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Sound & Vision July - August 2016

Sound & Vision is at the forefront of the ever-changing, always dynamic world of electronic entertainment. Authoritative and accessible, written with insight and humor, Sound & Vision is the preeminent source for consumers of home theater, audio, video, and multimedia products.

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all the cardinal’s men

A team of four Boston Globe journalists headed by Walter Robinson (Michael Keaton) is searching for their next exposé when their editor-in-chief (Liev Schreiber) suggests they investigate pedophile priest John Geoghan: a controversial assignment for a newspaper with a 53 percent Catholic subscriber base. Six-hundred articles later, Boston’s Cardinal Law had resigned, and the church was forced to confront an international pedophilia crisis. Clearly the best newspaper movie since All the President’s Men, Spotlight’s brilliant ensemble cast and perfectly paced screenplay surpass Pakula’s 1976 classic, justifying its Best Picture Oscar. To its credit, the movie manages to evoke ethos for the victims and outrage at the perpetrators without condemning or indicting the Catholic Church itself. In this, Spotlight honors the remarkable journalistic achievement it documents. Although the subject matter of Spotlight…

5 min
jam on

Nugs.net. Ever heard of ’em? I hadn’t but was intrigued when I saw the press release: “Live Music Pioneers nugs.net Launch Streaming Service.” Turns out the company has been making professional recordings of concert performances available to fans of jam bands for years—something followers of Gov’t Mule, Phish, and Widespread Panic probably already know. To learn more about this unique service, I reached out to founder Brad Serling.—Bob Ankosko S&V: Can you tell us a bit about the history of the company—how and why you started it and the story behind the name? BS: I actually launched the nugs.net site in 1997, so we’re approaching 20 years. Back then, the idea was to make it easier to trade my tape collection with other tapers. I had started recording the Grateful Dead in…

10 min
virtual reality is here

I’M STANDING ATOP THE Sagrada Família basilica in Barcelona. I look up, and Gaudí’s organically ornate spires reach up toward the sky and sun above me. I look down, and the streets radiate out like spokes on a wheel. Suddenly, I want tapas. Click It’s night. I’m at Sky100, perched 1,289 feet above Victoria Harbour. The sodium lamps and neon lights of Kowloon burn daytime bright. The towers, peaks, and signs of Hong Kong Island reflect their own glow across the water. To the right, the dark sea beckons. Scratch the tapas, now I want dim sum. Click I’m astride Rey’s speeder bike, racing across the deserts of Jakku. I look up as I pass beneath the decaying remains of a Star Destroyer. Wait, what? Click I’m balanced at the edge of an island that’s floating…

3 min
bravo audio v2

PRICE $68 IN THE HARSH REALITIES OF A sober morning, I set about my task, having managed to burn in the three amps overnight. Bravo Audio’s V2 is definitely the coolest looking of the bunch. The single Shuguang 12AU7 tube and big capacitor pierce a clear plastic top, while all the various bits, heatsinks, and connections sit below. The company’s logo is even great, saying Brav Audi in big letters next to an illustration of a record on a turntable. The Brav Audi feels fairly solidly put together, or about as solid as you can expect from a $68 tube hybrid amp. (Our tech editor Mark Peterson says that, technically, the twin triode sections in the tube act as buffer stages for both channels while the output stages are solid state. Whatever.)…

9 min
restraint and refinement

Questyle QP1R Music Player PRICE $899 IF YOU HAD CHUCKED ME INTO A time machine a decade ago, freed me today, then handed me the Questyle QP1R, naturally I’d mistake it for an iPod on steroids. With that clickwheel, it’s got to be an iPod, right? You’d have to explain to me that what Questyle calls the steering wheel isn’t identical to Apple’s clickwheel; here, the functions are divided differently among the wheel, its big central button, and the four vibrating touch-sensitive buttons around it. My second reaction would be: Wow, this is heavier than an iPod. You’d have to explain that this high-end music player stuffs its rigid machined-aluminum chassis with lots of audio circuitry; the analog output section even utilizes discrete components. That requires some real estate, but it enables the…

5 min
optoma ml750st dlp led projector

PRICE $549 THE “ST” IN THE MODEL NUMBER of the Optoma ML750ST stands for “short throw” and denotes the newest version of the previously released (and still available) ML750. A shortthrow lens allows a projector to sit closer to the screen for a given image size. This can be a real convenience when you’re trying to blast a large image from a tabletop, which might otherwise require the projector to be placed behind audience members (who cast shadows with every trip to the loo). But I quickly found that a short-throw lens seems to yield another, more significant benefit. I’ll get to that in a moment. Measuring 4.1 inches wide x 1.5 high x 4.2 deep, the ML750ST is rated for 700 lumens from its LED light source, and it uses a…