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a world of difference

April 22 will be my 49th Earth Day. In 1970, as a 16-year-old high school s ophomore, I had no idea that the very first Earth Day would be history-making. Though a number of important legislative initiatives were passed in the U.S. in the ’70s, including the Clean Water Act, the Clean Air Act and the Endangered Species Act, the environmental movement was largely a grass-roots one. At my high school in New Jersey, a group of us formed the Willingboro Environmental Action League. We spent weekends running a recycling program. Our Saturday “Trash Bashes” were a huge success; eventually our township had to assume control. Our staff is committed to promoting conservation efforts, especially in our oceans, seas, lakes and rivers. On page 46, you’ll find a report by underwater…

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Stretching more than 1,400 miles, the Great Barrier Reef is the largest living structure on the planet and home to 1,600-plus species of fishes, 133 types of elasmobranchs, and more than 30 varieties of cetaceans. The reef and its residents are under serious attack, as illustrated by the 2017 film Chasing Coral, which documented coral-bleaching events in real time. “Not everyone is going to be stoked on coral like I am, but I do know that every person has something in the natural world they really connect to and odds are that it’s under anthropogenic pressure.”…

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emerging artist: umeed mistry

AGE 37 LOCATION India OCCUPATION Photographer; PADI IDC Staff Instructor; Founding Partner at EARTH CoLab LATEST ACHIEVEMENT First Place, Macro, 2015 “Through Your Lens” Photo Contest Q What is your shooting specialty? A I don’t have a specialty, but I strive to create expressive over/under images. Diving is still in its infancy in India. Most of the people in this country have little knowledge of our maritime history or heritage. In the education and conservation work that I do, the images that seem to have a great impact are the over/under images — they provide a unique view of both worlds that many people rarely experience as connected entities. Q What advice would you give to photographers entering contests? A Nowadays social-media feeds are increasingly flooded with images. While it’s great to take inspiration from other people’s…

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oman aggressor

Diving in Oman packs a wealth of biodiversity thanks to greater than 204 square miles of reefs influenced by the convergence of three bodies of water: the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman and the Arabian Sea, each rich in its own unique marine life. To fully explore this abundance, the Oman Aggressor divides its time between four separate itineraries, each originating from a different port. The Daymaniyat Islands can be found off the country’s northern coast. Together, these nine islands are perhaps Oman’s best-known destinations for divers. Think healthy reefs with thick shoals of fish, dens of moray eels and troops of cuttlefish, as well as stingrays, leopard sharks and more. Plus, these islands are home to hawksbill and green sea turtles. This area also supports a wide diversity of macro…

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sea hero zack rago

OCCUPATION Scientist and ocean advocate DIVING SINCE 2010 CERTIFICATION LEVEL PADI Rescue Diver WORDS TO LIVE BY “The imagination of nature is far, far greater than the imagination of man.” A little bit of luck goes a long way — and Zack Rago is a testament to that. A gig working in the background on time-lapse camera systems turned into a supporting role in the documentary Chasing Coral for this self-proclaimed coral nerd who was “never supposed to be on camera.” Since the film’s debut, Rago has worked tirelessly to spread the word about ocean conservation with the next generation and anyone who will listen around the world, among several other conservation-focused projects. Q: Coral is a little bit — or a lot — harder to excite people about than moredynamic threatened species such as sharks and whales; what…

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meet nicole helgason, coral spotter

“Once you start spotting corals, your perception of the underwater landscape evolves.” Every year is the year of the reef for Nicole Helgason. A dive instructor for 10 years and a coral enthusiast, Helgason noticed that “divers pay very little attention to coral diversity.” She founded reefdivers.io and started w riting about coral to help divers better appreciate its amazing diversity. When 2018 was designated the International Year of the Reef — shining a spotlight on the myriad threats to coral reefs everywhere — we decided it was time to get to know our corals better. Starting this month, Helgason will share her passion for coral — and learning — in the pages of Scuba Diving magazine. From Helgason you’ll learn to identify the corals you see on every dive. “Once you start…