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for starters

OK, it’s that time of the year when we wrap up another road tour vehicle. In fact, this is number 23 … that’s a heck of a record to have in the works. For 2018 we thought we would try our hand at a ’32 Ford pickup. So, welcome to the build of the United Pacific/STREET RODDER Road Tour ’32 Ford pickup Presented by Ford Performance Parts. For starters, in this day and age of hot rodding there are any number of ways you can go about screwing together your latest project—picking up a car that’s for sale, a long lost project that was abandoned, or, and what has grown in popularity over the past several decades, purchasing new sheetmetal and related components. Starting here you can now build a fresh…

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pickup lines

This is the 23rd year of the STREET RODDER Road Tour. For 22 of those years, the diverse collection of purpose-built street rods that Road Tour leader Jerry Dixey has driven all over America has included Fords and Chevys in about a 3-to-1 ratio. We have built ’20s, ’30s, ’40s, ’50s, and ’60s cars. We’ve built roadsters, coupes, sedans, phaetons, and convertibles. Ever single one of them has been innovative, eye-catchng, roadworthy, and cool. Not one of them has been a closed cab commercial truck. That changed in 2018. From a historical standpoint, our timing was perfect. The year 2017 marked the 100th anniversary of the introduction of Ford Motor Company’s Model TT, the first Ford specifically built as a truck. Previous Ford trucks had essentially been converted cars with their…

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chapter 1 gearing up to build the '32 ford pickup

Since the Road Tour began in 1996 the intent has remained the same: prove that a safe, reliable, and fun street rod could be assembled from aftermarket components and then be driven comfortably from coast to coast. The procedure to accomplish our original goal has remained the same as well; we call on the most respected names in the business for components and the best builders to do the assembly. The completed street rod then heads out with Road Tour Director Jerry Dixey, who leads the way on a variety of separate tours throughout the summer with other street rodders joining in the fun. Over the years we have built street rods from the ’20s to the ’60s in every conceivable configuration in an effort to reflect the scope of our…

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chapter 2 roadster shop builds the foundation

It’s that time of year again when we begin construction on a street rod that will travel to the far-flung corners of the country. The purpose of this yearly exercise is to prove that with today’s aftermarket parts a street rod can be a safe, reliable vehicle—and cool looking, too. That point has certainly been made in the past, and this year’s car—or should we say truck—should drive it home. As the lengthy title implies, the 2018 United Pacific/STREET RODDER Road Tour '32 Ford pickup presented by Ford Performance Parts is indeed based end to end on all reproduction sheetmetal from United Pacific and power will come from a 347ci small-block from Ford Performance Parts backed by a Hughes 4L60 overdrive automatic transmission. The frame was built by Roadster Shop (RS)…

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chapter 3 suspension & brakes

This year’s United Pacific/STREET RODDER Road Tour truck is built on a frame from Roadster Shop (RS) equipped with what we consider to be a contemporary example of a traditional suspension system. We wanted the look of a dropped axle, but we also wanted a comfortable ride and confidence-inspiring handling, so we turned to Pete and Jakes for all the frontend components. Pete and Jakes has specialized in supplying solid-axle suspension components for ’28-’48 Fords since 1974 and knew what it took to make them work. Since the Slover family took over Pete and Jakes in 1986 they have continued to develop, produce, and offer the best traditional hot rod parts available. For our needs they supplied a complete chrome frontend kit with a drilled Super Bell I-beam, spindles, steering arms,…

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chapter 4 a place for everything, and everything in its place

There was a frenzy of activity at Hot Rods by Dean (HRBD) during construction of the 2018 United Pacific/STREET RODDER Road Tour '32 Ford pickup Presented by Ford Performance Parts. The truck is based on a chassis from Roadster Shop equipped with front suspension from Pete and Jakes, Flaming River steering components, and Roadster Shop four-bars and coilovers in the rear. With the chassis, the new United Pacific (UP) sheetmetal, a Ford Performance Parts crate engine, Hughes Performance transmission, and a Winters quick-change gathered up, Dean Livermore and the crew at HRBD set about making the pickup Road Tour ready. Of course one of the major issues to be dealt with when building any street rod is where to put everything in the passenger compartment that’s required to make it go,…