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Soap Opera Digest May 11, 2020

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5 min.
kyle lowder dishes about days return

Kyle Lowder was surprised when he was contacted about a return to DAYS. “It was really cool, actually,” he recalls. “I was in the middle of shooting The Amityville Harvest, which is a new horror franchise series of movies, and I was shooting the first installment of that back in August [2019]. It was crazy because my call time wasn’t until, like, 6 p.m. and we shot till 6 a.m. I was sleeping all day and I was up working all night, like a vampire. I woke up in the afternoon and I looked at my phone and I had, like, 10 missed calls and text messages from my rep starting from, ‘Great news. Call me back,’ all the way to, ‘Are you alive?’ So I just picked up the…

2 min.
nikolas’s new dilemma on gh

Nikolas receives a communication from Spencer that throws a new wrench into his complicated personal life. Sets up portrayer Marcus Coloma, “Nikolas gets a letter from Spencer that basically says, ‘I’m willing to have you back in my life — if you divorce Ava.’ At first, Nikolas thinks that this is his big break. He thinks he’s about to get everything he’s been fighting for and that everything is going to be great. From his perspective, this is kind of the best thing that could possibly happen. He thinks, ‘I can get my son back and I can get rid of Ava!’ He thinks she’s going to understand; because they’ve been on the same team, he doesn’t predict that Ava is going to have anything but support for this.” His initial instincts…

2 min.
days: sarah takes rex hostage

In Paris, Rex is stunned when he calls Kate and discovers that Sarah has kidnapped Brady and Kristen’s baby, Rachel. “Rex is like, ‘Okay, this is not cool,’” begins his portrayer, Kyle Lowder. “And then by chance, Sarah drops something that she was holding or that was in the baby stroller and she has to come back for it. He’s like, ‘You know what, I’m just gonna sit right here in this café and hold on to this thing because she has to come back.’ And lo and behold, she does, and he looks at her and he’s like, ‘We’ve got to talk. Before you go into denial and explanations, just know I know what is happening right now and this is not okay.’” Sarah insists she’s not giving the baby…

2 min.
quick take with tyler johnson (theo, y&r)

Now that Theo has been fired from Jabot, do you think he’s down for the count or is he determined to make a comeback? “Theo doesn’t know the word ‘quit’. He’s a survivor and innovator, ambitious and determined to reach the top. I admire his tenacity. There’s no self-pity in Theo; he digs his own graves, then finds a way to climb out of them. His next move is always bigger than his last.” Why did he so easily take the bait of stealing “Kyle’s” pitch? “Theo let his insecurities get the best of him. It’s difficult to admit, but he needed Lola, and something about her leaving triggered his deepest insecurities, and he resorted to the ‘anything goes’ mentality that served him up to this point. He felt like the…

1 min.
comings and goings

who’s coming DAYS OF OUR LIVES Alyshia Ochse (Zoey Burge): The actress (ex-Cassandra, GH) assumes the role from Kelly Thiebaud. GENERAL HOSPITAL Michael E. Knight (Martin Gray): Martin, who was dispatched by Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) in February to seek out additional shares of ELQ for him to buy, returns to town this week. Kristina Wagner (Felicia Scorpio-Jones): Fan fave Wagner is back on-screen this week for a critical conversation with Anna (Finola Hughes). who’s going DAYS OF OUR LIVES Kate Mansi (Abigail Deveraux): The actress wraps up her return visit this month. Kelly Thiebaud (Zoey Burge): Thiebaud had a scheduling conflict and was recast. REAL-LIFE STATUS In Memoriam: Actor Brian Dennehy passed away on April 15 of natural causes at the age of 81. Best known for films like First Blood, Cocoon and Tommy Boy, primetime soap fans will remember…

2 min.
hot plots preview!

GENERAL HOSPITAL Nelle And Martin Strategize With the start date of the trial to determine Wiley’s custody fast approaching, Nelle sits down with her back-in-town attorney, Martin, to fashion a game plan for besting Michael. According to Chloe Lanier (Nelle), “Nelle is feeling really confident” about her chances of prevailing. “She’s got money from selling Shiloh’s ELQ shares and she’s got a job at Crimson, so in her mind, she’s got respectability. She’s feeling like she’s achieving everything on her vision board.” Martin bursts her bubble a bit by bringing up her status as a convict, “but Nelle’s pretty dismissive of that. After all, Michael did time in Pentonville, too!” Martin presses Nelle about who she can get to appear at the trial to testify to her character. “Nelle does not really have any…