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Southern Home showcases beautiful homes that will appeal to every design aesthetic. We canvas the Southern states to bring you some of the area’s most inviting and interesting homes, as well as the talented architects, designers, and homeowners behind them. Tour the South’s finest homes filled with art, antiques, collections, and family heirlooms.

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southern comforts of home

When you think of Southern cottages your mind probably drifts to white picket fences, wide front porches, and lawns shaded by grand magnolia trees and old live oaks. And while that vision may be true on occasion, we know that there’s more to the story. Southern cottages—and their homeowners—have strong ties to tradition, graceful living, and a casual elegance that never goes out of style. In this special issue, we’ve curated a collection of 11 unique Southern cottages. From country-inspired to artful and eclectic, these cottages showcase a wonderful blend of styles. One of my favorite stories in this issue is “Southern Charm” on page 63, which conveys the essence of cottage living. Beyond its white picket fence, the true charm awaits inside as the homeowners transformed an old farmhouse into…

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evolving style

Elisabeth Hays and her husband, William, purchased this charming bayside cottage in 2011 and have spent the past few years decorating and redecorating their humble abode. When asked about their style, Elisabeth laughs as she admits, “It’s always changing!” And while her tastes may change, the eclectic, casual, and, most importantly, practical nature of her home stays the same. “I have a black lab that is on everything from the sofa to the chair to the bed, so I need things to be pretty durable,” she says. Nestled in the heart of Fairhope, Alabama’s, historic fruit and nut district, Elisabeth takes cues from her surroundings and listens to what her house is telling her when it comes to decorating. Like life on the bay, she wants her home to have a…

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recipe for design

Gena Knox loves her family, her Southern roots, and her career—all of which are evident in her cookbooks and in the way she decorates her home. Her cookbooks focus on fresh local ingredients and simple, delicious recipes that highlight those flavors. She prides herself on presenting traditional Southern cuisine with a modern twist. The décor in her Athens, Georgia, home follows that same logic in its blend of vintage furnishings with a contemporary perspective. “We have wonderful, traditional pieces that were my husband’s grandmother’s. It’s been fun to mix them with more modern pieces,” she says. Her love and appreciation for simplicity influences both the construction of her cookbooks and the style of her home. “I love clean lines and very little clutter and accessories. I try to follow that same…

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timeless beauty

When home builder Scott Thomson asked homeowners Tom and Kay Worley what they wanted in their new home Kay was ready with answers. “I want light and lots of windows. I want nooks and crannies, places for my books, and a garden I can see from my kitchen window,” Kay says. “And that’s where we started.” Scott sketched three plans, and Kay and decorator Pandy Agnew kept tweaking them until a plan was in motion. Kay had always loved French Country design for what she calls its “softness.” This decorating style is identified by its curving lines, chandeliers, and antiques and is known for being comfortable. Achieving this feeling in a brand-new home with an open floor plan isn’t easy, but Pandy’s talent and Scott’s vision proved a successful collaboration. Neutrals usually…

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at home in the big easy

Although front porches are commonly found in both well-established and new neighborhoods, these days it seems like many homeowners lack the time and incentive to appreciate them. But that’s not true of Michael and Connie Winsberg. With their home situated in New Orleans’s lovely University/Carrollton district—just steps away from Audubon Park and Tulane University—this couple has plenty of reasons to seek the solace and comfort of their porch’s rocking chairs. “Frequently, particularly in the evenings, we enjoy watching the locals and college students walking their dogs or going out for a stroll,” Connie says. “Also, since we’re very close to coffee shops, a bakery, clothing stores, and several restaurants, the customers generated by those establishments add to our favorite pastime of people-watching and visiting with those passing by.” Not only does…

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sweet home alabama

When Chris Jackson and her husband, Ronnie, purchased their Alabama abode in 1975, the young couple was enamored by the neighborhood and saw great potential in their red brick ranch. Over the years, the home has undergone a grand transformation as the Jacksons have painted and planned, renovated and restored. The couple even raised their roof line, unveiling an architectural beauty that fits the feel of their Tudor-style street. Preferring a cozy, clean-lined, and neutral-toned aesthetic, Chris has created a warm and welcoming home filled with abundant seating, storage, and room for an expanding family. A new den and screened-in porch have allowed the family to add to their home without sacrificing the framework of the house they first fell for. No doubt a labor of love, the years of revamping and…