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Soap Opera Digest March 23, 2020

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2 min.
victoria platt on days run

“I had no idea what I was stepping into — at all,” reports Victoria Platt, who debuted in February as DAYS’s Dr. Raynor, the ob/gyn who delivered Kristen’s healthy baby and then switched her with Sarah’s dead infant. “When I auditioned for the role it was only for one day. I was coming in to deliver the baby. I thought, ‘Oh. This sounds like fun.’ ” The powers-that-be informed Platt there was a possibility the gig could grow to be more, and eventually, she learned about Dr. Raynor’s dubious next step. “It was terrible,” says Platt. “I kept asking, ‘Are we going to find out why she would do something like this? How could she manage to get involved in such a horrible thing?’ Because Dr. Raynor seemed like a really…

2 min.
george delhoyo returns to days

▪ George DelHoyo, last seen in 2016, returns to Salem as Orpheus, who, as it turns out, is not really so sincerely dead. The actor says he was happy to get the comeback call. “It’s fun because I know this character,” DelHoyo explains. “I feel a certain kinship to the character. And also because I really like the people that I work with, the cast and crew, and there’s a familiarity there, a comfort and a trust. It’s always a happy thing. I enjoy it.” His first scenes are with Brock Kelly’s Evan, who is revealed to be Orpheus’s son. “Brock’s great. He’s a nice, nice guy,” raves DelHoyo. “I enjoyed interacting with him. What’s interesting is that Orpheus has been a solitary character; all of the time anybody sees him,…

3 min.
b&b: thomas is busted — at his wedding!

n As Thomas and Zoe exchange wedding vows in the Forrester living room, Hope — who just discovered Thomas manipulated the kiss between Steffy and Liam — stuns the crowd when she interrupts the ceremony wearing the bridal gown that Thomas designed for her. Once the groom drops Zoe in favor of Hope, the master manipulator is exposed. “Thomas trips up on his own confidence in this moment,” previews Annika Noelle (Hope). “He’s making it so evident what he wants to happen that it leads to his downfall.” When Hope stands before him, seemingly ready to wed, Thomas is speechless. “This guy has been in love with Hope, and unapologetically so, for a very long time,” points out Matthew Atkinson (Thomas). “He made the dress for her. Seeing her there, this…

2 min.
days: orpheus is evan’s father

▪ Evan meets up with the man who’s been caring for his missing son, David, and it’s none other than notorious villain Orpheus — his father! “It’s powerful,” says Brock Kelly (Evan) of the big reveal. “When Evan enters that motel room and Orpheus makes that slow, sinister turn, I think it’s going to be pretty impactful and shocking to the audience.” The father-and-son relationship is quickly revealed as one that’s “very cold,” explains Kelly. “Evan’s not hugging the guy when he sees him. There’s a lot of tension there because they’ve been estranged throughout Evan’s childhood and teenage years.” Nevertheless, Evan sought his father’s help with David “as a last resort … because he was running out of options,” adds Kelly. “[Evan] always turns to his dad because he’s so resourceful.…

2 min.
britt and julian hook up on gh

▪ Finding common ground in their status as town pariahs, Britt and Julian wind up in bed together. “Britt enjoys herself,” grins Co-Head Writer Chris Van Etten. “She is a woman who has gone without for a long time and she doesn’t have a particular problem with Julian. But let’s put it this way: She is not necessarily in the market for love at this moment in her life.” “Julian, like Britt, is also in the market for something uncomplicated,” elaborates Co-Head Writer Dan O’Connor. “Unfortunately, the complication that they both realize is that they are the only two people who know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth regarding the baby switch.” In the morning, Julian asks Britt for her number. “Julian has been at one crossroads after…

2 min.
y&r: billy and lily clash

▪ Jill is ready to dive into the deep end with her new company, Chancellor Communications, with Billy and Lily at the helm. “First and foremost, Jill is a businesswoman,” says Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith. “She is not risking Chancellor’s livelihood by giving Billy and Lily positions they are not qualified for. Jill knows that Billy and Lily have the skills to put Chancellor’s communications division on the map. Jill considers Lily family and trusts her completely not only to work at Chancellor but to help stabilize Billy, as well.” However, the two friends, who were once romantically involved, differ on the overall direction. He immediately wants Chancellor Communications to be cool and hip in the digital world, but she wants to first establish a solid business plan first. When…