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apple to crack down on tracking iphone users in early spring

Apple says it will roll out a new privacy control in the spring to prevent iPhone apps from secretly shadowing people. The delay in its anticipated rollout aims to placate Facebook and other digital services that depend on such data surveillance to help sell ads. Although Apple didn’t provide a specific date, the general timetable disclosed means a long-awaited feature known as App Tracking Transparency will be part of an iPhone software update likely to arrive in late March or some point in April. After delaying the planned September introduction of the safeguard amid a Facebookled outcry, Apple had previously said it would come out early this year. Apple released the latest update as part of Data Privacy Day, which CEO Tim Cook saluted during a speech at a technology conference in…

3 min.
apple posts big quarter on fast sales start for iphone 12

Apple’s delayed launch of its latest iPhones unleashed a holiday buying frenzy that propelled sales of the trendsetting company’s most popular product to its fastest start in years. The apparently pent-up demand for four different iPhone 12 models highlighted Apple’s latest quarterly report Wednesday. Apple’s iPhone sales during the October-December period totaled $65.6 billion, a 17% increase from the same time in the previous year. Part of the gain reflected pandemic-driven production problems that pushed back the release of the new iPhone until October and November. In past years, including 2019, Apple rolled out its new iPhones in late September, resulting in a spike in sales in an earlier quarter than how things unfolded last year. But analysts also believe the past quarter’s sales surge was driven by consumers’ strong desire to own one…

3 min.
facebook q4 results soar; zuckerberg hits apple over privacy

Facebook capped a tumultuous 2020 with soaring earnings in the final quarter, but the company forecast challenges in 2021 that include a coming privacy update by Apple that could limit the social network’s ad targeting capabilities. The Apple move drew a rare public rebuke from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who during a conference call accused Apple of favoring its own interests and not those of users. Facebook said its already enormous user base grew in the fourth quarter as people stayed home during the pandemic and reported revenues buoyed by a shift to digital advertising amid coronavirus-related economic uncertainty. But the company predicted uncertainty for 2021 and said its revenue in the latter half of the year could face significant pressure. Because revenue grew so quickly in the second half of 2020, the…

4 min.
debate heats up over how countries tax big tech companies

An international debate over how countries tax big U.S. technology companies such as Google, Amazon and Facebook is heating up, presenting a challenge for President Joe Biden’s new administration. A mid-year deadline is on the horizon for talks about a global deal to defuse trade disputes with France and other countries that are imposing go-it-alone digital taxes that the United States views as discriminatory. France imposed a 3% tax on digital revenue for large tech companies, in effect singling out the U.S. tech giants. The French government has said it would withdraw the tax in favor of an international solution being negotiated under the auspices of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, a Paris-based international organization of 37 advanced economies. Experts and officials say time is getting short. Manal Corwin, a tax…

2 min.
samsung reports profit jump driven by strong chip demand

Samsung Electronics Co. said its operating profit for the last quarter rose by more than 26% as it capped off a robust business year where its dual strength in parts and finished products allowed it to thrive amid the pandemic. But the South Korean tech giant expects its profit to weaken in the current quarter with a weak dollar and costs associated with expanded production lines likely affecting its bread-and-butter computer memory chip business. Like many technology companies, Samsung has gotten a boost from surging demand for its computer chips and devices as the pandemic forces people to work from home. Samsung has also dealt with legal issues surrounding its vice chairman and de facto chief, Lee Jae-yong, who last week was sentenced by the Seoul High Court to two and a half…

4 min.
cybercops derail malware botnet, fbi makes ransomware arrest

European and North American cyber cops have joined forces to disrupt what may be the world’s largest network for seeding malware infections. The operation appears to strike a major blow against criminal gangs that have used that network for years to install ransomware for extortion schemes and to steal data and money. Separately, the FBI announced the arrest Wednesday of a Canadian as part of a bid to disrupt a ransomware gang that has targeted the health care sector, but has also hit municipalities, law enforcement and school districts, mostly in the United States. The FBI said it seized nearly half a million dollars in cryptocurrency. European Union police and the judicial agencies Europol and Eurojust said Wednesday that investigators took control of the infrastructure behind the botnet known as Emotet. A…