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December 2018
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last day

The title of the second-to-last chapter of E.B. White’s book Charlotte’s Web is “Last Day.” If you don’t know this beloved children’s classic, in the final pages, Charlotte tells Wilbur she is dying. White’s charming book begins with a little girl named Fern who saves a farm pig named Wilbur from being slaughtered, who in turn befriends a barn spider named Charlotte. Charlotte happens to be a gifted web writer, and along with its themes of death, change and loss of innocence, Charlotte’s Web is often cited as being about the craft of writing itself. Well-written stories have the power to move you, alter the trajectory of your life’s arc, change the world, even. Charlotte’s Web set me on a path to becoming a writer. When you read this editor’s letter,…

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the comeback kids

From a tiny acorn, a mighty oak might grow — the same could be said of Coral Restoration Foundation, based in Key Largo, Florida. Sprung from an idea that came out of a father-daughter 4-H project in 2001, CRF today has inspired and assisted coral-restoration projects across the Caribbean and beyond. Today CRF is “banking” genetically diverse corals, preserving diversity to ensure that the reefs they are restoring will be resilient enough to face the challenges of the future. Want to plant some corals for yourself? CRF encourages diver participation. Learn more at coralrestoration.org. CRF has more than 500 “trees” in seven coral nurseries. They can grow more than 30,000 corals to a reef-ready size every year. CRF has planted more than 76,000 corals onto the Florida Reef Tract, more than 20,000…

3 min.
sea hero of the year: ken stewart

Ken Stewart is a busy man. When we reached him to tell him he had been selected as Scuba Diving and Seiko’s Sea Hero of the Year, Stewart, 74, apologetically said he’d have to get back to us. He was about to head out from his Nashville, Tennessee, home for a weekend of wilderness survival camping. That drive is what led our August Sea Hero to found Diving with a Purpose, which teaches divers the principals of marine archaeology in order to foster exploration of submerged cultural treasures. The group, which initially sprang from Stewart’s work with the National Association of Black Scuba Divers, is particularly known for its search for the Guerrero, a slave ship that went down in Florida’s Biscayne Bay in 1827. Working with NOAA and the National…

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scuba diving’s 2018 sea heroes

April Zack Rago This self-proclaimed “coral nerd” and co-star of Chasing Coral spreads the gospel of coral conservation to the next generation. May Wayne Hasson His Oceans for Youth Foundation maintains a network of volunteers that brings ocean education to student and civic groups. June Jennifer Dianto Kemmerly She heads Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch, which helps millions of consumers make informed choices in seafood. July Jeff and Teri Leicher The couple established a system of mooring buoys throughout Hawaii that protects its coral reefs from boat-anchor strikes. September/October Becky Kagan Schott This Emmy-winning underwater photographer and explorer inspires us to cherish and protect the underwater world. November Mauricio Hoyos Noted shark researcher Hoyos uses science, classroom talks and a kids’ cartoon to help protect Mexico’s great whites.…

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orbicella faveolata (mountainous star coral)

Orbicella faveolata is an important reef-building coral that forms large, mountainous colonies. Juvenile corals are rather mundane, while adult colonies can grow to an impressive size. Orbicella grows by encrusting. A new colony can start from a single polyp, which grows outward from the base. You can see a slightly lighter color on the growing edge of the colony where new polyps are emerging. Orbicella grows into thick, hearty colonies, which make the ideal candidate for fragmentation and coral restoration. Small 15 mm to 20 mm fragments can be cut from adult colonies using a diamond band saw. These fragments can be glued onto ceramic frag plugs and grown in salt water until they double or triple in size. At this point, tiny Orbicella colonies can be transplanted back to…

1 min.

NUDIBRANCH & SEA SLUG IDENTIFICATION: INDO-PACIFIC — 2ND EDITION By Terrence Gosliner, Ángel Valdés and David Behrens When it comes to nudibranchs and sea slugs, two things are true: They’re quite difficult to ID at a glance, and the Indo-Pacific is absolutely crawling with them. In fact, there are about 3,000 described species, 40 percent of which have been found exclusively in this region. That’s why divers and marine-biology lovers alike will rejoice at the arrival of Nudibranch & Sea Slug Identification: Indo-Pacific — 2nd Edition. This handy, hardcover identification guide is one of many published by New World Publications, whose easy-to-use fish-ID guides serve as the go-to companion for many divers. The new edition features 185 new species, additional photos and an up-to-date classification. In total, 2,138 Indo-Pacific opisthobranchs are illustrated in the…