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Super Food Ideas August 2018

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20 years young

“WE’VE UPDATED YOUR FAVOURITES WITH A MODERN TWIST” When our first issue hit the checkouts 20 years ago, the world was very different. We all did a ‘big shop’ on Thursday night or Saturday morning; the same stuff went into those trolleys week after week; and dinner was a version of a dish we’d grown up eating. These days we shop more often, and more widely. We try to be a bit healthier; cutting down sugar and carbs, going meat-free, adding more wholefoods, and different cuisines. Deep down, though, many of us still love those classic recipes. That’s why in this issue we’ve updated your faves from taste.com.au, using suggestions from your comments, and giving them a modern twist. We kick things off with a vegetarian lasagne on p34 made with broccoli and…

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cover stars…

#1 WHEN ASKED, I’m fond of saying that my favourite food group is slice. But that’s not why it’s gracing our cover. We wanted something that captured what we stand for: a little bit old school, a little bit new. That’s why we chose traditional slices and gave them a twist. #2 ON THE COVER are four baked classics including my all-time fave, chocolate caramel slice, all made in one pan! If you prefer a no-bake slice (rocky road, anyone?), on p10 you’ll find four of those, also all made in one pan!…

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one pan four slices

4 BEST-EVER SLICES IN ONE PAN SERVES 48 PREP 1 HOUR 30 MINUTES (PLUS REFRIGERATION AND COOLING) COOK 45 MINUTES 8 choc ripple biscuits 1 quantity Raspberry Jam Coconut Slice (right) 1 quantity Chocolate Caramel Slice (right) 1 quantity Apple Crumble Slice (right) 1 quantity Choc-coconut Slice (opposite) 1 Grease a 3cm-deep, 25cm x 37.5cm baking tray. Cut choc ripple biscuits in half. 2 Follow step 1 of all slice recipes, standing choc ripple biscuits upright and cut side down between each base to keep the bases separate, trimming biscuits where necessary. Refrigerate for 20 minutes. 3 Preheat oven to 180°C/160°C fan forced. Follow step 2 of all slice recipes. 4 While the base is baking, follow steps 3 and 4 of Apple Crumble Slice. 5 After the base has cooled, follow step 3 of both Raspberry…

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kim says

I do love a slice – and we know you do too. So simple, so delicious! They’re always among our most-requested and most popular recipes. So, when we sat down to think of the best way to celebrate our 20th birthday, the solution was simple – and so much fun! We took our favourites and made them into these two new slices to rule them all! One is our four fave baked slices, all worked out so you can make them at the same time, and the other is four fab no-bake slices. Our favourites are there, from indulgent baked Chocolate Caramel Slice to unassuming Lemon Slice. Everyone will find their happy place with one of these crowd pleasers.…

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recipe index

STARTERS, SIDES & LIGHT MEALS Mashed potato mash-up and our best-ever potato bakes, these sides are talented enough to star as the main attraction! FISH & SEAFOOD Fishy favourites to make weeknight meals work VEGETARIAN Hearty comfort food that brings out the best in vegies, tofu and pulses. CHICKEN We know you love chicken and with these nine dishes, you’ll adore it even more. BEEF, PORK & LAMB From speedy midweek meals to delicious dishes good enough for guests, meat your dinner! THE COVER Four slices in just one pan. With a bit of prep and a lot of spoon licking, you’ll feel the fourth! SWEETS These thoroughly modern sweets give more than a passing nod to the retro classics. Dairy-free Mocha Frozen Dessert SOMETHING EXTRA MEAL PLANNER Recipes with this button are in our Budget Meal Planner, which is at the back of the magazine.…

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pick of the bunch

DUMPLING PUMPKIN Around 10cm in diameter, dumpling pumpkins (sometimes known as dumpling squash) are proof that good things come in small packages They have a lovely, sweet flesh and are perfect to bake whole and fill for an impressive dinner party dish The skin, from cream coloured to orange, is edible and can be speckled with green or yellow, and the flesh is slightly drier than regular pumpkins so it’s beautiful roasted or steamed PERFECT PARTNERS: Walnuts, cheddar, cinnamon, fetta, goat’s cheese, sage, butter, honey, nutmeg, miso, maple, ginger. QUICK IDEA: Cut top off pumpkin and remove Scoop out seeds and pulp Rub all over with garlic oil and bake until tender. Fill with a mixture of cooked quinoa, dried cranberries, chopped walnuts, grated lemon zest, olive oil, lemon juice and chopped coriander.…