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Home & Garden
Successful Farming

Successful Farming October 2019

Successful Farming magazine serves the diverse business, production, and family information needs of families who make farming and ranching their business. Get Successful Farming digital magazine subscription today and learn how to make money, save time, and grow your satisfaction in the farming business. True to its name, Successful Farming magazine is all about success. Every issue is packed with ideas readers can take right to the field, barn, shop, and office to increase their profit and to position their farming business for growth and success in the competitive and global industry of agriculture.

United States
Meredith Corporation
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13 Issues

In this issue

1 min.
we will endure

Tough times don’t last, but tough people do. That’s how the saying goes. That adage more than describes our two major feature stories in this issue. This month, we take a look back at the resilience of farmers and ranchers • In "Rebuilding from the Rubble" on page 34, Executive Editor Laurie Bedord highlights the excruciating experiences of the Peterson family of Minnesota. On a fall day in 2018, an EF1 tornado ripped through the farm, toppling grain bins and flattening crops. They sustained more than $7 million in damages. The family faced cleanup just as the 2018 harvest was gearing up. They knew they had to rebuild. An operation run by three brothers, all with sons ready to join the business, it wasn’t just about keeping Far-Gaze Farms going; it was about…

2 min.
successful farming

Editorial Successful Farming Magazine, 1716 Locust Street/LS257, Des Moines, IA 50309-3023 | Email: adminsf@meredith.com Editorial Content Director Dave Kurns Art & Production Creative Director Matt Strelecki Copy & Production Manager Janis Gandy News & Business Executive Editor Betsy Freese Marketing Editor Mike McGinnis Digital Content Manager Natalina Sents Machinery Executive Editor Dave Mowitz Content Editor Paula Barbour Ag Technology Executive Editor Laurie Bedord Agronomy & Technology Editor Megan Vollstedt Crops Technology Executive Editor Gil Gullickson Crops Editor Bill Spiegel Family Family & Farmstead Editor Lisa Foust Prater Audio & Video Multimedia Editor Jodi Henke Senior Producer & Custom Solutions David Ekstrom Editorial Office Manager Diana Weesner Contributing Editors Gene Johnston, Al Kluis, Dan Looker, Cheryl Tevis, John Walter Editorial Apprentices Trevor Holbrook, JD Pelegrino, Katie Segler Publishing Administration / Advertising Sales Sales & Marketing Director Marty Wolske National Account Executives Tyler Smith, Tom Hosack, Ali Peltier Regional Account Executives Brian Keane, Collin Coughlon Director of Digital Strategy Jessie Scott Digital Services Manager…

1 min.
they said it

“We could hear what sounded like leaves and branches hitting the house, so we thought there were only going to be a few trees down.”Relive one family’s nightmare, p. 34“We’ve all milked cows and did all the work, but we weren’t the owners like these young gals are right now.”Check out the 2017 Ag Census numbers, p. 60“It was never about ticking boxes, trying to publish in a high-impact journal, and then moving on to something else to promote our careers.”Accomplish what needs to be done despite the difficulties, p. 17“Soil structure is a great indicator of a healthy soil.”How healthy are your soils? p. 48“I like being in a position to choose the price I want to take, rather than calling in to see what someone else wants to…

2 min.
new growth

Farmers are digging themselves out of the deep hole in income created by the collapse of the commodity boom early this decade. This will be the third year in a row of higher net farm income (a broad USDA gauge of profits) built around aggressive cost cutting on the farm and the largest federal payments in 14 years – with more possible this fall. The USDA estimates farm income at $88 billion this year, a rosier outlook than its March forecast of $69.4 billion. “We had a pretty big adjustment in net farm income,” says Warren Preston, deputy USDA chief economist. “Farmers were able to reduce their expenses again, as they have been doing for the last several years.” By spending less on fertilizer, seed, rent, fuel, and other expenses, growers…

4 min.
in case you missed it

Too Much of a Good Thing? Agriculture is the only sector of the economy to receive federal aid to mitigate the impact of the Sino-U.S. trade war. It’s a benefit that is inspiring envy and potentially some opposition in Congress, says House Agriculture Chairman Collin Peterson. “I’m getting pushback from members (of the House) about all this welfare going to farmers from this administration,” says Peterson during a broadcast interview. The multibillion-dollar MFP payments may make lawmakers skeptical of the need to pitch in if the ag economy weakens. “If we need to do something, it is going to make it very much more difficult to get political support to respond.” Farmers Union President Roger Johnson worries about erosion of support for the farm bill in the years ahead. “It’s a big…

3 min.
catherine feuillet

In a world where women too often believe they aren’t qualified to take on a job that is challenging or at a higher level, Catherine Feuillet’s passion for pushing new frontiers, challenging herself, and building something that could benefit others has always propelled her forward. The geneticist and molecular biologist shares how she has applied those principles throughout her career as a scientist. SF: What led you to a career in science? CF: Understanding the complexity of how biological organisms work and evolve has always fascinated me. Until my undergraduate studies, I had not yet discovered my passion for plant research and agriculture. Working on a research project with eucalyptus trees that improved a problem impacting our lives made me realize what I wanted to do. Research also has a lot in common with…