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Soap Opera Digest February 17, 2020

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y&r’s sharon case on cancer storyline

“Every day is a challenge,” admits Sharon Case (Sharon) of playing out her alter ego’s cancer battle. “Sometimes I get the simplest scenes and I can still go, ‘How am I going to make this interesting? What is this really about?’ So everything is challenging and I like that.” Case said she found out about her upcoming tale quite casually. “I was doing a scene in the coffeehouse and [Executive Producer] Tony Morina told me in passing,” she recalls. “Head writers and executive producer teams approach that differently. We had teams where they wanted to tell you what would be happening for your character a year in advance but this time, I found out in passing.” Her reaction? “To be honest, it scared me,” she says. “It’s big story and I…

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b&b: courtney hope discusses sally’s illness

When Courtney Hope learned that her B&B alter ego, Sally, would need to see a doctor, she assumed it would be a typical soap storyline. “I’m glad that she wasn’t pregnant,” the actress admits. When Hope found out the depth of what Sally would be facing, “I was like, ‘This is cool,’” she adds. “As an actor, you want to tell stories that make people feel less alone, and go through that with them. It was nice to be able to have an opportunity to do that. Sally finds out that all is not well, and now she’s dealing with how that manifests in her life.” Hope shares that playing the drama has been invigorating, but stressful. “The body is a miraculous thing,” she reflects. “I definitely shook [during her early scenes…

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days: “steve” enlists kayla’s help

Steve is shot after he and Chad struggle over a gun and goes to the one person who can help him: Kayla. Though Kayla is surprised to discover he’s injured, “They have a bit of heart-to-heart,” begins her portrayer, Mary Beth Evans. “She helps him and he convinces her that no one can know, which goes against her better judgment, but she is drawn to him. Even though he’s being a jerk, she’s going to help him and he knows it going in.” “Steve” spins a story about Stefano being on a rampage, which Kayla absorbs. “She believes him but she’s skeptical,” notes Evans. While Kayla is removing the bullet, “Steve” has a faulty memory about a piece of their past, which puts Kayla on alert. “It’s just a complicated relationship,” Evans…

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y&r: phyllis learns adam and chance’s secret

While waiting in a Las Vegas casino bar to meet Riza, his former associate on the gambling circuit, Adam is surprised when Chance enters first. Adam then expresses concern about Chance becoming further involved in the situation they’re in, and it turns out they’re closer pals than they appear to be back home. “Chance and Adam are not best friends but they share a connection from their experience in Las Vegas,” explains Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith. “They know they are an unlikely pair and realize any attention to their friendship would cause suspicion. However, Adam is prepared to play dirty to make this problem go away, so he doesn’t want Chance’s ‘Boy Scout’ attitude to get in the way of his plan.” As the men are arguing, a cocktail waitress…

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réal andrews on gh return

Réal Andrews, who recently returned to GH as Taggert, a role he originated in 1996 and last played in 2003, credits his comeback to a bit of divine intervention. “It’s been 17 years since I left the show, and I probably thought about it every day, one way or another,” the actor says. “I got to a point where I just kind of really turned it over to God. I said, ‘You know what? If it’s your desire for me to be on that show, I will be. If it’s not, I won’t,’ and I kind of just stopped thinking about it. Then, literally three weeks after that, I got a text from [Casting Director] Mark Teschner and he said, ‘We want to know if you’d like to come back,’…

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early editions!

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL A proposal of marriage is made. Katie questions her previous actions. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Lani crashes Eli and Gabi’s wedding. A death rocks the Horton family. Julie makes a confession. Rafe shares information with Justin. YOUNG AND RESTLESS Nikki hosts a gala. Adam’s latest move shocks Chelsea. Trouble finds Amanda. Jill keeps Billy in line. RATINGS RACE: WEEK OF JANUARY 13 The numbers listed after each show are ratings points. Each ratings point represents 1,206,000 homes. These numbers now reflect DVR playback within the same day. • YOUNG AND RESTLESS 2.8 • BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL 2.4 • GENERAL HOSPITAL 1.7 • DAYS OF OUR LIVES 1.3…