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SOUTHERN LIVING celebrates the legendary food, gracious homes, lush gardens, and distinct places that make the South unique. In every edition you’ll find dozens of recipes prepared in our famous test kitchens, guides to the best travel experiences, decorating ideas and inspiration, and gardening tips tailored specifically to your climate.

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crème de la crème

ONE OF THE MOST memorable meals of my childhood happened at a restaurant called Justine’s in Memphis. It was my grandparents’ anniversary, a big one, and I had to wear a blue blazer and a tie, an outfit usually reserved for church, weddings, and Christmas Eve dinner. My idea of a great restaurant was Pancho’s, a Mexican place known for its cheese dip. This place was fancy, and it was made clear to me that I was lucky (at age 10) to be invited. The restaurant was housed in an 1830s pink Italianate mansion, and you entered through a marble foyer with a large brass chandelier, bouquets of roses from the garden, and antique French furniture. It sounds stuffy now, but it was the hottest ticket in town, and it made…

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the grumpy gardener’s guide to hostas

I have been taken. I have been claimed. I thought I wasn’t vulnerable to this addiction, but I was wrong. At first, I tried to hide it, but the signs were obvious. Everyone around me knew. Now, so must you. I am a hosta junkie, and my name is Grumpy. My only solace is that I am far from alone. Millions of people around the world—many still in hiding—live in the grips of a passion called “hostaphilia” that shows absolutely no hint of abating. It’s easy to understand how victims can fall. Hostas, you see, are simply the best perennials for temperate shade. Species of hosta and their selections interbreed so readily that myriad forms abound in a mind-boggling array of sizes and shapes. Rounded, heart-shaped, lance-shaped, or oval leaves can be…

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grumpy’s great eight

1. ‘JUNE’ Golden leaves with blue-green edges; 12 inches tall, 24 to 30 inches wide 2. ‘STAINED GLASS’ Shiny gold leaves with dark green margins; 18 inches high, 3 to 4 feet wide 3. ‘GUACAMOLE’ Deeply veined, apple green leaves with blue-green edges; 1 to 2 feet tall, 2 to 4 feet wide 4. ‘GRAND TIARA’ Compact clumps of small, deep green leaves with bright yellow edges; 12 to 16 inches high, 24 to 30 inches wide 5. ‘FIRST FROST’ Blue-green leaves with creamy edges; 16 inches tall, 2 to 3 feet wide 6. ‘DRINKING GOURD’ Unique waxy, blue, quilted leaves shaped like cups; 18 to 24 inches high, 2 to 3 feet wide 7. ‘BLUE MOUSE EARS’ Miniature plant with leaves that look like its name; 8 to 12 inches tall and wide 8. ‘AUGUST MOON’ Large, bright yellow, heart-shaped leaves; grows 1 to…

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hawaiian punch

Double Up on Dishwashers “We anticipated lots of parties and cleanups happening in here,” says designer Meg Braff. She flanked the sink with a pair of dishwashers to prevent dirty plates from piling up. Focus on One Statement “The wild blue tile is the major design element,” says Braff, who stuck with a classic shape to temper the color. “This 4- by 8-inch size is a tad larger than a traditional subway tile.” Keep It Open These white floating shelves, which Braff assures can be affixed to tile, help show off the bright blue wall. “You just need to use the right drill bits for tile,” she says. Tack on a Table The island and table look like one piece but are actually two. The island is stationary, while the counter-height table (36 inches tall) sits on…

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wild and free

EVEN IF you aren’t fortunate enough to live next to a meadow of wildflowers, you can still capture their untamed beauty in a container. Cheerful pink cosmos steal the show in this arrangement, accented by globe amaranths and pincushion flowers, all atop a lush bed of vibrant green sheet moss. Start by planting the flowers, and then cover the soil with the moss, which will lock in moisture for the roots as summer’s heat approaches. Place in full sun, and water moderately. Double this arrangement’s rustic appeal with a vintage-inspired container, like this lightweight fibercement planter that will stand up to the elements.…

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urban charmer

WHY WE LOVE IT Although it may not be sprawling or have a completely open-concept design, this tidy two-story plan is efficient and flexible. Architect Brandon Ingram says that with a layout like this, the home can feel as formal or casual as you want and grow or shrink as needed. The master suite on the main floor includes a library and study (or sitting room). There is also an extra space upstairs that can be turned into a fifth bedroom. Plus, if your lot allows, he advises adding a garage. THE WOW FACTOR For a new build, it has an old pedigree. Ingram first designed this plan for a narrow 50-foot lot that was surrounded by older homes. “All of the 1920s and 1930s houses throughout Atlanta set the precedent,” he says.…