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editor’s note

“High performance” is kind of a loaded term, no? When used to describe something, those two words are supposed to mean “this works better,” but over the course of my 31 years on this earth I’ve become conditioned to just read them as “this is a scam.” Think about the many contexts in which that term appears: high-performance oil is a go-to upsell at your local mechanic's, high-performance sports drinks are actually just high fructose corn syrup in water, and the high-performance tablets behind the teller at the gas station, well, I’d be terrified to know what those actually are. What about high-performance surfboards, or high-performance surfing, you ask? Well, that gets a little more complicated. You see, words can be insidious sometimes in the way that their repeated use causes your…

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peter schroff, 65

“Style means trust. It’s the kinda thing where you just have to trust yourself and dive off the cliff with it. Insecurity destroys style.” Style evolves because human beings are competitive. If you see that your buddy looks a little bit better than you, you’re going to try to outdo them, to look better than they do. It’s just how it is. Shapers used to be simple craftsmen who just wanted to run their own small business. Back in the day when shapers like Bing Copeland and Dewey Weber were on top, they weren’t trying to get huge. I think shapers like Horse Shit and Fire Liars are just trying to get rich quick. Style means trust. It’s the kinda thing where you just have to trust yourself and dive off the cliff…

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surf media’s grom-in-chief

In an era marked by the slashing and folding of print publications and the majority of advertising dollars being diverted to all things digital, starting a brand new print magazine wouldn’t seem like something someone of a younger generation would strive for. But 11-year-old Tanner Bromberg, the “grom-in-chief” of Grom It magazine—an actual hold-in-your-hands publication created for surfers under the age of 18—believes that print is far from dead. The idea for creating a grom-specific surf magazine came to Bromberg a few years ago, when she was the ripe old age of 8 and packing for a long flight from Hawaii to South Africa to visit her mother’s side of the family. “I think it was 32 hours of flying, so I asked my dad to buy me a kids surfing…

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the iron prince 2000

How to properly measure an air… Is it the sheer height of the thing? How about the amount of rotations? Maybe it’s a reverse. Back flip or front flip, even. You could look at how corked out it is, or how nasty the section cleared. Yeah, objectively, those kinds of measures can describe an air, but they can’t really put one in context. The air by Bruce Irons above was, objectively, fucking radical. But it was far more than just an impressive frontside grab, it was a shot right across surfing’s bow. It was a surfer jumping up on the world stage, grabbing the mic, and shouting for everyone to hear. Bruce Irons, ladies and gentleman, the new rebel king of surfing, was heralding a whole new age of the…

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"the massive"

About 5 years ago, Byron Bay’s Torren Martyn stripped his everyday quiver of standard thrusters and started exclusively surfing whips with two rudders. More recently, he’s been drawn specifically to mid-length twinnies for various reasons. “My quiver has gone a lot longer than it has been in the past,” says Martyn, who has electrified surf fans of late with his all-twin performances in films like “Thank You, Mother” and “Tesoro Enterrado”. “The first mid-length Simon [Jones, of Morning of the Earth Surfboards] shaped me 5 years ago was a 7'9" and since then I’ve started filling the gap between that and my shorter boards. At the moment, the shortest board I ride is a 6'6". My surfing isn’t very tech or high-performance, so I like the extra foam and paddling…

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when surfing isn’t enough

Sunny Garcia scares me. Always has. For one reason or another, when I was a young surfer in the early 1990s, I picked Sunny out of the constellation of hard-ass Hawaiians I could have feared to be the surfing boogeyman. Of course, I had nothing to fear from Sunny, or Johnny Boy Gomes, or Marvin Foster, or any of their contemporaries from where I lived, thousands of miles away on the Central Coast of California, with plenty of deranged beardos yelling at unfamiliar faces over wonky reefbreaks I should have been afraid of instead. But, nope, it was Sunny who haunted me. I’d flip through the pages of surf mags and see Sunny glaring out at me through an ad. Press play on a video and watch him cleave a…