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the comfort of cooking

Given the way print deadlines work, I’m writing this letter as our nation and world shelter in place in hopes of stopping the spread of COVID-19. I’m hoping that you and your family have remained healthy and that we’re back to our normal lives, taking with us what we learned from this unprecedented time in history. In the past weeks, we’ve all been reminded of what’s important—our family, our friends, our communities and the deep, meaningful connections we have with others. At Taste of Home, we’ve also seen the powerful role food plays in building these relationships. As people search for ways to feel nourished through this crisis—both physically and emotionally—our magazines, cookbooks, website and social media have been there to offer wholesome, delicious recipes with the goal to bring comfort…

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more toh

LET THEM BAKE CAKE! Everyone knows the best thing about birthdays is cake (well…the presents are pretty nice, too). Our all-new birthday hub has loads of recipes for crazy-fun, super delicious cakes, treats, drinks and more for any type of birthday boy or girl—no matter what age they’re turning. You’ll also find helpful instructions and brilliant decorating tips that take any cake from plain dessert to totally delightful. Before you light those candles, head online to see all the happy birthday fun. tasteofhome.com/birthdaysJJ20 Be a Grilling Guru We’re sharing our favorite grilled recipes in “All Fired Up” (page 36), but you can kick up your grilling know-how with the fun facts and pointers dished up in the July/August issue of Reader’s Digest. Discover insider tips grillmasters swear by, grill yourself with historical trivia and…

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just fudge it!

Mackinac Island, Michigan, sits on the western edge of Lake Huron, right between the state’s upper and lower peninsulas. Visitors flock to the island for endearing architecture, historic landmarks, beautiful scenery and its famous fudge. The island spans only about 4 square miles, but its downtown boasts 14 fudge shop locations, many where vacationers can peer through windows to watch as the fudge is made. During the summer, those shops produce more than 10,000 pounds of the sweet stuff daily, delighting tourists with dozens of flavors and a touch of nostalgic charm. [Stuff We Love] A DAY AT THE BEACH IS THE ULTIMATE SLICE OF SUMMER. MAKE IT EVEN SWEETER BY TOTING ALONG THESE WATERMELON ACCESSORIES. [Kitchen Trend] It Grows on You Do you ever take a look at your houseplants and just feel…happier? That’s…

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a gut feeling

When you have a balanced microbiome—the colony of more than 100 trillion bacteria, yeasts and viruses that reside in your digestive tract—digestion improves, the immune system strengthens, and stress and anxiety are more easily regulated. While factors like age, environment and genetics can influence your microbiome, what you eat also plays a role. A balanced diet rich in probiotics can help, and these gut-friendly foods are a smart place to start. KOMBUCHA Slightly fruity with a hint of vinegar, kombucha is a fizzy tea drink that promotes gut health with the help of a live symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast (aka SCOBY), which kick-starts the fermenting process and packs the drink with probiotics. TRY: GT’s Synergy Gingerberry Kombucha $3 target.com SPROUTED GRAINS If you’ve found traditional bread difficult to digest, don’t rule out your…

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dog days

With summer in full swing, your pets will be ready for an outdoor frolic more than ever. Although dirt and dander are an inevitable part of outside romps, you can keep your four-legged adventurers safe and fresh with this advice from two trusted pet experts. SAFEGUARD Your furry pal’s first line of defense against pesky summer insects is year-round flea and tick protection, says George Melillo, co-founder and chief veterinary officer at Heart + Paw, a pet care company. Leave it up to your veterinary team to choose the best option, such as oral medications or shampoos. Note: Never use human insect repellents on pets. SPOT CHECK Check Fido from nose to tail for ticks after zoomies through tall grass or wooded areas. For the full-body inspection, focus on your pet’s ears, eyelids, tail,…