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Soap Opera Digest April 6, 2020

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3 min.
gh scribe on port charles’s new faces

GH has added three major new characters in recent months. Co-Head Writer Chris Van Etten spoke to Digest about what they bring to the canvas. Cyrus: “We hadn’t played this aspect [mob boss] of Sonny’s character in a long time and we knew we wanted a new villain, but what’s interesting about Cyrus is that he is only a villain for Sonny in the sense that the two characters occupy the same professional territory. When you bring on a villain, you want them to have as much personal connection to the canvas as possible, rather than just imprinting generic bad guy into a scene. We saw an opportunity here to develop a bunch of characters who aren’t normally played this way, so we thought that introducing a crime boss who has…

2 min.
ashley jones on b&b comeback

Ashley Jones’s Bridget comes home just as her mother’s life is about to implode. The actress, who last appeared on the soap in 2018, welcomed the opportunity to return. “It’s just such a good feeling,” she says. “I didn’t know anything about story, I didn’t know how many episodes, but it was exciting, and I haven’t been on the show in over a year. So it’s good to just remind fans that Bridget is alive and well. And I think for a lot of newer fans, they want to know who Bridget is, and for some old school fans, when I posted on Instagram, I had a great response, which always feels lovely.” Bridget is on hand for the big reveal that Brooke and Bill kissed (see page 9 for more),…

2 min.
days: brady’s dramatic week

Chaos erupts at the DiMera mansion when John interrupts “Stefano’s” attempt to consummate his “marriage” to Marlena upstairs, while Chad tries to shoot Kristen down in the living room. “Brady realizes that Chad is under some kind of spell,” explains Eric Martsolf (Brady). “He’s not exactly sure why, but it’s clear that Chad is not in his right head. He’s just speaking with complete lunacy. The chance that he would just pull the trigger without any thought and kill Kristen is pretty high. So Brady rushes to get the gun, and he takes a hit.” Fortunately, “Brady is just grazed in the arm,” says Martsolf. “Kristen and Brady try to talk him out of his brainwashed behavior, but they’re unsuccessful. Chad’s not listening to anybody and is totally under mind control.” John and…

2 min.
y&r: adam blackmails victor

Still angry over being overlooked as interim CEO of Newman Enterprises, Adam invites Victor to Crimson Lights for a conversation. “Adam thought that Victor was finally treating him the same as Nick and Victoria,” points out Co-Executive Producer/Head Writer Josh Griffith. “Adam thinks he is far more qualified than Nick and Victoria to run Newman so he felt betrayed when Victor picked Nick over him. While Victor never made any guarantees to Adam, Victor’s decision made Adam feel second-best.” Victor is suspicious about why Adam has arranged this meeting. “Victor has been down this road with Adam many times before so he can sense when Adam is up to his old tricks,” says Griffith. “Also, Victor was under the impression that he and Adam were on good footing so he’s surprised…

2 min.
gh’s sonny is rocked by mike’s decline

Mike comes to at G.H. after taking a fall, and Sonny is forced to come to terms with his father’s deterioration. A disoriented Mike doesn’t recognize his son and refuses to get out of bed. “At first, Sonny does not perceive a new level in Mike’s decline,” begins Co-Head Writer Chris Van Etten. “To Sonny’s mind, it’s not necessarily abnormal for Mike to have had a slight physical hiccup; in this case, he had a fall and injured his wrist. And it’s not necessarily abnormal for Mike to wake up in the morning and be disoriented and to take a long time to get some form of his bearings back. But what’s different in this case, and what Sonny comes to realize thanks to commentary from Portia, and also Elizabeth, is…

2 min.
b&b: ridge finds out about brooke and bill

Thanks to Quinn, the footage of Bill and Brooke kissing comes to light in a very public way. Observes Thorsten Kaye (Ridge), “This whole relationship between Brooke and Bill? After a while, Ridge has got to say, ‘This is always going to be here, it’s always going to be them, she needs those strong, macho shoulders and it’s never going to change and it’s time to move on.’” The fact that his family and friends are privy to the buss reveal doesn’t bother Ridge as much as the act itself. “I don’t know how big that is, it just means Katie is involved,” Kaye notes. “Even with all of those people, it’s still a private moment and a private realization for Ridge that this is never going to get better. Whatever…