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Surfing Life publishes five issues a year, each focussed on one of the five fundamental pillars of the surfing experience - Surfers, Surfboards, Waves, Technique and Travel. The result is a magazine containing quality content which will make a difference to your surfing experience. Essential reading for the active surfer.

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the drop

Surfboards are like ice cream. There’s always room for more. With cancelled overseas trips and border restrictions, surfers have been ordering a variety of flavours from their local shapers. True connoisseurs hand shape for every taste, like macadamia ice cream (roasted maccas hidden in the creamy vanilla), which gives that longer satisfying ride. Real-fruit fusions are for those who love fast, sharp “acidity on the lip” experiences. Then there’s the one-shape-fits-all Neapolitan variety: vanilla, choc, and strawberry. Cheap, bland, and it doesn’t matter if they mix together because it’s the same sickly-sweet flavour. And what follows a nasty sugar high can be as depressing as buyer’s remorse. Coconut ice cream and milk alternatives are for those of us—vegan folk—who are out to save the planet: plant-based, sustainable, eco-friendly boards that are made from…

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It is great to hear from insightful people who are well-entrenched in the surf industry, and when it comes to the manufacture of boards, Damien is in deep. Enjoy! How much has the industry changed over the last decade or two? There has definitely been quite a bit of change. What I’ve seen and been a part of has been an exciting evolution of board building. The approach to shaping has changed with the adaptation of design software and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines. Fins have made a quantum leap to keyless boxes, which have opened up limitless options for hardware, and global manufacturing has allowed major brands to make their boards more easily accessible worldwide. Online stores and studios with their endless array of options have also made customising boards as…

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tough as flax

Over 3000 boards made and only 10 snapped in the last 5 years. Yep, that's a staggering statistic. There are several points to the value of flax that you may find quite astounding. The obvious one, and the reason we started using flax, is its environmental properties. Through ten years of testing in collaboration with experts at the flax mill, NOTOX has developed a technical flax that enhances the inherent performance of the material to create a more reactive surfboard that lasts longer. We use unidirectional weaving on the bottom of our surfboards to make it more flexible and dynamic and to reduce vibration through increased dampening. On the top, multi-axial weaving increases the resistance from impacts making them more durable. Flax is strong and durable. It has been said that a…

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the lineup

ON THE COVER: Crazy new board tech in crazy new pool tech! We can see why Louie went wave-pool mad during this year’s Board Bible, and Josh didn’t miss a frame. One thing we do know is everyone wants to get back there—soon! HELPING HAND Big shout out to Mens Shred. Although we’re a unisex publication, we feel strongly about supporting this cause. We see the statistics and the epidemic that faces us daily. Surfing Life's goal is to help people escape into their love of surfing every time they pick up an issue. We know you can't put your head in the sand, but we recognise that everyone needs help and sometimes that help is to draw away for a little respite. @mensshred QUESTION: WHAT IS THE WORST INJURY YOU'VE RECEIVED FROM YOUR BOARD? I pulled…

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EDITORIAL Josh Allen John Andrews Tim Baker Russell Bierke Chris Binns Will Bendix Daniel Brennan Brad Bricknell Michael Ciaramella Liz Clark Noah Cohan Chris Coté Hayden Cox Andy Davis Keiran Deck Rambo Estrada Matt George Joey Griffiths Kaipo Guerrero Tim Hawken Lauren Hill Dan Holloway Jake Howard Brad Hutchins Craig Jarvis Jonathan Jenkins Scott Johnstone Candice Land Jesse Little Craig Macintyre Torren Martyn Mark Mathews Andrew McKinnon Kate McMahon Toby Mossop Graeme Murdoch Marcus Paladino Taylor Paul Chris Peel Rod Perez Derek Rielly Michael Saunders Steve Shearer Craig Sims Chas Smith Jed Smith Surfcore2001 Luke Surplice Alan van Gysen Roxanne Williams Kerry Wright Sam Zubevich PHOTOGRAPHIC Jack Barripp John Barton Scott Bauer Leroy Bellet Peter Bohler Peter Boskovich Chris Burkard Josh Burkinshaw Josh Bystrom John Callahan Tom Carey Kelly Cestari Jason Childs Andrew Chisholm Mitch Clark Antony Colas Ray Collings Ryan "Chachi" Craig Andrew Christie Mick Curley Hilton Dawe Jack Dekort Jeff Divine Damea Dorsey Matt Dunbar Sam Elsom Rambo Estrada Sean Evans Joel Everad Greg Ewing Kim Feast Ishka Folkwell Lynden Foss Pete Frieden Jorge Garcia Adam Gibson Stu Gibson Todd Glaser Mike Gleeson Pedro Gomes Woody Gooch Ted Grambeau Odell Harris Jules Hatton-Ward Dan Hayward Ryan Heywood Dick Hoole Spence Hornby Dustin Humphrey Pablo Jimenez Travis Johnson Calin Jones Peter Jovic Jordan Keir Jason Kenworthy Gorge Kettle Mike Killion David Kirkland Richard Kotch Kerry Langdon Mike Latronic Alex Laurel Nat Lawrence Steven Lippman Jesse Little Morgan Maassen Tim McKenna Juan Medina Ryan Miller Trent Mitchell Trevor Moran Lance Morgan Billy Morris Domenic Mosquera Rafael Moura Graeme Murdoch Trevor…

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boom town!

Many industries are falling apart; yet surfing has never been more popular. Yes, COVID-19 has a lot to answer for—mostly bad. But through the haze, eyes squinting toward the horizon, millions of surfers are seemingly finding solace in the sea. And although that stat is merely a starry thumbsuck, there’s real truth behind the fact that the surfboard business has experienced a solid boom in 2020. It’s not just surfboards. It’s everything that goes along with it. The hard-goods category, as insiders call it, has proved to be the rescue sled the surf industry needed. Generally, while the fashion and price-driven apparel business stumbled, boards (hard and soft), leashes, traction, fins, covers, etc., have all benefitted from the governments generous point of view on exercise. A.k.a. we’ve been allowed to go…