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Soap Opera Digest May 18, 2020

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days’s zucker raises awareness with daytime cares

In addition to her new podcast, Everything From A to Z, Arianne Zucker (Nicole, DAYS) is keeping busy putting her charitable efforts into Daytime Cares (www.daytimecares.com), a website that has been created to drive awareness and donations to nonprofits, give voice to local charitable efforts and group volunteerism, shine a spotlight on everyday heroes, and assist, where possible, individuals who are struggling for answers and resources during the pandemic. “Sonia [Blangiardo-Goins, DAYS director] and Bob Wall [media sales/marketing executive] talked about creating a website where people could go to sort of have a mash of nonprofits that are doing an amazing job right now during this pandemic and to help direct people,” explains Zucker. “We’re just starting at this point of, ‘How we can better help all of our communities?’ We…

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stacy haiduk exits days

Kristen and Brady are reunited with their daughter in Paris, but realize that Kristen can’t go home with him. “They have this great moment with Rachel,” sets up Eric Martsolf (Brady), adding that he and co-star Stacy Haiduk (Kristen) “were working toward this reunion between our characters and their daughter. We thought this was going to be the banana split sundae that we were finally going to be able to enjoy. But, sure enough, because of what Kristen has done to Victor, she can’t return to Salem.” So the duo makes the difficult decision to let Kristen take baby Rachel and flee, which means Haiduk’s run has come to an end for now. “This was a rough transition for Stacy and me,” admits Martsolf. “I never say goodbye to anybody. I…

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gh preview: michael and willow say, “i do”

With Wiley’s custody hearing fast approaching, Michael and Willow decide to get married to give him the best possible shot of besting Nelle in court. “From the beginning, Michael and Willow saw the wisdom of getting married in order to have that extra leverage in the custody battle against Nelle,” notes Co-Head Writer Dan O’Connor. “But they couldn’t bring themselves to do it knowing its potential to hurt Chase and Sasha. Now that the tables have been turned and they are the ones that have been hurt by them, they really must reconsider just how far they are willing to go to protect Wiley.” Michael and Willow have a heart-to-heart in which Michael suggests that their bond as friends and shared love for Wiley could be a good basis for their union.…

2 min.
days: sarah gives the baby back

Sarah’s plan to keep “Mickey” for herself hits a snag when the pair is about to board a train in Paris and comes face to face with Kristen. “Oh, my God! It’s so traumatic,” recounts Linsey Godfrey, whose Sarah refuses to give Kristen her baby. “It’s brutal. The process of Sarah standing there, holding Mickey, crying, and telling Kristen why she can’t give her up. She keeps saying, ‘I can’t. I can’t do this.’” Kristen, in turn, makes a tearful plea for her baby, but Sarah won’t budge, insisting that she would be a better mother to this child. “She lays into Kristen about all the reasons Kristen doesn’t deserve to have this child. She’s like, ‘You’re a murderess. You’ve been in and out of prison. You’ve killed people. You’ve almost…

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quick take with darin brooks (wyatt, b&b)

Watching B&B’s encore episodes, how is it for you to revisit Wyatt’s international love stories? One year he was marrying Hope. Another year, he was married to Steffy. After that, he was kissing Katie … “To put it lightly, it brought up so many good memories. We all had such a blast, with Kim Matula [ex-Hope] and Jacqui [MacInnes Wood, Steffy] and Scott [Clifton, Liam] and Ashleigh Brewer [ex-Ivy] and Heather [Tom, Katie]. We all had such an amazing time there. That’s what is the best part of all of this. The cast and crew, we all get along so well, and we enjoy each other. Some sets are not like that but at B&B, we just have so many wonderful memories together.” Thoughts on where the story left off, with…

1 min.
comings and goings

who’s coming DAYS OF OUR LIVES Alyshia Ochse (Zoey Burge): The actress makes her DAYS debut as Orpheus’s (George DelHoyo) daughter on May 14. GENERAL HOSPITAL Carolyn Hennesy (Diane Miller): The legal eagle is on duty this week in her capacity as Michael’s (Chad Duell) attorney in the custody case against Nelle (Chloe Lanier). who’s going DAYS OF OUR LIVES Stacy Haiduk (Kristen DiMera): Haiduk wraps her run this week. See pages 5 and 8 for more. REAL-LIFE STATUS Date Change: Melody Thomas Scott (Nikki, Y&R) announced on social media that her upcoming biography, Always Young, Always Restless, will now be released on August 18, due to the coronavirus pandemic. “The new release date is August 18 (due to…you know),” Scott tweeted. “Spoke to my publisher this morning, @KeithWallman at @DiversionBooks and that date should remain solid. Can’t wait…