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Street Rodder November 2018

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on the road

♦ Our longtime readers will remember the early days of the STREET RODDER Road Tours. It was just me racking up miles and killing bugs in whatever that year’s Tour car happened to be. I was running down the road and going from one NSRA event to another. There was no real schedule or plan, but I would run from when the sun came up to when the sun went down. During those long days of summer that could mean traveling 800-900 miles in a day. After 10 years of that madness things calmed down a little as we invited other rodders to join me in the fun. We were still going from one event to another but the miles per day dropped down to 200-300 with stops along the…

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for starters

♦ I find myself in a quandary. I like hot rods, I thoroughly enjoy my roadster, and I would like to build another. The quandary comes when I look at my budget … or lack thereof. I have come to that life-altering decision, “Should I sell my roadster?” For starters, that’s exactly where I am. I will need to sell my '29 Ford highboy roadster (full disclosure: it’s a Brookville body) in order to move onto a new ride. I haven’t finished the thought process but I know that somewhere there is either a '40 Ford or a '34 two-door sedan that would like to live in SoCal. Don’t get me wrong, I in no way want to part ways with my roadster, as it is everything a hot rod should…

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window shopper

★ Summit Sells Palmgren Tools Palmgren Tool has supplied drill presses, vises, grinders, and other metalworking tools since 1919. That said, a Palmgren Powergrind-XP bench grinder might very well be the last one you will ever have to buy. Available with 6- or big 10-inch grinding wheels, these grinders are packed with industrial-grade features. Heavy-duty capacitor motors supply the extra current required during startup and operation under load. The Powergrind-XP bench grinders come with two flat-top tool rests and one V-grooved top for sharpening drill bits and grinding. Summit Racing Equipment (800) 230-3030 summitracing.com ★ Particularly Smart Tool Introducing U-CAN, a first in class diagnostic tool that works with the Pro Electric Deluxe kit to deliver seamless interaction between you and your vehicle. The U-CAN gives the user the ability to view the electrical status of…

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street corner

The Complete Stroker McGurk Collection Stroker McGurk, the most famous cartoon hot rodder ever, cruised through the pages of Hot Rod magazine from his first mention in the Mar. ’48 issue to the final comic strips in 1965. His creator, Tom Medley, died in 2014, but Stroker lives on. A boxed-edition book about Medley’s life and artwork was published in 2016. Now, for the first time, a one-volume collection of every Stroker McGurk cartoon has been released. Tom Medley Presents The Amazing Adventures of Stroker McGurk features every Stroker McGurk cartoon, published in traditional comic book format. Included are all the gags and innovations that sprung from Medley’s imagination, including some jokes that proved prophetic—a bubbletop roadster, multi-engine lakes racers, and Stroker’s parachute-packed race car. The Amazing Adventures of Stroker McGurk is…

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what’s on demand this month?

09/07/18 LIVE! 24H GT Series/24H Touring Car Endurance Series Auto Mundial Motorsport Mundial 09/08/18 LIVE! 24H GT Series/24H Touring Car Endurance Series LIVE! DTM Championship LIVE! FIA Formula 3 Championship 09/09/18 LIVE! FIA Formula 3 Championship 09/10/18 Roadkill Garage, Ep. 35 09/12/18 Engine Masters, Ep. 38 09/13/18 British Touring Car Championship 09/14/18 Auto Mundial DTM Championship Motorsport Mundial 09/17/18 Dirt Every Day, Ep. 81 09/19/18 Mobil 1 The Grid, Program 16 Ignition, Ep. 196 09/20/18 FIA World Rallycross 09/21/18 Auto Mundial Motorsport Mundial 09/22/18 LIVE! DTM Championship LIVE! European Le Mans Series-Qualifying LIVE! FIA Formula 3 Championship LIVE! Michelin Le Mans Cup-Race 2 LIVE! TCR Europe Series LIVE! VLN Endurance Championship-Round 7 09/23/18 LIVE! European Le Mans Series LIVE! Michelin Le Mans Cup-Race 1 LIVE! TCR Europe Series 09/24/18 HOT ROD Garage, Ep. 68 09/26/18 DTM Championship Head 2 Head, Ep. 107 09/28/18 Auto Mundial Motorsport Mundial 09/30/18 LIVE! Blancpain GT Series Endurance Cup 10/01/18 Roadkill, Ep. 76 10/03/18 FIA World Rallycross Mobil 1 The Grid,…

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skirts &(pink) slips

“It’s a Gasser—but it doesn’t have an axle under the hiked-up front end, or the rear quarters cut out, or …” Well, then, for the most part a Gasser that is not, as those iconic details are what make it just that—at least from my and many others’ perspective, as according to the NHRA class rules, Tony Jurado’s '57 Chevy does in fact meet the requirements specified for a dual-purpose (street driven/track raced) Gas Coupe-Sedan. But we don’t need to let some official rules established way back in 1962 convolute the story now, do we? For all intents and purposes, Tony’s 150 is not a Gasser as we’ve come to know them a half-century later. Those particular street class rules were put into effect due in no small part to cars…