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Jan/Feb 2020

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team spirit

It takes a certain kind of athlete to excel at tennis. With no one else out there to help, the outcome rests squarely on the individual’s shoulders. It’s just you, an opponent and 78 feet of court. And yet, while this constant self-reliance is what makes tennis special, it can sometimes make the sport feel stressful and isolating. Which is what makes the spirit and camaraderie of team tennis competitions so appealing. There are many benefits to playing a team tennis format. For one thing, it is less taxing physically; the workload is distributed and spread over a few matches. This also makes team competition less mentally draining, because you’re sharing the pressure. That doesn’t mean players aren’t inspired to win—quite the opposite. If you’re wearing team or country colors, you’ve got…

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resolving your rules & questions quarrels

Hold Your Horses During my service toss in a doubles match, the returner’s partner stood on the service line and rushed toward the net. The ball would have to be hit at least three times before she had any opportunity to hit a shot, so unless she is a time-traveler, my conclusion is that her movement was done to distract me. I cannot imagine this is a valid tactic, but I’m open to hear your ruling. —Ron Huppert, Oakland, CA This is a close call, but the movement you describe is legit. The Code, #35, specifically says that a “player may change position at any time, including while the server is tossing the ball. Any other movement or any sound that is made solely to distract an opponent . . . is not…

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aces & faults

October 9: Kevin Anderson announces the birth of a baby boy. (Fellow star server John Isner welcomes a son later that month.) October 11: After receiving a point penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct in Shanghai, Roger Federer shuts down a reporter’s question about it. October 13: Vegemite renames their famous spread “Bartymite” in honor of Australian star Ashleigh Barty. October 19: Rafael Nadal marries Xisca Perello in a private ceremony in Mallorca. October 22: Jannik Sinner eats a carrot mid-match in Vienna. (Days later, the 18-year-old Italian becomes the youngest player in Top 100.) November 2: Anderson and Federer rejoice over South Africa’s Rugby World Cup win. November 3: Barty announces that part of her $4.42 million WTA Finals prize will be donated to the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. November 4: After going…

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five minutes with… alex de minaur and frances tiafoe

For a tennis player to perform at his or her peak level, one word is frequently served up: preparation. Laying the foundation for a potentially prosperous week begins with the actual journey. From flight changes and baggage ordeals to routinely circling the globe seeking points and prize money, getting from place to place is an uncompromising and often unpleasant part of life on tour. Over the past two seasons, Alex de Minaur and Frances Tiafoe have learned to manage this part of the job. The pair of Next Gen stars—the Aussie turns 21 in February; the American turns 22 in January—are two of the most promising talents expected to challenge for major hardware in the coming years, though they have their differences when it comes to travel. Which three items can you…

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the rally

Q: WHICH WTA PLAYER ARE YOU MOST LOOKING FORWARD TO WATCHING THROUGHOUT 2020? JAMES BLAKE FORMER WORLD NO. 4; DAVIS CUP CHAMPION Coco Gauff captivated the tennis world when she burst onto the scene at Wimbledon. Since then, she has proven to be one of the most composed and poised teenagers I have ever seen. With an off-season as the “next big thing” in tennis, we will see that composure tested. It will also be interesting to see how she determines her schedule, with the limited playing opportunities she will have due to age restrictions. ”There are many remarkable stories on the WTA tour this year; you could make an argument that each of the players in the Top 15 deserve significant attention. Serena Williams, though, remains far and away the most compelling…

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wta preview

1 / Can Serena Williams win her 24th Grand Slam singles title and tie Margaret Court’s record? From a historical standpoint, this is the most important question of the year, and the most perplexing. At 38, Serena remains capable of winning any match, except one—a Grand Slam final. From 1999 until 2016, she was 21–4 in Slam title matches. Since then, she’s 2–6, and has lost her last four. Serena, it seems, has a case of finals phobia. For the first six rounds, she plays like her old self; then, when the record is in sight, she tightens up. Can she break this pattern in 2020? Her recent record will work against her: any woman facing her in a Slam final will know she’s beatable. The biggest thing in her favor will…