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Soap Opera Digest May 4, 2020

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5 min.
brandon barash dishes about days return

There’s another look-alike in Salem — a dead ringer for Gabi’s late husband, Stefan O. DiMera — and Brandon Barash is back in the newly created role of Jake, a rough-around-the-edges auto mechanic. “I had no idea I’d be returning,” admits Barash, noting that things were set in motion with “a surprise phone call. Casting called and said, ‘We’ve been thinking about this. We realized we made a mistake when we wrote [Stefan] off. A lot of people were upset to see you go. Would you be interested in coming back?’” Barash, who had kept busy after his DAYS departure, was open to hearing what the show had planned. “There are a couple of passion projects that I was working on,” he shares. “One is a TV show [based on his Instagram…

2 min.
days: brady takes the rap

Brady questions Kristen about Victor’s stabbing, and she confesses that she was the culprit. “He’s horrified,” admits Eric Martsolf (Brady). “He can’t believe that she would actually do something like this. But one of his instincts is, ‘Hey, I don’t blame you. I wanted to kill the man, too, when I saw him.’ Obviously, Brady knew it was the wrong thing to do, but he doesn’t blame Kristen for feeling and doing what she did. That is instrumental in the reasons he tries to cover it up and protect her, as opposed to doing the moral thing, having her accept what she did, and going through the system.” As Kristen starts to come undone, Brady promises he’ll take care of everything. “Brady kind of ices himself over and comes to the…

2 min.
gh preview: molly swears brando to secrecy

Molly feels a jolt of terror when she finds Brando deep in conversation with her sisters, afraid that her dirty little secret (that she bedded Brando while TJ was kidnapped) will be exposed. Co-Head Writer Chris Van Etten explains that the show’s scribes decided to inject a big dose of soapy drama into the “Tolly” romance because “we wanted to do some work to better integrate Molly and TJ into the canvas. We saw an opportunity to tie them in a more important sense to the story that’s unfolding with Jordan and Curtis and Cyrus, which also ties them to the world of Sonny at large — not only because of the crime aspect, but because Brando is one of Sonny’s relations. We’ve long thought that TJ and Molly, and the…

5 min.
brook kerr dishes new gh role

Brook Kerr, best known to daytime fans for her work as Whitney Russell for the entirety of PASSIONS’s 1999-2007 run, made her GH debut in March as Trina’s mother and Taggert’s former wife, Portia Robinson. “It has been such a blessing and I’m just so grateful,” she beams. The chance to audition “came out of the blue and when it did, I was like, ‘Yes! This is perfect!’” she explains. “GH has such a good reputation, and working with the cast and crew and everyone there, who have such professionalism and grace, and do everything so well and efficiently — I’m just really excited. It’s been a really great new adventure.” GH reached out to her agent early in 2020. Says Kerr, “I had been doing some real estate stuff and I…

2 min.
quick take with thorsten kaye (ridge, b&b)

Ridge has experienced a lot of upheaval. How is he coping regarding Shauna? Brooke? Thomas? Where do we even start? “Well, the whole thing with Shauna, as I’ve said to you before, is she is a breath of fresh air. What I like about their relationship is in your 20s, when he and Brooke met, it’s all about the passion and the sex, and as you get older, you get to a certain point when it comes to, ‘What is it that you can give another person to make their life better? How are the two of you better together than you are alone?’ I think maybe Ridge has finally seen that his life with Brooke couldn’t be that — and maybe he’s looking at Shauna thinking, ‘This could be…

4 min.
comings and goings

who’s coming DAYS OF OUR LIVES Kyle Lowder (Rex Brady): Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) runs into Rex in Paris on April 30. “All in all, I loved being back there and it was nice to play a part of Rex that I’ve always wanted to play,” previews Lowder. “I’m grateful that Ron [Carlivati, head writer] wanted to write me back in; I don’t take that for granted at all.” For more from Lowder, see the next issue. who’s going GENERAL HOSPITAL Kelly Thiebaud (Britt Westbourne): The actress has wrapped up her short-term return to Port Charles. On the April 13 episode, Britt’s half brother, Peter (Wes Ramsey), explained to Anna (Finola Hughes) that Britt had taken a job at a hospital in Boston. The actress tweeted, “Hiiii! Just wanted to clarify some things! Unfortunately yes i…