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Home & Garden
Successful Farming

Successful Farming January 2020

Successful Farming magazine serves the diverse business, production, and family information needs of families who make farming and ranching their business. Get Successful Farming digital magazine subscription today and learn how to make money, save time, and grow your satisfaction in the farming business. True to its name, Successful Farming magazine is all about success. Every issue is packed with ideas readers can take right to the field, barn, shop, and office to increase their profit and to position their farming business for growth and success in the competitive and global industry of agriculture.

United States
Meredith Corporation
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13 Issues

In this issue

1 min.
another season

Who would have thought that a TV show about farm machinery, agronomy, and agricultural technology would last longer than TV classics like Seinfeld, Friends, and M*A*S*H? It’s true. The Successful Farming TV Show is now in the midst of its 13th season and running strong each week on RFD-TV. This show – hosted by Dave Mowitz and other editors such as Laurie Bedord, Natalina Sents, and Megan Vollstedt – has been the “little engine that could” for more than a decade. This engine is really a powerful locomotive. According to RFD-TV, it’s among the highest rated production agriculture shows on the network. Mowitz, executive editor for machinery, and Bedord, executive editor for ag technology, have been doing the show since its first episode. Senior Producer David Ekstrom is truly a one-man band who…

2 min.
successful farming

Editorial Editorial Content Director Dave Kurns Art & Production Creative Director Matt Strelecki Copy & Production Manager Janis Gandy News & Business Executive Editor Betsy Freese Marketing Editor Mike McGinnis Digital Content Manager Natalina Sents Digital Content Editor Emma Wilson Machinery Executive Editor Dave Mowitz Content Editor Paula Barbour Ag Technology Executive Editor Laurie Bedord Agronomy & Technology Editor Megan Vollstedt Crops Technology Executive Editor Gil Gullickson Crops Editor Bill Spiegel Family Family & Farmstead Editor Lisa Foust Prater Audio & Video Multimedia Editor Jodi Henke Senior Producer & Custom Solutions David Ekstrom Editorial Office Manager Diana Weesner Contributing Editors Gene Johnston, Al Kluis, Dan Looker, Cheryl Tevis, John Walter Editorial Apprentices Trevor Holbrook, JD Pelegrino, Katie Segler Publishing Administration / Advertising Sales Sales & Marketing Director Marty Wolske National Account Executives Tyler Smith, Tom Hosack, Ali Peltier, Brian Keane, Steve Dado Marketplace Executive Collin Coughlon Director of Digital Strategy Jessie Scott Digital Services Manager Alyssa Dixon Digital Campaign Specialist Jana Morrissey Customer Insights…

1 min.
they said it

“Dealers are reporting continued declines in used truck prices and growing truck inventories.”As prices plummet, maybe it’s time to consider buying a semitruck, p. 30“FOCUS ON WHAT YOU CAN CONTROL.”Expert gives five additional ways to cope with uncertainty, p. 18“You get one chance to leave a lasting impression.”Do these 6 ag tech start-ups make an impression on you? p. 34“There has to be an advantage to farmers.”The latest round of mergers and acquisitions in the wheat industry has shaken things up a bit, p. 54“BOOT UP YOUR SMARTPHONE’S CALCULATOR.”We’re flashing back to one of your high school math classes, p. 40“Growing hemp is like raising kids. You don’t want to be in their business too much, but you do step in at key moments when you sense they may be…

1 min.
top 10 stories

1 What Farmers Need to Know About Growing Hemp 2 The First Close-Up Look at the John Deere X9 Combine 3 GM's New I-6 Diesel 4 Blizzard-Like Weather Approaches, Only Half of Corn Is Mature 5 USDA Data Drops U.S. Corn Market 25¢ Monday 6 A Walk Around the New John Deere 8RX Tractor 7 U.S. Corn Planting Is Way Behind, USDA Says 8 Nebraska's Floods: How They Happened 9 U.S. Corn Yields Are Rolling In 10 Call the Vet! Rural Veterinary Medicine Is Struggling Also: Subscribe to the Successful Farming YouTube channel and never miss a new video! STAY CONNECTED: Successful Farming @SuccessfulFarm successful_farming successfulfarm Photography: Pialhovik, Katsumi Murouchi, Getty Images…

6 min.
banking on hemp

Bankers no longer have to treat hemp farmers with the same suspicion – and piles of paperwork – reserved for money launderers, a change in policy by federal and state regulators that followed USDA release of national guidelines on cultivation of industrial hemp. Access to bank services has been an issue for hemp entrepreneurs despite legalization of the crop. Few banks wanted the risk of regulatory sanctions for dealing with the hemp sector. The U.S. Hemp Roundtable says the “joint guidance” by regulators, from the Federal Reserve to state banking supervisors, was a big step forward but not the final word. The statement clarifies that hemp farming is legal but “does not require banks or financial services to engage with hemp businesses,” says the trade group. It has called on Congress…

4 min.
janice person

Janice Person can be found online by her brand name: JPlovesCOTTON. She has also been known in the agriculture industry for her work developing online engagement with consumers on behalf of major companies like Bayer-Monsanto. She was, as she says, “the kid who went to summer camp and stayed in touch with the friends she made the rest of the year.” Her innate skills in communication and her passion for food and farm have led her to navigate the misperceptions that exist between consumers and the ag industry. SF: Talk about your personal brand and the topics you address. JP: When I got on social media, there were a lot of people who didn’t know much about cotton. I would have conversations on Twitter in response, and then realize I was truly writing blog posts,…