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Soap Opera Digest June 15, 2020

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daytime emmy nominations announced!

In a surprise move, CBS announced that the network will host the 47th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards on Friday, June 26. “The Daytime Emmys are coming home,” said Adam Sharp, President and CEO of NATAS in a statement. “For generations, daytime television has been a source of comfort and continuity that’s never been more important. We’re delighted to join with CBS in celebrating the programs and professionals who never cease to brighten our days.” Jack Sussman, Executive Vice President, Specials, Music and Live Events for CBS, added, “As a leader in daytime, we are thrilled to welcome back the Daytime Emmy Awards. Daytime television has been keeping viewers engaged and entertained for many years, so it is with great pride that we look forward to celebrating the best of the genre here…

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kate mansi on days exit

Kate Mansi wrapped her most recent DAYS run on May 28, and reveals that her gig was always meant to be short-term. “I was coming back for a specific amount of time,” she shares. “I was looking forward to giving the fans the chance to see a happy Chad and Abigail come back together.” Mansi appreciated how the “Chabby” fans reacted to the comeback. “It’s the best welcome home I could ask for,” says Mansi. “They’re so supportive and so enthusiastic about my relationship with Billy [Flynn, Chad] and our relationship to the characters. It’s so awesome and it really fuels and drives our excitement.” Mansi was happy to have shared so many scenes with her on-screen parents, Matthew Ashford (Jack) and Melissa Reeves (Jennifer). “Working with my family is one of…

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b&b renewed through 2022!

CBS announced it has renewed B&B until 2022, which will take the soap through its 35th season. “For over three decades, THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL has been a cornerstone of the CBS Daytime lineup,” said Amy Reisenbach, Executive Vice President, Current Programs, CBS Entertainment. “The show has been a creative and ratings success due to the supremely talented cast, writers and producers that [Executive Producer/Head Writer] Brad Bell has assembled. Of course, none of this would have been possible without B&B’s dedicated fans, whose passion for these characters and stories is unsurpassed. We are delighted to be able to continue to offer them a daily look into the romances and rivalries between the Forrester, Logan and Spencer families.” Added Bell, “I am thrilled to dive into years 34 and…

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days: claire is released from bayview

Belle and Shawn show up in Salem to check on Claire and discuss her future. Hope, meanwhile, tells Ben and Ciara that Claire might get out of the sanitarium. Everybody agrees to let Claire leave Bayview on a trial basis. Belle and Shawn head there to deliver the news to Claire. “It’s highly emotional,” previews Olivia Rose Keegan (Claire). “It’s super-amazing for her because she’s been stuck in a place and she can’t leave. She’s been waiting for this day and imagining this day since the day she was brought in. The fact that her family trusts her and believes in her again means a lot.” Claire is not so thrilled, however, when Belle and Shawn reveal they’re planning to take her back to Hong Kong. “What fun would that be?”…

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quick take with jason thompson (billy, y&r)

What was your initial reaction to hearing that Billy would be working outside of Jabot? “I was really excited when they told me what the plan was and I love any time I get to work with Jess [Walton, Jill]. I think there’s a lot of room to grow for Billy at Chancellor Industries, so I’m looking forward to it playing out. I think it’s going to be cool.” Why was Billy so hesitant about working for his mom? “At that point, I think he was trepidatious about working with anybody because he had been dealing with so much. I think you could have given him a handful of money and a trailer on a beach with a never-ending supply of cold beer and he would still be apprehensive because nothing…

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comings and goings

who’s coming DAYS OF OUR LIVES Lindsay Arnold (Allie Horton): The daytime newcomer has been cast as the now-older daughter of Lucas (Bryan R. Dattilo) and Sami. She makes her Salem debut on June 11. Brandon Beemer (Shawn Brady): Shawn returns to town on June 8 upon hearing of Claire’s (Olivia Rose Keegan) impending release from Bayview. See page 9 for more. Bryan R. Dattilo (Lucas Horton): Lucas returns to deal with Allie on June 10. Martha Madison (Belle Black): Belle comes home to Salem with Shawn on June 8. who’s going DAYS OF OUR LIVES Alyshia Ochse (Zoey Burge): Ochse wraps her run on June 10. RIVERDALE Skeet Ulrich (F.P. Jones) and Marisol Nichols (Hermione Lodge): Ulrich told fans during a recent Instagram chat that he is exiting The CW series. “I’m leaving RIVERDALE because I got bored creatively.…