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Surfer May 2017

We founded Surfer Magazine in 1960 with a mission: to bring our readers a slice of the entire surfing world with each issue. And for over four decades, we've made good on that promise. Every issue of Surfer is packed with spectacular award-winning photos, provocative interviews with the leading pros, and journeys to the coolest undiscovered surf spots. With your order you'll get the Annual Oversized Issue, the Buyer's Guide, and the Hot 100, featuring the world's best new surfers.

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editor’s note

“Ho, brah, you gonna need a bigger board, eh?” he said, eying the 6'4" single-fin under my arm. The man was slightly overweight, with wispy gray hair and a thin salt-and-pepper mustache. It was only 8 a.m., but he stood uneasily in the sand with a brown-bagged beer in hand, which he held outstretched toward the lines of whitewater on the horizon. To borrow a traditional Hawaiian phrase, he was clearly a “crazy old uncle,” and not necessarily a trustworthy source for a surf report. But from this particular Oahu beach, nearly a quarter mile from the break my two friends and I came to surf, it was hard to gauge the size of the waves. It was the tail end of a substantial swell that had lit up Waimea the…

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where do you want to go?

TAVARUA ISLAND RESORT, FIJI Setting the standard for surf focused resorts, Tavarua is the perfect place for couples and families looking to relax and recharge. Novice to advanced surfers enjoy a host of watersports activities in or on the crystal clear waters surrounding the island; when back on land escape life’s pressures with a massage, cocktail on the deck or by the pool. An easy nonstop flight from Los Angeles departing at 10:00pm has you enjoying the island by noon the next day! KANDUI VILLAS MENTAWAI ISLANDS, INDONESIA One of Indonesia’s premier boutique resort properties happens to be situated in the middle of the heaviest concentration of world class surf breaks in the world. With 15+ breaks within 20 minutes by boat, surfers have all options: left – right – hollow – open…

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forgotten island of santosha

“Probably the most perfect wave in the world,” the article said, and because it was printed in SURFER, and because I was 13 and surf-mad, this was a statement of fact, pure and simple. The rest of the article smelled kinda stale hippie, with comments about the surfers being in “a very intimate communication with the sea” and the simple native fishermen having “no measure of time”—come on, now, people, it’s 1974, The Ramones are already plugging in, let’s move along—but the photos in the article most definitely supported the “perfect wave” claim. Long, tropical, bullet-train lefts. Uluwatu was still new and dazzling. But this place was even better. Two images from the Santosha piece were branded onto my young and still-pinkish prefrontal cortex. The first was a small color shot…

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saving san miguel

At the entrance of Ensenada, about 70 miles south of the Mexican border, sits San Miguel, an idyllic sand-and-cobblestone right that served as one of the original Mexican dream waves and continues to provide local and visiting surfers with one of the most rippable walls in Baja. But both the iconic break and its surrounding waters came under threat roughly five years ago, and the local community, alongside a few NGOs like Pronatura México, one of the country’s largest conservation groups, has been pleading with the Mexican government to declare San Miguel and the surrounding area a state park ever since. “There’s been a lot of illegal sand-mining in the upper watershed,” explains Nick Mucha of Save the Waves Coalition, the non-profit involved in creating international awareness of and support for…

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sons of sam

From First Point Noosa to First Point Malibu, performance standards are being raised by a new generation of longboarders—self-shaping stylists like Robin Kegel, Jared Mell, Ryan Burch, Alex Knost, Bryce Young, and more— who are reimagining what can be done on surfboards longer than 8 feet. But for many modern longboarders, the design that is enabling them to push their craft into bold new frontiers isn’t a modern invention; it’s one that’s been revived from a 50-year slumber. On September 29, 1966, Australian Nat Young won the World Surfing Championships in San Diego on a self-shaped board affectionately called “Magic Sam.” Young’s performance marked not only the zenith of surfing’s early progressive era—often referred to as the “Total Involvement” period—but also laid the groundwork for the next generation of surfcraft that…

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kepa acero, 37

All decisions, even those of a traveler roaming the world, require a compromise.”Wisdom Go looking for a fascinating human experience. When I had the romantic idea to look for waves around the world alone, what I really wanted was a fascinating human experience that transcended my understanding of other cultures and human relations. Listen to yourself. For me, picking up my backpack and going to Africa was just a personal challenge. I was scared at the time. Catching that plane was like jumping into space. But today, seven years have passed and I have not stopped. What pushed me was a strong internal call. Facing those fears to fulfill a dream was the best decision I ever made. Travel alone, at least some of the time. If there is a community of surfers…