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Soap Opera Digest February 24, 2020

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stars remember marj dusay

Marj Dusay, beloved for her work on CAPITOL (ex-Myrna), SANTA BARBARA (ex-Pamela), GUIDING LIGHT (ex-Alexandra) and ALL MY CHILDREN (ex-Vanessa), and who pinch-hit for Louise Sorel on DAYS as Vivian from 1992-93, passed away on January 28 at the age of 83. Her stepdaughter, Elizabeth Perine, confirmed the news on the actress’s Facebook fan page, writing, “I’m so very sad to have to tell you that my stepmother Marj passed away peacefully yesterday morning in her sleep. She was quite a woman and had quite a grand life. She was deeply loved and will be deeply missed.” Born Marjorie Mahoney in Russell, KS, Dusay began her acting career in commercials in New York City after moving east for her then-husband’s medical internship. After they divorced, she moved to L.A. in 1966, where…

2 min.
gh preview: the truth about wiley comes out!

▪ This is not a drill: After a year and a half of near-misses, Wiley’s true identity will be revealed this week. Says Co-Head Writer Chris Van Etten, “I think we’ve definitely reached the point now where we have all the pieces in place.” Chimes in Co-Head Writer Dan O’Connor. “Nelle is out of prison. Lucas is awake. Basically, all of our ducks are in a row — which to me and Chris means that it’s the perfect time to blow everything sky-high!” As the week gets underway, Nelle completes the sale of her ELQ stock — and with the profits, she intends to abscond from Port Charles with Wiley. “Now that Nelle is a free woman, she plans to make sure that her plan, for Michael to be nowhere near his…

2 min.
days: gabi is busted!

▪ Lani gets payback when she crashes Gabi and Eli’s wedding and exposes the duplicitous bride and her lies. After Lani explains how Gabi used Julie’s pacemaker to force her to break Eli’s heart, and JJ backs up her accusations, Gabi is forced to admit it’s true. “Julie is shocked,” says her portrayer, Susan Seaforth Hayes. “When she recalls the physical episodes she had, post-putting in the pacemaker, when that becomes clear, her rage bubbles up. Hateful things are said. There’s a good deal of vixenish behavior on all sides. Again, Julie is going to call Gabi a ‘mendacious little bitch’. Apparently, the writers were listening the first time I ad-libbed that. It stayed in through the cutting, and now I’m known for that phrase.” To everyone’s horror, an incensed Gabi retaliates,…

2 min.
y&r honors victor newman

▪ Nikki has been working for weeks to plan a huge gala to celebrate both the 50th anniversary of Newman Enterprises and its founder, Victor Newman. On the day of the shindig, Victor is filled with anticipation, especially since he has no idea of what his wife has cooked up. Nikki assures that her hubby won’t be disappointed. “Victor and Nikki are in a wonderful place in their relationship,” points out Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith. “Their bond is stronger than ever as they love and trust each other without condition. Nikki is extremely proud of Victor’s accomplishments and relishes the opportunity to celebrate him so publicly. Nikki knows that surprising Victor Newman is no easy task, so Nikki has gone to great lengths to keep details of the gala…

2 min.
days: bill horton dies

▪ Jennifer receives the heartbreaking news that her father, Bill Horton, has died, prompting her, Jack, Abigail and JJ to make plans to leave for his funeral in Africa. Meanwhile, the Hortons commemorate the beloved family member they’ve lost by sharing memories of him. It’s led by Doug, who remembers his 50 years in Salem, starting with the day he and Bill met. “Doug is quite sad,” admits portrayer Bill Hayes. “He remembers vividly meeting Bill Horton in prison, and then continuing the relationship when they were both out of prison and back in Salem. Doug figures that he would never have met Julie, he would never have had a successful career, if he hadn’t met Bill Horton. He feels that he owes his life, really, to Bill Horton. It’s very…

2 min.
b&b: thomas proposes to zoe

▪ Thomas pulls out all the stops in his plan to use Zoe to make Hope jealous. First, Thomas manipulates Douglas, who is already upset that his father is spending time with another woman. “Thomas sees Hope’s maternal instincts kick in,” says Matthew Atkinson (Thomas). “He sees the weakness that Hope has for Douglas, and he believes, genuinely, that Hope’s destiny is to be with him. Because of that, he will move the chess pieces to corner Hope, and he knows that Douglas is one of the best chess pieces he has. I don’t think Thomas is manipulating Douglas in a way that’s going to hurt him. I think he’s doing everything to give Douglas the happiness that he wants, which is to have a mother again, and because of…