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Soap Opera Digest March 30, 2020

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roscoe born dead at 69

Soap vet Roscoe Born (ex-Mitch, ONE LIFE TO LIVE et al) passed away at the age of 69. His daughter, Alberta Born-Weiss, and his siblings, Lynne Born Myers and Flint Born, released an official statement to Digest: “It is with heavy hearts that we confirm the death of our father and brother Roscoe Born. The gleaming charisma and creativity that shone through his on-screen performances, fueled his robust songwriting repertoire and charmed all those around him were matched by a darkness in his life. Roscoe has long struggled with bipolar disorder, a shadow that he succumbed to when he took his own life on Tuesday March 3, 2020. We are grateful for the outpouring of kind words and memories. We only wish that Roscoe could have seen how much people…

2 min.
days’s “stefano” to marlena: marry me

“Stefano” feels he is making inroads with Marlena and is feeling positive about the future. “He has money, he has power, he had his children, but the one thing that consistently seems to slip through his fingers is Marlena,” explains Head Writer Ron Carlivati. “Marlena’s this unattainable prize. He thinks if he finally gets his queen that it will complete him.” Adds Stephen Nichols (“Stefano”), “‘Stefano’ is hoping that Marlena will truly want to be with him. He has told Rolf that he does not want a robot. He wants what he has always craved, for Marlena to finally accept his love and devotion and give the same to him.” After Rolf performs surgery on Marlena, “‘Stefano’ believes that Marlena is finally coming around,” notes Nichols. He then whisks Marlena away…

2 min.
b&b: brooke and bill’s kiss exposed

Brooke’s illicit kiss with Bill becomes public knowledge, at least with her sister, Donna — and bitter rival, Quinn. “It’s a pure accident that she finds out,” explains Jennifer Gareis (Donna). “Brooke is telling Donna about this sweet little gift that Ridge bought her, a digital picture frame of all their wonderful romantic memories. Donna is like, ‘Oh, so sweet!’ So, she is looking at these pictures of Brooke and Ridge, and she is so happy they’re getting back together, and then she sees this picture of somebody kissing her sister! It takes her a second to realize who it is and when she realizes it’s Bill and Brooke, she’s like, ‘Oh, my God.’ How do you even describe that?” Donna immediately takes Brooke to task. “Her sister, she loves and…

2 min.
gh’s nina hires nelle

Nina is left reeling after Maxie quits Crimson to go to work for Deception — and she promptly hires Nelle, but with an ulterior motive. Notes Cynthia Watros (Nina), “I think there are people in my life — hopefully, not too many! — that you love, but you take for granted, and I think that’s what Maxie is for Nina at the present moment. Nina loves Maxie; Maxie is her family and her friend and somebody that she really looks to for help at Crimson and in life. So when she decides to leave, it’s a shocker, and it throws Nina off-balance because she doesn’t have her touchstone anymore. But also, looking at it, Nina can agree that she was taking Maxie for granted.” According to Watros, Nina is stung by the…

2 min.
y&r: phyllis toys with nick

Nick is feeling the heat at Newman Enterprises in more ways than one. “Even though Victor has stepped back and allowed his children to run the company, it’s never going to be independent of him,” says Joshua Morrow (Nick). “Victoria is on the DL right now, so Nick has got to man the ship and there’s a lot going on. Victor and Nick have always had their different ways of doing things so this is a taxing time for Nick. On top of that, he’s got this looming Phyllis issue that’s complicating his life.” Phyllis shows up to discuss how they should handle Summer, who is aware that something is going on between her parents. “Nick and Phyllis have a fascinating energy between them but they’re both afraid to admit that…

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early editions!

BOLD AND BEAUTIFUL Shauna packs up to go to Vegas now that Ridge and Brooke have reunited. Quinn is amused by her part in Brooke’s comeuppance. GENERAL HOSPITAL Sonny takes comfort in his family. Britt is grateful to have someone to lean on. Neil is assaulted. Mike is not completely honest. Trina confronts Curtis. DAYS OF OUR LIVES Brady is shot. Xander and Sarah set a wedding date. Anna wounds “Stefano”. Abe asks Lani and Eli to return to the Salem PD. YOUNG AND RESTLESS Victor takes a mysterious trip. Victoria suffers a setback. Kyle makes a painful decision. Amanda takes a risk.…