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Soap Opera Digest June 29, 2020

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natas pres offers daytime emmy preview

Adam Sharp, NATAS President/CEO, spoke with Digest about what fans can expect when the Daytime Emmys return to prime-time on CBS on Friday, June 26 — but with a twist, insofar as the ceremony will be presented virtually, with celebs participating from home. The Daytime Emmys were last broadcast on television five years ago, but Sharp says that discussions with CBS actually predated the current coronavirus pandemic, which forced NATAS to scrap its in-person ceremony, which had been scheduled to take place on June 14 in Pasadena, CA. “It’s a conversation that had been in the works since last fall. When COVID-19 hit, that certainly paused the talks a bit as everyone was trying to figure out what this new environment would be. The conversations had been about the traditional ceremony.…

2 min.
days: allie considers adoption

Allie visits her brother Will and fills him and Sonny in on her condition. “They’re great when she tells them, very supportive,” recounts her portrayer, Lindsay Arnold. “Right away, Will and Sonny are just there for her. They kind of say all the right things. They’re like, ‘We want to be there to help you in any way that you need, and just know that we’re never going to pressure you to do anything. We’re here to listen to you and to support you.’” The couple shares some of their recent issues dealing with Ari, and it begins to dawn on Allie that raising a child on her own will be daunting. “She has no idea what being a parent is like,” points out Arnold. “Everything is starting to hit her…

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days: kristen returns to salem to surprise lani

Her best friend is getting married, so where else would Kristen want to be than by Lani’s side? “Kristen wants to be supportive of her friend,” says Stacy Haiduk (Kristen). “She wishes she could be there and walk down the aisle with Lani, but that’s not going to happen.” Nevertheless, Kristen shows up in Salem, taking a tremendous risk, since she’s wanted for stabbing Victor. “She can’t be seen,” notes Haiduk. “So she has to sneak back into town in disguise, again. And she’s wearing her beautiful nun uniform.” Lani heads to the Brady pub for lunch, while a mysterious person watches her. Kayla shows up and the two women discuss Lani’s pregnancy and their upcoming weddings. When Eli arrives, he fills in Lani about how Brady and Victor now claim that…

3 min.
quick take with brytni sarpy (elena, y&r)

Things are going pretty good for Elena. Do you think she wants to marry Devon or is she satisfied with how things are right now? “I think Elena is certainly in love and getting to know another side of her relationship now that she and Devon are working together. I am sure Elena would marry Devon in a heartbeat, but I also know she is juggling her career, being a resident, as well as starting her own clinic, so I am not sure she would have the time for a wedding.” Devon got his fortune back. How is this good news for Elena? Do you think they could still be happy without the money? “This is good news for Elena because the guilt Devon had about not honoring his grandmother’s wishes…

4 min.
the latest cast changes

who’s coming DAYS OF OUR LIVES Billy Davis, Jr. (Billy): Billy returns to Salem for Lani (Sal Stowers) and Eli’s (Lamon Archey) wedding. Billy Flynn (Chad DiMera): Chad turned up on June 19 and immediately tangles with Gabi (Camila Banus). Stacy Haiduk (Kristen DiMera): Kristen sneaks into town this week to surprise bestie Lani for her wedding. Vanessa Williams (Valerie Grant): Eli’s mom is on the scene for her son’s nups. GENERAL HOSPITAL Julie Marie Berman (Lulu Spencer), Chad Brannon (Zander Smith), Tamara Braun (Carly Corinthos), Tyler Christopher (Nikolas Cassadine), Scott Clifton (Dillon Quartermaine), James Franco (Franco), Ron Hale (Mike Corbin), Rick Hearst (Ric Lansing), Robert LaSardo (Manny Ruiz), Lindze Letherman (Georgie Jones), Vanessa Marcil (Brenda Barrett), Cynthia Preston (Faith Rosco), Alicia Leigh Willis (Courtney Matthews): These former GH cast members will all appear this week as…

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star shots of the week