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Southern Home Autumn Style 2018

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Southern Home showcases beautiful homes that will appeal to every design aesthetic. We canvas the Southern states to bring you some of the area’s most inviting and interesting homes, as well as the talented architects, designers, and homeowners behind them. Tour the South’s finest homes filled with art, antiques, collections, and family heirlooms.

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style & flow

To Anita Rankin, decorating is an infinite pursuit that begins with a single hue, a stunning textile, or a well-worn Oushak rug. Steeped in the classic design principles of such legendaries as Elsie de Wolfe and contemporary tastemakers, including Carolyne Roehm, she built her entire home décor around rich wood patinas, savory warm colors, and an insistence that it will never be completely finished. “It’s a lifelong journey, not an instant house,” Anita states, revealing a professional credo that tends to resonate well with clients who often joke, “Are we there yet?” The process is “all about layering,” she adds, “and it’s all in the fine details.” Her former masterful antebellum replica shimmers on the bay in Point Clear, Alabama. Upon first glance, it becomes apparent that even the architectural enhancements (a…

2 min.
season of grace

“I cannot endure to waste anything as precious as autumn sunshine by staying in the house.” —NATHANIEL HAWTHORNE…

3 min.
storied elegance

Tucked into the verdant hills of Louisville, Kentucky, Lee Stough’s classic Tudor home evokes thoughts of cozy European country houses with proper pedigrees. Inside each room, streams of light land on carefully culled collections from her various trips abroad. Growing up in Charlottesville, Virginia, where everyday life is influenced by the legacy of Thomas Jefferson, the noted statesman and a great European traveler in his own right, Lee was exposed to the four corners of the globe. Touring with her grandparents throughout Iceland, Scandinavia, Russia, and England opened her eyes to the wondrous beauty these nations possess. College treks across France and Italy fully cemented this adoration and beckoned her back as often as possible—even for just a week’s vacation—to these lands she loved. A fourth-grade term paper written on the renovation…