffith says. “How Rey will just be her rock throughout and deal with it so that she can…

2 min.
days: kristen and brady’s baby “dies”

▪ Kristen’s baby is born, then tragically dies — along with Haley — as DAYS flashes back to Mother’s Day in a week that changes the canvas forever. Things start off awkwardly when Kristen and Brady join John and Marlena for a Mother’s Day celebration. “Marlena’s not too happy to have Kristen in her home, and John just deals with it,” sets up Kristen’s portrayer, Stacy Haiduk. “Kristen is feeling hopeful. She’s willing to try and throw out all the stuff from the past to be there because she loves Brady.” Things are going relatively smoothly until Eric shows up with Holly and is livid to see Kristen. While Brady takes him outside to talk, “Kristen is left with Marlena,” says Haiduk. “They’re having an intimate conversation when Kristen’s water breaks.”…

2 min.
b&b: wyatt dumps sally for flo

▪ Wyatt has been doing some soul-searching about his future with Sally from the moment she mistakenly called him Liam. “It’s crazy,” says Darin Brooks (Wyatt). “The whole thing with Sally didn’t sit right with him. He has been living in his brother’s shadow for years now, and he is fed up with being compared to Liam, and competing with Liam, and always losing out. Wyatt is a guy who wears his emotions on his sleeve. What we saw was a slip of the tongue, and Wyatt doesn’t know what to think about that.” Plus, Wyatt is still fighting his feelings for his first love. “Flo did this miraculous thing, this selfless act,” the actor notes. “She saved Katie. It reminds him of who he fell in love with in the…

2 min.
y&r: sharon deals with her diagnosis

▪ It’s been a week since Sharon’s breast cancer diagnosis and not surprisingly, she’s in an emotional tailspin. “Sharon is feeling overwhelmed that her life now revolves around cancer,” says Head Writer Josh Griffith. “She also feels she has lost control over her life. Sharon is proud of her independence so she feels guilty that she will need to rely heavily on those around her as she begins treatment.” Luckily, Rey is in Sharon’s corner. “When Rey learns that Sharon has cancer, he goes into ‘fight mode’ to support her,” explains Griffith. “He wants to make sure Sharon is armed with all the information and resources available as she begins treatment.” Nevertheless, Sharon is upset that Faith is moving back to Genoa City because of her mother’s health crisis. “Sharon confides in…

2 min.
gh: nikolas faces the music with spencer — and ava

▪ With new wife Ava by his side, Nikolas travels abroad to reveal to his son that he’s alive. But his reunion with Spencer doesn’t quite live up to Nik’s expectations. After a three-year separation, Nikolas is “so excited” to see his son, according to his portrayer, Marcus Coloma. “Nikolas has been so focused, and has had such a strong conviction that the whole purpose of this [quest to reclaim the Cassadine estate from Valentin] was to help Spencer and get Spencer back. In his mind, Nikolas taking it back is getting his relationship back with his son.” But Spencer makes it clear to his father that he won’t just forgive and forget that Nik allowed him to believe that he was dead. Coloma reports, “In the scene, Spencer brings up such…