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SOUTHERN LIVING celebrates the legendary food, gracious homes, lush gardens, and distinct places that make the South unique. In every edition you’ll find dozens of recipes prepared in our famous test kitchens, guides to the best travel experiences, decorating ideas and inspiration, and gardening tips tailored specifically to your climate.

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little things matter

IN THE ANNALS OF Christmas disasters, this one wasn’t too bad, but it made a big impression on my then-8-year-old daughter, Phoebe. She was reaching for a present under the tree, bumped into a branch, and the 12-foot Fraser fir started to wobble. Seconds later, it was crashing to the floor, shattering those big, old-school colored lights and about a dozen ornaments. Phoebe skittered out from under the tree unscathed (and laughing hysterically), but we were all sad about the lost baubles, some of which were 20 or 30 years old. My wife, Susan, and I swept up the glittery fragments of glass balls, snowmen, and a fat cow in a muumuu playing a ukulele, and I swore off plastic Christmas tree stands forever. We have accumulated enough ornaments over the…

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home for the holidays

The Naturalists In their 1926 Lexington, Kentucky, Craftsman cottage, Shannon and Joseph Hillenmeyer lean on fresh greenery and keep colorful frills to a minimum AS CLICHÉ as it sounds, there’s no simpler way to explain Shannon and Joseph Hillenmeyer’s holiday-decor ethos than “bringing the outside in.” Joseph says, “There are so many fresh greens and berries with great textures and scents available to decorate with during this time of year.” Of course, this duo knows just the right greenery to use. They’re the owners of Joseph Hillenmeyer Garden Design, which they magically transform into the Hillenmeyer Christmas Shop, a seasonal holiday pop-up store complete with a live Nativity and a plethora of fresh greenery and trees. It’s an oldfashioned but modern approach, just like their home. Here’s how the couple spreads their…

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host like the hillenmeyers

1. Have a signature. The couple hands out flutes of La Marca Prosecco on their front porch as guests arrive. “It’s a simple gesture that can make people feel comfortable right away,” says Joseph. 2. Know your limits. It may be easy for the couple to assemble wreaths and garlands on the fly, but they plan and prep their meal ahead of time. “Never let the guests see you stressed,” advises Shannon. 3. Be true to your style. “Everyone else may have inflatable characters in their front yard, but that’s not us. Likewise, if you prefer formal entertaining, then go with that,” says Shannon.…

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the color enthusiasts

STEP INTO the Sohrs’ foyer, and one thing is clear from the interior’s original banister and millwork paired with a graphic printed wallpaper: This decorating duo has a deep respect for the traditional but also likes to take things up a notch. We had a hunch that their mix-and-match philosophy would create sunny inspiration that we could steal this season. Their major piece of advice: “Don’t let the actual holiday at hand dictate your look. Instead, let your own style lead the decor so everything is a reflection of you,” says Gen. It can be intimidating to branch out from classic schemes, but the Sohrs welcomed us into their home and proved that Christmas decorating can be more than just red and green. Get inspired by their fresh combinations of…

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celebrate like the sohrs

1. Start collections. “We make a point to give our two children, Lucy and Oden, each a special new ornament every season,” says Gen. 2. Make happy selections. The Sohrs are both masters of editing and collecting, but how do they decide what to keep and what to display? “It’s got to be a piece with memories that bring us joy,” says Gen. 3. Create structure. “We love to host all kinds of holiday parties—from big bashes to small and intimate brunches, like the one we do on Christmas morning,” Gen says.“But I can’t do potlucks. I need more structure when I entertain,” she adds. 4. Stock up on a great gift. Gen and Benjamin designed the new tasting room at the George Dickel Tennessee Whisky Distillery in Tullahoma, Tennessee. In turn, they like to dress up…

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grumpy’s naughty list

FOR MOST PEOPLE, December is a month of happy yearend reflection on events that have made life sweet. Not for me, of course. Grumpy prefers to call out offenders who shamefully curtailed his garden bliss this past year. You know who you are. Now the rest of the world will know too. Offender No. 1 » Southern Living for unjustly terminating The Daily South blog and moving my popular “Grumpy Gardener” column over to southernliving.com/ garden/grumpy-gardener. Faithful readers who were unable to find my blog posts anymore thought I was dead and were in a terrible state of despair. I assure you: I’m not dead. You can still read my weekly wisdom at the aforesaid web address. Editor in Chief Sid Evans, you are on notice. Offender No. 2 » Disgraceful neighbors who refuse…