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Tes 16 April 2021

Tes is dedicated to supporting the world’s teachers. Our mission is to enable great teaching by helping educators find the tools and technology they need to excel, supporting them throughout their career and professional development.

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The teachers climbed into the minibus, said a last “good luck!” and drove away across the sand-swept car park. Then reality dawned: we were on our own. A motley crew of 15- and 16-year-olds, about to undertake an ordeal like no other: walking 25 miles along the Cornish coast, including camping overnight, for our bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s (DofE) Awards. Of course, we were fine. Our map-reading skills weren’t too challenged – as long as the sea was on the right, we were going in the correct direction; tents are actually pretty easy to pitch; and cooking beans on a Trangia is hardly Ray Mears-level foraging. But map reading and campcraft were only half of the experience: responsibility, teamwork, learning to compromise, perseverance and discovering something about yourself were all going on…

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a pay rise for teachers? we wouldn’t bet on it

If Denise earns £469 million per year, and a teacher in Scotland gets a £400 payment for an extra 28 hours work, what is the difference between their daily take-home pay? Alas, this is not a fictional circumstance devised as a sample question for use in this year’s GCSE teacher-assessed grades, but an interesting comparison that has arisen in the past few weeks that puts teacher pay into a new perspective. The Denise in question is Denise Coates, the boss of Bet365. In 2020, she took home one of the biggest pay packets in UK corporate history: £469 million. The Scottish teacher? The Scottish government recently decided to give teachers and lecturers a one-off payment of £400 following the cancellation of the exams due to Covid-19. The fee is a recognition of the…

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pupils knock spots off turing leopard theory in maths project

Alan Turing – the new face of the £50 note, father of modern computing, codebreaking genius, posthumous national hero. Many of us will know all that. But perhaps less well known is one of his other achievements: decoding the chemistry behind leopard spots. That might be about to change, though. University of Sheffield mathematicians have launched the Turing Pattern Project, which aims to teach children about his influential theory of biology. Led in partnership with the Bank of England, the project is designed to teach Year 5 and 6 pupils how Turing used maths to understand patterns in nature. Turing hypothesised that the appearance of spots or patterns on animals was due to the presence of two chemicals in their bodies. Over time, he suggested, as animals grew in the womb, these…

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six essential items to put in an eal welcome pack

“Welcome to your first day with our class. And here are a million things for you to use and remember.” This is an experience most of us recognise: whether starting school or a new job, information overload is a problem. For students with English as an additional language (EAL), it’s even more complicated: the information coming at them is in another language. So, what should we do for these pupils? One simple but effective tool is to develop an EAL starter pack to make the transition into a new school that bit easier. The list below of things to put in the pack is not exhaustive – and it’s important to remember you don’t have to give them out or explain it all in one go, which again risks information overload. A bilingual dictionary Students can…

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childhood obesity will become a key focus for schools post pandemic

“When they returned, it was about half an hour before we all started nudging each other and commenting that they had not only grown up, but out.” The words of this headteacher, speaking anonymously, will perhaps resonate with others across the country who noticed an increase in the number of overweight children returning to the classroom in March. And it wasn’t just visible changes that were concerning. “My PE coach said that the Reception class were exhausted 15 minutes in, which is completely out of character,” the headteacher says. Jack Wildsmith, a PE teacher at an independent junior school in Leicestershire, says that he has also seen a diminished enthusiasm for exercise and sports. “Unfortunately, some have come back overweight but more have returned with a reduced engagement in physical activity,” he says. It’s…

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10 questions with… clare balding

Clare Balding is one of the UK’s best known TV presenters, often seen hosting major sporting events including the Grand National, the Boat Race and athletics. She’s also written several novels for children and has just published a new book, called Fall Off, Get Back On, Keep Going. In the latest My Best Teacher podcast, she chatted to Tes about her eventful school years, which included her feelings of shame after being suspended for shoplifting using sport to rebuild her confidence, a demanding but brilliant English teacher who helped her realise her ambitions – and almost being arrested in Russia on a school trip. 1. Where did you go to primary school? I grew up in a small village on the borders of Hampshire and Berkshire, and went to Kingsclere Primary School. It…