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Sport Diver November/December 2017

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4 min.
dancing with the sea lions

Dancing with sea lions is not a normal practice of mine — not anyones really, except with kid sea campers on the Quino El Guardian. But, in the Sea of Cortez, you need to learn the fin steps as soon as you get on this ocean’s dance floor. A week of diving in the Sea of Cortez is a week spent dancing with the stars and that’s what it’s like diving with sea lions. The sound of your bubbles is their beat and they are eager to get you kicking to the rhythm. Juan’s dive briefing included the sea lion dance instructions. He said they will mimic you and if you roll to your right, they will mirror you and so-on. It was the first Kids Sea Camp “Citizen Science Trip” on Quino El…

1 min.
in it together

Our “Best Caribbean Islands for Diving” article on page 104 was meant to showcase our favorite “true” Caribbean getaways (technically, Bahamas and Turks and Caicos are in the Atlantic). The feature was planned long before Hurricane Irma blasted across the Atlantic, battering and destroying a number of islands in its path. This story showcases what these wonderful islands have to offer once they are able to fully recover from this storm’s devastating impact. We ourselves were affected, as we live in central Florida. Many of our staff suffered property damage, but thankfully, everyone is safe. A great way to help the islands most impacted — the U.S. and British Virgin Islands, Cuba, the Florida Keys, Saba and others — is to plan a dive vacation there as soon as resorts are…

3 min.
dawn kernagis

The people, places and events making headlines underwater IN DEPTH Not Quite 9-to-5 If being an astronaut is out of the question, Kernagis might have found the next best thing. She and a group of five other aquanauts took part in the 16-day NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations 21 expedition in 2016, living at 62 feet to perform studies at the world’s only undersea research station. The goal: “explore tools and techniques being tested for future space exploration,” per NASA, including Kernagis’ study on the effects prolonged submersion has on gut bacteria. Dawn Kernagis never set out to be a biomedical researcher, but 14 years into a cavediving career, she had questions. Namely, why did some of her friends suffer from decompression sickness while others seemed virtually untouched by it? “It’s a self-selecting community;…

2 min.
the butterflyfish

1. The family Chaetodontidae — a combination of the ancient Greek words for “hair” and “tooth” — to which butterflyfishes belong, is named after their special comblike teeth. These fishes also have a protruding mouth, which helps them feed in crevices. 2. Butterflyfishes love snacks with a little crunch. Five thousand fishes are recorded from coral reefs, but only 41 feed directly on hard corals as their primary source of nutrition. Sixty percent of these are butterflyfishes. 3. A quarter of butterflyfishes are obligate corallivores, meaning they only feed on living coral polyps. 4. Certain rare deepwater butterflyfishes are highly sought after in the aquarium trade. Wrought iron butterflyfish, found only around Japan’s Izu Islands, reportedly sell for $3,800. 5. Hybrids are rare in nature, but butterflyfishes are the most likely reef fish to…

3 min.
see the world through a different lens

As a diver, climber, surfer, model and all-around intrepid traveler, Chelsea Yamase has seen and explored parts of the globe that many of us only ever dream of. With more than 425,000 followers on Instagram, the native Hawaiian has become a popular photographer, captivating many with her shots of picturesque landscapes and stories of underwater adventures. Whether diving lava tubes in her backyard of Kauai or venturing to untouched mountaintops in Iceland, her adventurous spirit will inspire you to escape the ordinary and get out and experience this beautiful Earth. Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your background. What was it like to grow up in Kauai? CY: Growing up on Kauai shaped so much of who I am. It’s a place that invites you to be outdoors and…

1 min.
dolphin tale

Off the northern Italian fishing village of Camogli — in the Ligurian Sea — local fishermen use a centuries-old traditional fishing method called the tonnarella. From April to late September, the fishermen use a maze of nets handmade from coconut fibers that extend from the surface of the water to the seabed and are placed to force tuna and other species into a central closed net. Their method has remained unchanged since the Middle Ages: The net is raised three times a day — at dawn, during the morning and in the afternoon. Colonized by marine organisms, the nets can be difficult to detect by migratory ocean species. Once, tuna was the main catch; today, the haul is a mix of mackerel, Atlantic bonito, saddled sea bream, amberjack and small tuna. Sometimes…