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Soap Opera Digest May 25, 2020

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natas exec on daytime emmys’ future

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s Daytime Emmy ceremony was canceled, and the awards will instead be handed out in a virtual celebration to be held later this year. Explains National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences President Adam Sharp, “I think the Daytime Emmys was the most difficult [of the various Emmys] to proceed with in this environment of all our ceremonies in part because it is the biggest. Our plans for this year had been a three-night [celebration] at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. It would have had more than a thousand people packed into a room each of those three nights. And it became clear relatively early [in the pandemic] that it would not be appropriate to do that in early June as we had planned.” Originally, NATAS…

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gh preview: a life-changing week in port charles!

This week, GH airs the final set of episodes it filmed before the coronavirus crisis shut down production. Expect major fireworks on-screen before the show resumes new original episodes! Robert’s New Mission: Says Co-Head Writer Dan O’Connor, “Robert has started to realize that Holly’s supposed death might not be what it appears to be — and he finds a helpful ear in Laura, who, of course, is one of his oldest allies. He will ultimately find a partner who will go through this journey with him.” For her part, “Laura knows from experience that sometimes the rumors of somebody’s death might be greatly exaggerated, so she is willing to listen to Robert’s theories about what could actually be happening with Holly. However, Laura is somewhat concerned that Robert may be setting…

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days: maggie is innocent

Unaware that she did not cause the Mother’s Day car crash, Maggie can’t come to terms with everything she’s done to her loved ones and prepares to end her life. “Maggie feels that she’s let everybody down,” summarizes her portrayer, Suzanne Rogers. “Obviously, that’s not how she ever saw herself, that she would take anyone’s life. She thought she would be a beacon in Victor’s life, but she let him down. She let Sarah down, and she killed her own granddaughter. She doesn’t think she has anything to live for. She feels it would be better if she was out of [her family’s] lives than in their lives.” Victor, meanwhile, reads Maggie’s farewell letter, realizes what his wife has planned, and sends Xander to stop her. Xander races to get to…

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quick take

How has your quarantine been going? “I’ve been as great as can be, all things considered. Staying busy. I went back to one of my old hobbies, jobs, whatever you want to call it, that I was doing before I did DAYS, which is trading commodities, so I’ve been staying busy Monday through Friday. I wish I could work out more; that’s the thing that COVID has derailed. Other than that, everything has been pretty good.” So, Evan is sent to prison, which marks the end of your DAYS run for now. How would you characterize your overall experience? “It went by in the blink of an eye. I really loved being there, being on set, working with everybody. There’s so many talented actors, directors, producers, and it’s firing on all…

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real-life status

Stork Alert: Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke, B&B) announced on social media that she has become a grandmother for the second time. “I was checking on my daughter [Zoe] the other day making sure she was okay….and guess what?? It was a surprise that she went in to labor yesterday [April 25]! Welcome Reign into the world! He is so precious! Dom [Zoida, Lang’s real-life love] and I are so excited about the new family member and Zuma is celebrating her little brother’s 1st day. He is a happy, calm, and healthy baby the doctor said even though he came early. Yay! Congrats to Zoe and Tyler on their precious baby boy. #adorable #grandson.”…

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comings and goings

who’s coming DAYS OF OUR LIVES Kyler Ends (David): The little boy helps John (Drake Hogestyn) on May 22. who’s going DAYS OF OUR LIVES Brock Kelly (Evan Frears): The actor wraps his run on May 21. See page 9 for more. Kyle Lowder (Rex Brady): Rex’s visit comes to an end. “It was great to be back,” Lowder says. SUMMER TCA PRESS TOUR 2020 CANCELED The Television Critics Association (TCA) Summer press tour, where the major networks unveil their new shows for the upcoming TV season, has been called off due to the coronavirus pandemic. In a statement, the TCA board stated, “We are sad to announce that the 2020 TCA Summer press tour is canceled. The board members are working with the networks to explore virtual alternatives both within the original press tour time frame and…