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Steelers Digest July 2018

Steelers Digest is the official fan publication of the Pittsburgh Steelers. Each issue provides game previews, inside information, award-winning columns and features, and complete statistics. Steelers Digest is published 12 times a year, twice per month throughout the NFL regular season, playoffs and Super Bowl.

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a memorable draft weekend

Ryan Shazier was very much an integral component of the 2018 NFL draft for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Both his presence, and his absence. His presence at the site of the draft in Arlington, Texas, touched their hearts and served as an inspiration to all who watched him walk the 20 yards out to the podium with his fiancée, Michelle, to announce the Steelers’ first-round draft choice. Seeing how far Shazier had come, through hard work and sheer determination, to walk approximately 20 yards unaided following a severe spinal injury on Dec. 4 in Cincinnati brought some tears to the eyes of team personnel gathered in the Bill Nunn Draft Room as the Steelers conducted their business during the first round, and his walk brought a standing ovation from the crowd on…

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breaking down the 2018 draft

Q. Do you recall drafting someone like a quarterback and receiver duo from the same school? And how much does it help them? KC: Without really of doing a bunch of research, I really can’t in my own experience. I’d have to look through it. I think they mentioned there was eight combinations that have been drafted previously but really one had nothing to do with the other. Other than us being at their Pro Day, and they had a heck of a pro day, and of course when you saw one play, you saw the other play. So, the familiarity was there when you saw Oklahoma State play but really James (Washington), and Mason (Rudolph) drafting, had they appeared when they did their availability for us, so it’s good that…

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edmunds a do-it-all defender

“He was a really fun evaluation for me personally. Anything that you can imagine him doing, you saw him do on Virginia Tech’s defensive tape.” Getting a top player at a particular position isn’t easy when you’re drafting as late as the Steelers have drafted throughout the Kevin Colbert-Mike Tomlin era. Since 2007, the Steelers average picking 23.3, yet have maintained an elite won-loss record by drafting the best player at positions which don’t rank among the most valued, at least monetarily: inside linebacker, 5-tech defensive end, center, guard and, this year, sub-package safety. Of course, no one should fall for the misnomer of “sub package,” because it’s being used over the “base” on more than 7 of 10 snaps. In fact, colleges are using so many sub packages that NFL teams are getting…

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behind the edmunds pick

On Monday before the draft began, the Steelers talked about the ways in which specialization has become more a part of college football recently, and late on Day 1 of the picking they used their first-round selection on a player who is a product of that specialization. The belief was that the Steelers needed to come out of this draft having bettered themselves at inside linebacker and at safety, and based on his college resume, Terrell Edmunds could help them a little bit at both of those positions. As expected, the theme of this draft’s first round had to do with the frenzy with which the quarterbacks were pursued, and by the time the Baltimore Ravens concluded things by selecting Lamar Jackson 32nd overall, the 2018 draft produced the most quarterbacks…

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no. 2 pick: small town, big talent

In a state where everything is larger than life, Stamford, Texas, is the complete opposite. The population is around 3,000. The city is small, only 12.9 square miles, 6.9 of those square miles covered by water. And there are just two stoplights. Yes, two. One of the biggest attractions fits the area perfectly, the Cowboy Country Museum. It’s also home to the Texas Cowboy Reunion, now in its 88th year as the world’s largest amateur rodeo, and attracting numbers way beyond the population of the city. When you look at the list of notable individuals who came from Stamford, it’s not long, and they aren’t the names you hear every day. On that list, though, is someone familiar to the Steelers. James Washington. Washington, the wide receiver from Oklahoma State the Steelers selected in the second…

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perfect situation for rudolph

If you look at Mason Rudolph’s shoulder, you might notice something. And, no, I am not talking about the powerful arm that could one day be the key to making the Steelers offense go. What you might see is a chip. One that will motivate the Steelers third-round draft pick for a long time. “It’ll stick with me every minute of every hour from here going forward until the day I die,” said Rudolph. “It’s definitely like a burning fire.” When Rudolph was a star quarterback at Northwestern High School in Rock Hill, South Carolina, many expected he could end up at South Carolina, a school only 70 miles from his home. That didn’t happen, due in large part to South Carolina never offering him a scholarship. And they weren’t the only team…