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Southern Living Fall Baking

Southern Living Fall Baking

Southern Living Fall Baking

Fall is a Southern baker’s favorite time of year, and this special collector’s edition from Southern Living covers all the classic hits, including cakes, pies, breads, cobblers, and more. Our test kitchen pros have turned out delicious treats full of our favorite fall flavors, from caramel and apples to pumpkin and pecans. We’re even sharing our very best recipe for Southern cornbread, DIY doughnuts, and 5-star rated recipes like German Chocolate Cake.

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fragrant peony trio

We handpicked these three peonies because they smell as beautiful as they look! ‘Doctor Alexander Fleming’ bears a heavy crop of scented, rose-pink blossoms. ‘Duchesse de Nemours’ produces fragrant, pure white flowers with a touch of yellow. ‘Command Performance’ has bright red flowers with a spicy perfume. All three varieties are low-maintenance, high-performance plants and will be shipped from White Flower Farm at the proper time for fall planting. Please order online at bhggardenstore.com/fall or call 1-800-420-2852. Item GM083531, $49.00 each plus shipping. Your bareroot Peonies will be shipped from White Flower Farm at the proper time for fall planting. Recommended for zones 3–7S/8W. Please mention Code SIP39 when you place your order.…

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pie baking tips

Apple SLICE THE APPLES evenly so they all will bake in the same amount of time. AVOID THE GAP between the top crust and the filling by partially cooking apples in a skillet before you add them to the pie. Uncooked apples will shrink during baking. COOL THE FILLING before pouring it into the bottom crust. This will keep the butter firm, which makes for a flakier crust. Pumpkin WHISK THE SPICES into the plain pumpkin puree; they will be incorporated more evenly in the filling. WATCH THE PIE carefully at the end of the baking time. Remove it from the oven when the center (about a 3-inch circle) is still wobbly like gelatin. As the pie cools, it will firm up but remain creamy and silky. ADD AN EXTRA EGG to the pumpkin filling for softer,…

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the right way to make whipped cream

▸ You can choose between heavy cream and whipping cream. Heavy cream has a higher fat content, which makes sturdier whipped cream. Whipping cream beats up a bit silkier and lighter. ▸ Whipped cream comes together much faster if everything is cold. Start with chilled cream, and pop the mixing bowl and beaters (or whisk) in the freezer for 15 minutes. ▸ Use confectioners’ sugar or superfine granulated sugar for the smoothest texture. ADD EXTRA FLAVOR Start with 2 cups whipped cream, and then gently fold in 1 tablespoon of any of these ingredients. 1. Finely minced crystallized ginger 2. Ground cinnamon 3. Fresh orange zest 4. Almond extract…

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baking tools that hit the sweet spot

1 19-INCH FRENCH ROLLING PIN Why we love it: A tapered, handleless wooden pin is easy to clean and flattens out dough for pies and cookies like a dream. $22.50; whetstonewoodenware.com 2 GIR ULTIMATE SPATULA Why We Love It: This silicone spatula feels great to hold, and the angled tip scrapes up every last bit of batter from a bowl. Bonus: It can be used for high-heat cooking too. $12.95; gir.co 3 OXO GOOD GRIPS OFFSET ICING SPATULA Why we love it: Once you’ve frosted a cake or cupcake with this sturdy yet flexible offset spatula, you’ll never go back to using a butter knife again. $9.99; amazon.com…

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baking essentials breakdown

Vanilla 1. VANILLA EXTRACT: Best for recipes that don’t require long cooking times, which can degrade its delicate flavor. For oven-baked goods, such as cakes and cookies, imitation vanilla gives more bang for your buck. 2. VANILLA BEANS: Use vanilla beans for their rich, concentrated flavor and beautiful black seeds. One bean is roughly equal to 3 teaspoons of extract. 3. VANILLA BEAN PASTE: This syrupy liquid has a strong vanilla flavor and is speckled with real vanilla seeds. If a recipe calls for one vanilla bean pod, use 1 tablespoon of paste. If the recipe calls for extract, use the same amount called for. Cocoa 4. LEFT: Smoother and more mellow, this cocoa is treated to remove acidity. 5. RIGHT: Since this cocoa hasn’t been treated, it’s more acidic and has a reddish color and…

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fill a piping bag like a pro

STEP ONE Fit a piping bag with an icing tip. Place the empty bag, tip side down, in a glass about 3 inches shorter than the top of the bag. Let the top of the bag fold over the edge of the glass. STEP TWO Using a rubber spatula, scrape the icing into the piping bag, filling it up about one-half to two-thirds full. Carefully fold up the top of the bag, and then remove it from the glass. STEP THREE Twist the top of the bag where the icing ends, and push the icing down into the bottom of the bag to release any trapped air. Close the piping bag with a twist tie or rubber band.…