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November 2019

Gets down and dirty for you every month with in-depth technical articles covering the hottest engine combinations, trick suspension and brake testing, and full-on restoration. There's also complete product reviews, up-to-the-minute news and event coverage, as well as four exciting Tech Talk columns written by industry experts on Chevelles, Camaros, Novas, and '55-'57 Chevys.

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enough is often enough

Maybe I’m getting old, but I’m starting to figure out that it’s sometimes better to have less power than you actually want. OK, yeah, we all want 1,000 horsepower, and once in motion it can be a blast. Well, more like a burnout, but let’s get real for a moment. Five-hundred-wheel hp in any car is enough to get into some serious trouble and at the same time have a serious amount of fun. This small epiphany came to me when we were dyno-tuning our ’68 Camaro project Track Rat. Kitted out with a 440-inch RHS LS mill, it ended up making 558 hp to the tires. A friend that was there opined that with a larger cam it could have come closer to 600. Why? I mean seriously, with 558…

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super chevy

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truck with class

When Chevrolet loaned Hot Rod magazine Publisher Ray Brock a 1964 El Camino for a road test, it wasn’t just any Camino. It happened to be the first one outfitted with a 327-inch V-8. “Chevelle series cars were available with a variety of engine options” when the cars were introduced in Sept. 1963, he explained, but at that time the top engine offering was a 220hp 283. “In December, the full line of Corvette 327s was added to the option list, with the exception of the fuel-injected 375hp model.” This particular Chevy was fitted with a 365-horse 327 initially, but that “full-race” engine was swapped for a 300hp version “to provide a quieter, smoother engine in a car designed for light-duty hauling,” he said. Unfortunately, hauling—of any kind—wasn’t top of mind…

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new-age nova

If you don’t fondly remember your first car, you’re not a car person. Whether it was clean or cringe-worthy, polished or putrid, your first set of wheels inevitably earned a fond place in your automotive enthusiast heart. Now, if your dad’s the owner of Church Boys Racing, one of the foremost Nova suspension specialists around, you admittedly have a competitive advantage on first-car quality. Matt Church drew the long straw on that front and his first ride is accordingly epic. “We bought the car when my son was 11 with the intention of it being his first car,” said Chuck Church Jr. “He’s 17 now and it’s his first hot rod.” The Church family found the car, a 1966 model year Nova, in Texas and it was a clean, rust-free example of…

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force multiplier

Now in its third installment, our crate engine alternative has taken a turn toward the serious. Before we get into that, we should probably bring all the newcomers up to speed. We started things out with a simple trip to the junkyard to procure a more cost effective alternative to the typical crate engine. Thinking we came home with a 5.3L, we actually snagged a smaller 4.8L. The first upgrade saw a carbureted induction system comprised of an Edelbrock Victor Jr. intake and Holley Brawler carb, all controlled by an MSD ignition controller. The result was 331 hp and 316 lb-ft of torque. After adding a Comp cam and new valvesprings, the power output jumped to 441 hp and 354 lb-ft of torque. The ante was then upped with a…

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the ferrari fighter

So you’ve read the title and looked at the lead photo of Andy Lezotte’s Chevelle, and now you’re wondering what the heck a Chevelle and a Ferrari have in common. Or why we’d mention a Ferrari here in the pages of Super Chevy. Well, as it turns out, Andy is a car guy’s car guy and has a deep affinity for all types of performance cars. So when it came time to let out his inner child, he had a choice to make. “I really wanted a Ferrari. I was kind of shopping and I came to the realization that if I went out to dinner with my wife and there was a brand-new 488 and a regular old basic $25,000 Chevelle right behind it, I’d be looking at the Chevelle.…