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Sport Diver September/October 2018

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1 min.
the art of the shot

When we first viewed Rodney Bursiel’s image of a humpback whale — at the surface, moving away from the photographer and yet dominating the landscape — we knew it was worthy of grand-prize consideration. “The motion, turbulent water, moody color and dramatic lighting makes you pause to absorb the scene,” says Brent Durand, one of Scuba Diving’s photo columnists and one of this year’s judges. “That’s the objective of all great photographs.” In this case, Bursiel did more than press his camera’s shutter button, however. He rotated the image 180 degrees so the whale is shown upside down (turn to page 58 for his explanation). As Durand notes: “Annual contests like Through Your Lens inspire underwater photographers to push the creative limits of underwater photography. They encourage experimentation.” Sometimes great underwater photos come…

2 min.
name your adventure in cozumel

If you haven’t been to Cozumel, it’s time to discover why it’s beloved by so many divers. Just offshore is world-class diving for every skill level. For both newly certified divers taking their first open-water breaths and veterans with thousands of dives under their belts, Cozumel offers thrilling underwater adventures. All you have to do is giant-stride in and enjoy the show! WALL DIVING Cozumel’s dramatic drop-offs are legendary — Palancar, Colombia, Punta Sur, Santa Rosa. Even the tops of the walls and shallow reefs will keep you plenty busy. Healthy corals, sponges, schools of grunts, eagle rays and the occasional splendid toadfish (which lives only in Cozumel’s waters) are sure to please. Soar into the deep blue at sites like Santa Rosa, where the wall begins at 50 feet and drops…

4 min.
becky kagan schott

YEAR DIVE CERTIFIED 1994 AGE WHEN CERTIFIED 12 DIVE CERTIFICATION LEVEL TDI mixed-gas rebreather instructor, cave diver, trimix WORDS TO LIVE BY Every morning you have two choices: continue to dream, or wake up and chase them. Q: Photographer, videographer, instructor, explorer — which role is your favorite? A: That’s tough because I’m equally passionate about everything I do. Travel and experiences are really important to me. I’ve met amazing people all over the world, and shared amazing moments. Those memories are what I treasure — if I happen to have my camera with me, that makes my heart really happy! Q: As a photographer, you have introduced many to the underwater world — is that important to you? A: The biggest compliment is someone telling me they’ve been inspired to travel, take a class or pursue…

3 min.
immersed in a dreamland

Surreal, vibrant and beautiful, but begging the question: “How does she do it?” Lucie Drlikova’s dreamlike art impacted the judges for Scuba Diving’s 2018 Through Yor Lens photo contest in the same way. At first glance, judges chalked up the images to crafty Photoshop work, but as they researched Drlikova’s process — which is rooted in tediously planned set design and fundamentally sound underwater shooting — their admiration for her work grew. Drlikova earned second-place honors in the Conceptual category (see page 77), and shared some insight into her method and inspiration. How did you get into diving and underwater photography? Lucie Drlikova: I grew up between my dad’s darkroom and my mom’s fairy tales and sewing machine. My dad was a scuba diver; I started diving 23 years ago and I…

2 min.
the world in our hands

No Photo Issue would be complete without a nod to the implications of our conduct underwater, which sometimes, in the thrill of the chase, can imperil the animals we are shooting. As a result of his Ph.D. studies, photographer and author Dr. Richard Smith created a code of conduct — sharable in seven languages at oceanrealmimages.com — for diving with pygmy seahorses, with principles applicable to shooting many small creatures. “I spent many hundreds of hours observing natural pygmy seahorse behavior,” Smith explains in the background to the code, “but also the interactions between divers and seahorses. I found that certain actions by divers cause stress that can have major implications for health, reproduction and even survival.” Pygmies rely on sea fans, which are delicate and slow-growing. “Sadly, when they…

1 min.
eusmilia fastigiata (smooth flower coral)

Eusmilia is easy to spot, with its large tubular corallites and pale-yellow color. Being the only species like it in the Caribbean, this recognizable coral should be easy to spot and a joy to photograph. Eusmilia colonies can grow into small mounds about 20 inches across. The colony grows long tubular corallites that extend from the base in groups of one to three tubes. Corallites are the part of the coral where polyps live. The tips of each corallite are oval or peanut shaped and have a ridged texture. At night, fleshy polyps extend from the corallite to feed on passing zooplankton. When the polyps are extended, this coral has a flowerlike appearance, which is where it gets the common name “smooth flower coral.” During the day, this coral looks…