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Southern Home

Southern Home Cottage Home Style 2020

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Southern Home showcases beautiful homes that will appeal to every design aesthetic. We canvas the Southern states to bring you some of the area’s most inviting and interesting homes, as well as the talented architects, designers, and homeowners behind them. Tour the South’s finest homes filled with art, antiques, collections, and family heirlooms.

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dear friends

I believe that cottage living is a state of mind. The architectural design of the bungalow is one way to define this favored lifestyle, but almost any residence can be suited to cottage décor, regardless of its exterior. Happy memories can be the root of interior-decorating choices. Perhaps cozy, cluttered rooms remind you, as they do me, of Grandmother’s house or the home of a favorite aunt. In lavishly patterned prints often used for curtains and slipcovers, I see the faded, well-loved room where, as a child, I spent many weekend nights tucked in Granny’s feather bed. Dwellings filled with paint and furnishings in a neutral palette transport me to beachside family-vacation spots. Whether your preference is romantic florals; clean, spare rooms; or an eclectic mix, choosing cottage décor offers flexibility…

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a light-filled cottage

“You should always be the best decoration in your own house.”—PHOEBE HOWARD…

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a home of hospitality

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the whisper of white

“Into the shadowwhite chamber silts the white Flux of another dawn”—D. H. LAWRENCE…

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where restful shadows fall

“A guest never forgets the host who had treated him kindly.”—HOMER…

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french connection