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mexico: paradise for divers

WHALE SHARK SAFARI Imagine snorkeling with the world’s largest fish in the Caribbean Sea! Every year, whale sharks migrate to Isla Contoy, located off the northern tip of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. Up to 200 whale sharks gather in one place, and Pro Dive International guarantees sightings throughout the season, June to mid-September. SAILFISH SAFARI Snorkel with the world’s fastest fish during their hunt for sardines. From January through March, your experienced guide will look for sailfish. As soon as they are spotted, you’ll jump in with a guide to witness this spectacular event as the sailfish close in on their prey. It’s a high-speed adventure! BULL SHARK ADVENTURE Diving with bull sharks is an incredible opportunity to appreciate the majestic beauty of these animals. Every year during winter, when the water temperature…

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wild kingdom

PATRICIA WUEST joined Scuba Diving in October 1992, and has served as assistant, managing and senior editor. A diver for more than 25 years, she was named editor-in-chief in 2013. It’s an immense landscape that is at once formidable and vulnerable, known and unknown. The sweeping plains and impenetrable jungles of Africa are home to some of the world’s most famous — and most endangered — animal species, including elephants, lions, zebras, giraffes and rhinos. Even if you’ve never visited, much of the continent is familiar, from the soaring splendor of the Great Pyramids of Egypt to dramatic aerial shots of thousands of migrating wildebeests. Africa’s oversize, striking scenery attracts millions of tourists each year; to experience it, Doris Lessing once wrote, “gives you the knowledge that man is a small creature,…

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LAND OF GIANTS The ocean plummets thousands of feet near the shore of Dominica in the eastern Caribbean, creating a refuge for a host of cetaceans such as the false killer whales and bottlenose dolphin (middle) shown above. These conditions, along with a surplus of tasty prey, even draw in sperm whales for feasting and mating. “When I visit trade shows, I see nothing but older divers. There are many small, grassroots organizations that teach diving to young minority students who can and will be part of the future of diving.”SEA HERO: KEN STEWART…

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it’s a whole other country

It’s a milestone nobody is celebrating: The Great Pacific Garbage Patch has reached twice the size of America’s second-largest state. But it’s not alone. Our planet hosts five major ocean “gyres” — large circular systems, driven by wind and Earth’s rotation, where debris accumulates at the meeting of major currents — in the Indian, Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and the Mediterranean Sea. Composed mostly of microscopic particles — less than a quarter of an inch and 0.00006 ounces by weight — that won’t break down further for eons, these soupy patches are a threat to humans who ingest sea life that visit those gyres. Many organizations are working to slow the tide and clean up the mess; two places to learn what you can do are the Ocean Cleanup (theoceancleanup.com)…

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ken stewart

YEAR DIVE CERTIFIED 1990 AGE WHEN CERTIFIED 46 DIVE CERTIFICATION LEVEL AOW WORDS TO LIVE BY “Problems cannot be solved with the same mindset that created them.”—Albert Einstein A veteran diver looking for a challenge, Ken Stewart was attracted to the discipline of combining diving and archaeology. His conversion led him to the founding of Diving with a Purpose, which teaches divers the basics of maritime archaeology with a focus on the legacy of the African slave trade. DWP has dedicated more than 15,000 volunteer hours to projects with NOAA, the National Park Service and the Smithsonian, and also trains teenage and young-adult divers, fostering understanding of our shared national heritage and what its underwater remains can teach us. Q: How did Diving with a Purpose start? A: In 2003, Karuna Eberl, producer of The Guerrero Project [which documents the…

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Sharks, rays, eels and even anemonefish might be more popular, but you’d be hard-pressed to find a more fascinating reef dweller than the parrotfish. The term parrotfish encompasses any species in the family Scaridae, including the humphead, rainbow and princess varieties. Known for their vibrant colors, penchant for munching coral and — ahem — unconventional production of sand, these fish are vital pieces of a marine ecosystem. Here are some of our favorite facts about the parrotfish. 1 Bolbometopon muricatum, aka the green bumphead parrotfish, takes the cake as the largest in the family, growing past 4 feet in length and in excess of 100 pounds. 2 Perhaps the most fascinating parrotfish behavior relates to its homemade nightgown. Some species of parrotfish are able to encapsulate themselves in a cocoon of mucus…