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Super Food Ideas April 2020

Australia's #1 food magazine, Super Food Ideas provides busy mothers and families with easy recipes and meal solutions, using readily available ingredients and simple techniques. With hundreds of recipes and tips every issue, you’ll never lack inspiration or ideas with Super Food Ideas.

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simple solutions

Here at Super Food Ideas, we understand all too well how crazy life can feel when everything’s in full swing. At times like these, getting a good dinner on the table can feel like one chore too many, so we’ve dedicated this issue to making mealtimes as easy as possible. Get started with our fab last-minute meals using staples from the pantry (p20), including speedy pasta, healthier nachos and one pan chicken. We’ve also created clever mains made with just five ingredients (p36), and transformed favourite recipes into tray bakes (p42) for maximum convenience (and less washing up!). Our cover star curried sausage dish is a must try! For the slow-cooker fans among you, we have 10 easy dinners ready to go (p58), and best of all, they’re all under $5…

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#1 CONDENSED MILK MAGIC Life is sweet with our collection of budget-friendly condensed milk treats (p84)! Pick from chocolate cake, macaroons, tropical jelly slice and more. #2 MUFFIN PAN WINNERS Make the most of your muffin pan with these savoury delights (p50), including filo parcels, rissoles and pizza puffs! #3 FAMILY ENTERTAINING Turn to p74 for classic sausage subs with a Mexican spin! With vego options and plenty of colourful salads, there’s something for everyone, plus indulgent desserts to finish.…

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your food ideas

“WE’LL MAKE IT AGAIN!” DOING DOUGHNUTS I made the Choc-raspberry Doughnut Pudding (October 2019, p10). I shortened the recipe for two of us, and instead of the berries, I added Haigh’s Chocolates Coffee Pastilles. It was easy to make – we both loved it and will definitely make it again with different flavours. Thank you. Donna Coombe, via email TRUSTED PARTNER Who needs other recipes from books or the internet when you can have Super Food Ideas on hand? It’s my go-to for weeknight meals for many mouths to feed. The recipes are cost-effective and tasty. I wouldn’t be without it! I love the slow-cooker recipes. Please keep up the excellent work. J Quinn, via email THYME TO SHINE I loved how fresh and tasty the Ham, Thyme and Corn Relish Tarts (November 2019, p24) were.…

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super spy

EASY SNACKING Full of sun-sweetened flavour with a cool, cleansing crunch, these baby cucumbers are a source of folate for healthy cells, as well as fibre and vitamin C. A go-to for rumbling stomachs or hungry little hands, these crisp Qukes are ideal for an afternoon snack or kids’ lunchboxes. Chop them into sticks for dips or pop them on your sandwich or salad. A unique variety that’s made to be mini, Qukes will last in the fridge for up to five days in their packaging. They’re available in supermarkets from $4. GOOD-FOR-THE-BELLY BITES Whole Kids Organic Probiotic Bites make the perfect snack for little ones. These bite-sized morsels contain just six ingredients: organic dried dates, organic pumpkin seeds, organic dried figs, organic cocoa powder, organic vanilla and lactobacillus bulgaricus – gut-friendly good…

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RECIPE KNOW-HOW: We use Australian standard measures. In liquid measures, 250ml = 1 cup. Dry ingredients are measured in level 1 cup, 1/2 cup, 1/3 cup and 1/4 cup measures. 1 tablespoon = 20ml (note NZ, US and UK tablespoon = 15ml). 1 teaspoon = 5ml. We use 59-60g eggs. We use 1100-watt microwaves, unless otherwise specified. NUTRITION KNOW-HOW: Heart Friendly: low saturated fat, high in fibre, lower sodium with heart-friendly fats. Desserts that are based on low-fat dairy without fruit/grain ingredients don’t need to be high in fibre. Diabetes Friendly: low saturated fat, high in fibre, lower sodium with lower-GI carbs. Healthy: low saturated fat, less than 3000kJ and 800mg sodium per main meal. Vegetarian: no meat, fish or poultry but may contain eggs and/or dairy. Gluten Free: no gluten-containing ingredients (ie, wheat, rye, barley, oats or derivatives). High in Calcium: at least…

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healthy kitchen

“STOCK YOUR PANTRY WITH HEALTHY STAPLES AND YOU’RE NEVER FAR FROM HAVING A GOOD-FOR-YOU MEAL.”Claire Brookman, Food Director When we’re busy, it’s especially important to eat balanced meals that will give us the fuel we need to maintain energy levels and good health. And this is where stocking your pantry with healthy staples can be a lifesaver, because having these ingredients to hand makes whipping up a tasty, good-for-you meal simple. For example, canned beans and lentils are great sources of protein and fibre, canned corn provides fibre and B vitamins, and canned tuna is protein-rich and a good source of omega-3 fats. To get started, check out our easy last-minute meals using pantry staples (right). BY THE NUMBERS... Eating broccoli is great for a health boost, with plenty of benefits to enjoy. Just…