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Southern Living April 2017

SOUTHERN LIVING celebrates the legendary food, gracious homes, lush gardens, and distinct places that make the South unique. In every edition you’ll find dozens of recipes prepared in our famous test kitchens, guides to the best travel experiences, decorating ideas and inspiration, and gardening tips tailored specifically to your climate.

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cheers to the south's best

Hungry? A modest lunch at Southern Soul Barbeque WHAT'S THE BEST barbecue joint in the South? If you ask that question to a bunch of Southerners, you'd better get ready for a heated debate. Barbecue, like football teams and china patterns, is personal. A quick poll of the Southern Living staff turned up a different answer from almost everyone. Robby Melvin, our Test Kitchen Director, loves the chopped shoulder at Helen's BBQ in Brownsville, Tennessee, while Senior Food Editor Lisa Cericola has a soft spot for the dry-rubbed ribs at the Cozy Corner Restaurant in Memphis (a personal favorite of mine too). Assistant Managing Editor Rachel Ellis always makes a pit stop at Green River Bar-B-Que in Saluda, North Carolina, while Style Editor Ashley Williams dreams about the Pork "n Greens—"a…

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old rose for a new garden

RAMBLING ROSE THESE "PEGGY MARTIN" ROSES CELEBRATE THEIR FIFTH BIRTHDAY THIS SPRING. "SHE'S JUST a good girl," says Texas gardener Ruthie Burrus. "She's a rambler and can be very aggressive, but she has no thorns. She's not a cutting rose, either—but from a distance, she's just stunning." "She" is the classic old Southern rose "Peggy Martin," named for an avid Louisiana gardener whose home and property stood under 20 feet of salt water for two weeks after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. The only plants to survive were one crinum and a tough-as-nails beauty of a rose that Martin had acquired through pass-along cuttings from friends in New Orleans. Before the storm, author and Texas A&M professor Dr. William C. Welch had visited Martin, who gave him some cuttings of the graceful, hardy climber with…

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pretty pots of spring color

Flexible Arrangement Garden stools work as lightweight tables that can shift around easily. JASON DANIEL, horticulturist at Clay Garden & Gifts in Seagrove Beach, Florida, has been gardening on the Gulf Coast for almost 25 years. He and his staff create hundreds of containers each year, so he knows a thing or two about making them pretty and keeping them happy. Read on for Daniel's best planting advice, and turn the page for more stunning container ideas he created on the incredible Florida Panhandle. Asymmetrical Setup Planters and stools placed in groups of three soften the strong architecture. Brighten Up with Blue and White This covered seating area looks like it could be overlooking a rocky beach in Greece. To maintain that effortlessly European vibe, Daniel chose oversize cobalt-glazed containers that complement the shimmering aqua wall…

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the versatile herb

EQUALLY APPRECIATED for their garden good looks and on-the-plate flavor, these flowering perennials will thrive in your containers, garden beds, or decorative borders. Chives will grow between 10 and 20 inches tall with their spherical violet blossoms blooming in spring and summer. It's easy to work their familiar, mild onion flavor into vinaigrettes, soups, and sauces. Simply snip the hollow green stems and blossoms, and sprinkle them in at the end of the cooking process to prevent heat from destroying their delicate flavor. Good Companions Try growing chives alongside carrots, roses, or tomatoes. Chives 101 LIGHT Full sun or partial shade. The more light it gets, the thicker the growth will be. SOIL Regularly watered and well drained Growing Tips Plant chives in fall or early spring. You can sow seeds (thin seedlings to 6 inches apart…

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elevate your easter eggs

DIY TIP Once the eggs have dried, add a light dusting of oil-rubbed bronze spray paint to create a warmer finish. MATERIALS Nail polishes in several shades A bowl filled with room temperature water (deep enough to cover an egg) Toothpicks Hard-boiled eggs 1. Start with any combination of polish colors. (Be creative; the polishes won't bleed together.) Drizzle a little of each shade into a bowl of water till the surface of the water is covered. Using a toothpick, swirl the colors to create a marbled effect. 2. Hold the egg between two fingers, touching as little of the shell as possible. Dip the egg straight into the water, fully submerging it. Hold it for a few seconds; then gently remove it from the water. 3. Allow the egg to dry by resting it in a carton or…

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season opener

TWIST ON TRADITION We were inspired by the popular Hollywood Regency styles that are trending on Pinterest but wanted a longer-lasting look, so we opted for a deeply carved, steeply molded, two-paneled front door that is more befitting this classic Southern cottage. Continuing to update the exterior, we painted the door a dusty Caribbean blue and added a pair of boxy lanterns and a lean handle set. The round nickel door knocker brings a contrasting zing to highlight the entryway's sharp lines. GET THE LOOK Lanterns: Modernist in Brushed Stainless Steel; bevolo.com Door: Estate Door DbyD-1017; doorsby decora.net Handle Set: Contemporary Entrance Handle Set in Revere Nickel; classic-brass.com Knocker: Reeded Door Knocker in Polished Nickel; rejuvenation.com THE BASKET WREATH Rather than the traditional round wreath, we opted for this unexpected square style We found this lightweight…