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2 min.
the artist at work

When photographer Becky Kagan Schott dives a shipwreck — especially one that is a casualty of war, weather or plain bad luck — she sees more than an interesting underwater subject; she immediately connects to its story and that of its crew. “I feel like I’m going back in time and able to see a piece of history in front of my own eyes,” she says. “I feel fortunate to be able to share their forgotten stories.” What amazes us most is Schott’s ability to capture the essence of a particular ship, often in a single, indelibly rendered photo. Case in point: her photos of several historic wrecks in three of the Great Lakes (page 48). “Some of them are truly ghost ships,” she says. “Many of them are really…

1 min.
take it and bake it

21,092 Number of lionfish removed in all REEF derbies since 2009 815 Largest number of lionfish culled in one day by a single derby team, in Jacksonville, Florida 52,000 Pounds of lionfish sold in Whole Foods’ Florida stores since 2016 2,583 Largest number of lionfish culled in a single-day derby, in Jacksonville, Florida 52% Average reduction in lionfish over 74 square miles during a single-day derby Attempts to address the lionfish invasion — now encroaching as far as South America — by “teaching” predators to consume them have ranged from misguided to dangerous. But there is an underwater animal making a difference: divers. Through removal events like REEF’s 2018 Lionfish Derby Series presented by Whole Foods Market — with seven derbies across Florida, including June 8-10 in Miami — divers are helping to hold the…

4 min.
wayne hasson

YEAR CERTIFIED 1969 AGE WHEN CERTIFIED 20 CERTIFICATION LEVEL SSI Instructor Certifier; PADI, SDI, TDI and NAUI Instructor WORDS TO LIVE BY “I live to dive and enjoy being underwater wherever I am.” Wayne Hasson, president of Aggressor Fleet, is legendary as the man who invented liveaboard diving as we know it today. He’s come a long way since teaching himself to dive at 17 with equipment from Sears, Roebuck — “admittedly, I was not very good at this,” he says with a laugh. What hasn’t changed is Hasson’s childlike wonder at all things ocean, and his passion for introducing kids and adults to that world through the Oceans for Youth Foundation, a network of thousands of volunteers who bring ocean education to student and civic groups. For his drive to share and protect…

1 min.
acropora cervicornis (staghorn coral)

▪ Acropora cervicornis grows into cylindrical branches with a large corallite at the tip of each branch. This is called the axial corallite and is a key feature that distinguishes Acropora from other corals. If you can identify a single large corallite at the tip of a branch, you found an Acropora. ▪ Pointed branches of Acropora cervicornis rise from the reef like antlers, and its common name is the staghorn coral. As the colony grows, the staghorn branches create a three-dimensional lattice where baby fish can easily hide and avoid larger predators. ▪ As a staghorn coral reaches toward the sun, the tissue from its lower branches dies off as new tissue is growing up. The structure of the older branches below remains and becomes a fortress for juvenile fish. In…

2 min.
emerging artist: rodney bursiel

Q What drew you to underwater photography? A I have been shooting the Austin music scene professionally for about 12 years. Through my music photography, I met Donavon Frankenreiter, a professional surfer and musician. I traveled with Donavon shooting surf photography, which led me back to scuba and shooting the underwater world. What advice would you give to photographers entering contests? A Be original. If you see a shot that just won and you have something similar, I probably wouldn’t enter that one. It’s already won. Find something that’s never been seen or shot in a particular way. And definitely don’t get discouraged, because it’s easy to do. I’ve entered the same shot in different contests and won first place in one and didn’t even make it past the first round in the…

3 min.
out of the blue

Queens Road stretches the entire length of the long, skinny Bahamian Out Island of Eleuthera. Palm trees line the way for portions of the 110-mile stretch, while craggy rocks separate the road from the Atlantic Ocean for others. But along that route, the island hides 200 inland ponds and blue holes. These oftignored bodies of water host some of the most uncommon marine ecosystems in the world, but that won’t last for long if they continue to go unprotected. In many of the ponds, visibility is limited, and it’s easy to see they have been used as dumping grounds — old refrigerators and car parts protrude from the surface. Other ponds and blue holes, however, are home to crystal-clear water and amazing densities of unique marine life. The ponds and blue holes…