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Sources Q4-17

Dedicated to NAUI professionals who define the trends in diving and inspire the future.

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not your average divers

In this issue of Sources , you will read much about different aspects of dive safety, including public safety diving. While we can only touch the surface of its variety, we hope you will learn something from your reading. One thing you will discover is that modern public safety diving is a different critter, and not what you probably thought.For a long time, my acquaintance with public safety diving was limited to qualifying NAUI Course Directors and Instructors who were members of the Austin Fire Department, and my interaction with their PSD work was pretty much only oohing and aahing at all the neat stuff inside their rescue truck. Locally, we also had the all-volunteer Travis County Rescue Team, composed of recreationally trained divers, which was called out…

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a commitment to safety and professional development

NAUI’s commitment to dive safety is continually reaffirmed by the decisions of the NAUI Board of Directors, and as Executive Director, I have the privilege of seeing that commitment come to life every day through efforts of the NAUI staff and dedicated members around the world. In this issue of Sources , you will have the opportunity to learn about NAUI members conducting NAUI programs that focus on public safety diving, leadership rescue skills and human factors in diving, to name a few. I hope you will enjoy reading the articles included in this issue of Sources and, perhaps, even be inspired to take a new course or workshop that expands your personal expertise.As dive professionals, all NAUI members have an obligation to promote diver training and safety. In…

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“what it means to be a true naui professional”

Being a true professional gives you a distinct advantage over your competition. Understanding the value of this distinction and developing yourself as a professional are fundamental to your success.I refer to NAUI leaders as scuba professionals, so I will explain what I mean by “professional,” why it aptly applies to NAUI leaders, and what we must do to continually cultivate our professionalism.While there is no definitive list of the qualities of a true professional, being one goes far beyond getting paid for what you do.True professionals are defined by who they are in terms of personal character and how these personal qualities are practically applied. Professionals are people of high integrity. Professionals take responsibility and hold themselves accountable for their actions. Professionals are trusting and trustworthy. Professionals make customer…

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2018 naui membership renewal is now available!

Continue to teach or lead dives, keep up with your association’s activities and news, and enjoy all the benefits of your NAUI membership.It is a great time to be a part of NAUI Worldwide, and we welcome you back for an exciting and successful 2018!Remember that classes are filling up, and your “active” membership status needs to be on file with NAUI for you to be able to teach or lead dives.You may go to the NAUI website and renew online in the NAUI eBusiness Center if you have an email address on file with NAUI Headquarters. Alternatively, you can print a 2018 Membership Renewal Form from the NAUI Members’ Area and fax it to NAUI Headquarters at 1-813-628-8253 or email it to membership@naui.org.Our service team will ensure you…

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announcing the 2017 naui board of directors election candidates

The Elections Committee announces the official candidate list for the 2017 NAUI Board of Directors election: Barry Moore NAUI 6790Gary Kulisek NAUI 11023Keith Wrisley NAUI 42234Jan-Willem van Gelder NAUI 45653Michael Feld NAUI 51034 These five candidates will be listed on the ballot for this year’s election. Eligible voting members may also vote for write-in candidates.The Board has three positions to be filled for four-year terms in the 2017 NAUI Board of Directors election.Each candidate’s bio-sketch and position statement are published on the Board of Directors Election page in the Members’ Area of naui.org and will also be on the ballot.Each candidate has the option to send two email messages to NAUI members during the election cycle. A third-party email service has been contracted to send these emails.…

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naui leaders remembered: honoring those who defined naui

IAN F. KINDER, NAUI 11045 1953-2017 Ian Kinder, 64, died suddenly on July 23 while on a recreational dive trip to the wrecks of Bell Island, Newfoundland. He had been a NAUI Instructor since 1989 and had taught diving both at McGill University and privately.Kinder’s special passion was the RMS Empress of Ireland, often called Canada’s Titanic. The luxury liner collided with a Norwegian collier on a foggy night on May 29, 1914, and sank to the bottom of the St. Lawrence River, taking more than 1,000 people with it. Kinder was hooked on the Empress when a friend showed him an old drawing of the vessel in 1992. He researched the ship and its story, drew detailed plans of its nine decks, and authored two books, A…