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Soap Opera Digest February 3, 2020

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4 min.
brandon beemer dishes about days return

Getting invited back to DAYS to be the pivotal force in uncovering that Princess Gina has been masquerading as Hope has been rewarding for Brandon Beemer (Shawn). “It’s a lot of fun to feel that you’re needed for something specifically, as opposed to just going in for exposition or something,” notes the actor. “It’s nice when you actually have some activity. And Rafe and Shawn do team up together to figure out how to get rid of Princess Gina and make sure that nobody gets harmed in the process.” Beemer’s always up for another go at the soap when he’s asked to resurrect Shawn. “I love coming back. I love working on the show,” he says. “I started there in 2006, and so many people at DAYS are kind of like…

2 min.
days: john and marlena “die”

▪ “Gina” and “Stefano” step up their plan to make John and Marlena think that the other is dead. While on the “real” Stefano’s trail, John and “Stefano” meet with Tony and Anna in Europe. Tony says he’s willing to do whatever he can to help find his father, but Anna has some harsh words to say about Stefano. “Anna calls Stefano a twisted old spider, says he sucks the life blood out of his children and doesn’t have the guts to show his face; that even his own son is sickened by him,” begins Stephen Nichols (“Stefano”). “And the kicker — Stefano DiMera is nothing but a weak, pathetic coward! ‘Stefano’ loses his composure and risks blowing his cover as he bursts forth, telling Anna, ‘Why don’t you do…

2 min.
y&r: billy leaves victoria!

▪ After Amanda breaks off their friendship, Billy is feeling a little lost. He wanders into the dive bar that had become their hangout and reminisces about their brief encounters. “He misses that relationship but I think he’s also grateful for the time that they shared,” says Jason Thompson (Billy). “He looks at Amanda as someone who has helped him find a voice and he’s appreciative of that.” Billy resists joining a poker game, which makes him feel resentful. “He’s trying to find that world he can live in that doesn’t set off every alarm bell with his relationships, or his family or with anybody else in Genoa City,” explains Thompson. “He needs to figure out who he is without all of the noise.” Billy returns home, where Victoria isn’t happy to…

2 min.
gh: nelle wreaks havoc on the quartermaines

▪ Now that Nelle — and her 2020 vision board — have taken up residence at the Quartermaine mansion, she moves on to phase two of her get-rich-quick scheme: drive the family nuts in order to drive up the price they’re willing to pay for the ELQ shares she inherited from Shiloh via Oscar. Chloe Lanier (Nelle) was informed of the Nelle-is-Shiloh’s-widow twist well in advance of its on-air reveal. “I figured my scenes with Shiloh were leading somewhere, but I didn’t know exactly what they were planning,” she explains. “I think it was probably back in October when I found out, maybe even earlier. Frank [Valentini, executive producer] told me in between scenes and I was like, ‘Oh, wow!’ ” While the actress will miss her days in Pentonville thanks to…

2 min.
b&b’s wyatt torn between flo and sally

▪ Despite the fact that he has reunited with Flo, Wyatt regrets what he has done to Sally. “It’s hard,” sighs his portrayer, Darin Brooks. “Wyatt is caught between two women that he loves dearly — one from the past who just came back and the other one that he jumped into headfirst with. It’s a tough spot to be caught between two women who he deeply loves. He has made his choice, that he wants to try to pick things up with Flo. But he feels so bad about hurting Sally. He truly feels terrible, but what can he do?” Wyatt seeks counsel from someone who knows this territory all too well: his brother, Liam. “Wyatt values Liam’s opinion but also, in the back of his mind, this whole thing…

1 min.
early editions!

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL ▪ Thomas and everyone at Forrester surprise Zoe with a party for her birthday. ▪ An unexpected diagnosis changes the course of someone’s life. YOUNG AND RESTLESS ▪ Victor teaches a valuable lesson. ▪ Kyle and Lola share a difference of opinion. ▪ Adam settles unfinished business. ▪ Amanda receives unsettling news. DAYS OF OUR LIVES ▪ “Stefano” consoles Marlena. ▪ Nicole tells Eric the truth about Brady. ▪ Sarah declares her love to Xander. ▪ Will and Ciara fill in Ben. GENERAL HOSPITAL ▪ Brook Lynn offers her emotional support. ▪ Anna and Finn have it out. ▪ Sam struggles with how to deal with her parole officer. ▪ Nina and Jax grow closer. ▪ Olivia wants to know if Ned has made any progress.…