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the power of travel

I have very few regrets in my life, but one of them is that I didn’t spend a college semester studying in another country. My reasons — the expense, the potential delay in getting a degree — seem silly now when weighed against the rewards. One of my college friends spent the spring semester of our junior year in Denmark, and then spent the summer traveling all over Europe, staying in hostels or with people she met along the way. My lifelong regret began to fester as soon as she returned. As I enrolled for classes my senior year, I felt as if the opportunity had been missed. Through the years, the regret has only deepened. That’s because I now appreciate travel as a classroom unlike any available on a college…

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what kind of diver are you?

“Oh, the places you’ll go,” Dr. Seuss wrote in the bestselling children’s book. “You can steer yourself any direction you choose. ... And you are the one who’ll decide where to go.” How the world stretched before us when we were kids — so many strange lands, cultures and customs to explore. For divers, traveling includes underwater exploration, too. In this edition of World’s Best Diving, Resorts & Liveaboards, we’ve organized dive vacations in five categories: Easy Escapes, More to Explore, Liveaboards, Advanced Adventures and Exotic Getaways. If you prefer easy-access destinations where you can be in the water the same day you arrive, check out the Easy Escapes section, which starts on page 12. As in other sections, you’ll find our picks for diving and topside fun, as well as tips…

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easy escapes

The beauty of the easy escape: As soon as you land, you’re ready to go. For divers, this means waking up and splashing into warm water with such great visibility that it’s a comfortable, relaxing trip from the start. These destinations are as much a fit for newer divers as they are for those with years of experience who prefer to take it easy underwater. Either way, falling into a vacation rhythm is seamless. The big questions center on choosing between an afternoon dive and a hammock session. Or enjoying happy hour with sunset or opting into a night dive. Either way, it’s effortless. Stress-free. Calm … easy. Our favorite spots are easy, breezy and so much fun to visit. FROM LEFT: JOSE ALEJANDRO ALVAREZ; JENNIFER O'NEIL; BRANDON COLE…

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hot spots

Green Sea Turtle Watching Oahu, Hawaii Sure, a green sea turtle sighting makes any dive — but there’s a certain magic to this animal perhaps better witnessed on dry land. Hawaiians believe that these reptiles are guardian spirits, symbolizing wisdom and good luck. During the summer months when surf waves aren’t pounding Oahu’s North Shore, head to Laniakea Beach, aka Turtle Beach, to just sit alongside these 200-pound sun worshippers — it’s a calming experience like no other. Lamanai Reserve Belize If you have time to visit just one site of Maya ruins, choose Lamanai. At 100 feet, one of its temples is among the country’s tallest, and the area had one of the longest occupations, from 1500 BC to the 19th century. Climb to the top of the main temple — it takes longer…

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3 tips for saving money on dive travel

TRAVEL TIPS You never know when the travel bug is going to hit, and it doesn’t always pay attention to your budget. Save some cash for those out-of-the-blue escapes. 1 Shoulder Season Savvy travelers — especially to the Caribbean or Mexico — hit the reefs during late summer and early fall. Not only do many hotels and resorts slash their rates during these times, but this is also when you’ll find the warmest water and calmest conditions. 2 Sky-High Prices Getting the best airfare prices requires a threepronged planning approach: Stick with destinations at or near a major airport; make a comprehensive search; and, if possible, start shopping three months to a year before your trip. 3 Dive the Shore If you’re looking for a lot of diving for a little money, shore diving is the way…

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5 cool dives

TRAVEL HERE 1 Tunnels Reef, Kauai, Hawaii Hawaii’s Garden Isle offers a lush experience. Snorkelers and divers will find lots to love at the north shore’s Makua Beach. Keep a sharp eye out for banded angelfish and milletseed butterflyfish. 2 Hilma Hooker, Bonaire In the shore-diving capital of the Caribbean, divers can get a taste of wreck diving on the Hilma Hooker. You’ll also reap the benefits — so many fish! — of the island’s marine park. 3 Devil’s Grotto, Grand Cayman These light-filled, photogenic swimthroughs and small caves are as beautiful as any cathedral — and in summer, packed with silversides, giving you a spectacular photo op. 4 Molasses Reef, Key Largo Stay shallow, and you can spend seemingly endless bottom time exploring this extensive spur-andgroove reef that’s home to huge schools of parrotfish, sea turtles, moray…