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time for a change

In June, it will be 26 years since a small group of passionate divers founded Scuba Diving. I thumbed through a dog-eared, yellowed copy of the premiere issue as I sat down to write this editor’s letter. So much change over the years! With this issue, we’re unveiling a new look for Scuba Diving. As with past relaunches, this one incorporates a new logo, fonts and features. You’ll still find reader favorites like ScubaLab, Sea Heroes and Lessons for Life. But you’ll also discover new features grouped in easy-to-navigate sections: Ascend: The revamped front of the magazine gets more than a new name; it will focus on inspirational dive experiences, imagery and people. Train: We’ve expanded our training offerings, including a column that offers underwater photo tips and a first-person case study to…

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emerging artist: jason sintek

Q At what point did you begin to consider yourself a professional shooter? A In 2013, when I licensed my first photo. It was surprising because I had just posted on an old social-media site from a trip to the Caribbean. Soon after, a rep from the Turks and Caicos tourism bureau contacted me about using the images in its travel guides. That was a turning point for my approach to diving and photography. Q What advice would you give to shooters entering contests? A Judges are always looking for an image that has that “wow” factor, or something shot in a new way. Being critical of your work can be hard, but it’s necessary. Recognizing a flaw or mistake and figuring out how to correct it is essential in developing your skill…

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school for scuba

College is a time for growing outside your comfort zone and exploring new interests — and that applies to scuba diving. Many universities offer diving as an elective; some even have entire academic programs that revolve around scuba diving and underwater research. I started scuba diving during my junior year at Indiana University with only a mild curiosity, but by the end of my senior year, I was a certified rescue diver with more than just a handful of unique college credits — I also had a new hobby and lifelong passion. For the most part, the class was like any other course, only instead of calculating derivatives in calculus or conjugating verbs in Spanish, we were learning how to use scuba as an academic tool. This academic focus, as well as…

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get credit

Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana IU has been training divers since 1963 in recreational and scientific diving. The Office of Underwater Science focuses on the preservation and study of biological and cultural resources. Field projects include sites in the Florida Keys, Dominican Republic, Cayman Islands and California. University of Southern California Los Angeles USC offers an introduction to scientific diving and a marine biology minor. The school’s location along the Pacific Ocean gives students access to the USC Wrigley Marine Science Center on Catalina Island. The center is in Big Fisherman’s Cove, a refuge that provides an excellent location for real-world in-water research. Northeastern University Boston Northeastern’s Department of Marine and Environmental Sciences offers a number of undergraduate and graduate programs. The department provides hands-on experience and research opportunities through the Marine Science Center and its…

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sea hero of the year: andrea marshall

Andrea Marshall is surprisingly modest, for royalty. Affectionately dubbed “queen of the mantas” for her championing of the mantas of Mozambique and beyond, Marshall was “speechless and completely humbled” on learning that a panel of judges from Scuba Diving magazine had named her the 2017-18 Sea Hero of the Year, the top honor in a program that shines a light on action-oriented innovation, education, conservation and exploration. “I’ve lived in the field — in the bush, really — for the past 15 years of my life, so I sometimes hardly even know if people are following the work,” Marshall says. “Biologists on the front lines sacrifice a lot to try to safeguard threatened species, so we always really appreciate recognition for that work. To be honored by Scuba Diving magazine is really…

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meet our 2017-18 sea heroes

July 2017 ▸ Amanda Cotton Underwater photographer, expedition leader and co-founder of Water Women Inc., which focuses on empowering girls 8 to 18 to become leaders in water-related industries August 2017 ▸ Boyan Slat Founder of the Ocean Cleanup, which has raised more than $30 million toward extracting plastic from the Pacific Sept/Oct 2017 ▸ Andrea Marshall Mozambique-based scientist, educator, photographer, expedition leader and manta ray expert credited with helping to secure a global CITES listing that will help protect manta rays for generations to come Nov/Dec 2017 ▸ Margo Peyton, Kids Sea Camp Founder and owner of Kids Sea Camp, which has introduced more than 7,000 kids to diving in 17 years, certifying more than 5,500 of them Jan/Feb 2018 ▸ Andrew and Marit Miners, Misool Foundation Creators of Misool Resort and Foundation, which has pioneered locally focused, private-enterprise- led conservation efforts in…