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When a close friend recently decided she was moving from London to the south coast, I immediately started coming up with reasons why this was a bad idea. Her family lives north. Instead of a quick train ride, she would have to brave the M25 to visit them. And what about her love of culture? You can’t beat London for access to theatres and galleries. Surely, I told myself, it would only be a matter of time before she came to her senses. But the truth is, this was more about me than her. I hate change. The idea of my friend not being within easy reach was an unappealing prospect. I have had to grow used to this feeling of discomfort, of course. The pandemic has changed so much about our lives,…

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can letting go of selflessness make you a better teacher?

Teachers putting their pupils’ needs before their own is not unusual in education – just look at the various workload surveys or the energy-draining efforts of the profession during the pandemic. It’s a trait that is usually celebrated both inside the staffroom and outside the school gates, too. But should it be? Teacher mental health was already under the microscope before the pandemic, with the long hours and emotional toll of the job causing many staff to “burn out”. The pandemic has simply exacerbated those challenges because there is just so much more to do in schools this year. The already too long to-do list has had even more added to it – including catch-up, pupil mental health, Covid precautionary measures and more. Unsurprisingly, social media is full of teachers explaining that they have…

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why the ‘vision question’ is key to acing leadership interviews

When a leader starts talking about their vision, it can attract a degree of cynicism from those they lead because it can feel detached from the reality of life on the front line of a school. However, in reality, a clear vision is the glue that should bind everything in a school together and launch it in the same direction. That’s why during interview days for headships, the question about your vision for the school is almost always the most important. “This question is often the key moment of a leadership interview,” argues Mark Steed, principal and CEO of Kellett School, the British International School in Hong Kong. “It can be [the moment] when a candidate jumps out from the field by demonstrating they have a clear idea about how to take…

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10 questions with… samira ahmed

Samira Ahmed is a journalist, writer and broadcaster who is best known for hosting Channel 4 News, BBC News’ Newswatch and Front Row on BBC Radio 4. She has also made numerous documentaries, including Art of Persia, and won Celebrity Mastermind in 2010 and a champions’ special in 2019. She chatted with us about her school days and the teachers who made an impression on her, risqué escapades on skiing trips and why she loved learning about world religions. 1. Where did you go to primary school? I actually moved primary school about four times. When I started school we were living in Upper Norwood [in south-east London] and I went to a convent school, Virgo Fidelis, for about a year. I had a good time, although I got told off for having…

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what schools can do to tackle the parking problem outside their gates

When the first lockdown began, one of the most obvious changes was how quiet the roads became. The impact on schools was immediate: “We heard from our parents that they had chosen to walk because they felt safer with fewer cars on the road,” explains a headteacher of a secondary school in Yorkshire. However, cars are now back with a vengeance – and so are the school parking woes. “There are just as many cars as before and we are getting angry phone calls and emails from residents about parking again,” continues the headteacher. Of course, upset local residents aren’t the only problem. Safety is a big issue, with the AXA RoadSafe Schools report in 2013 revealing that every month, 1,200 children were being injured in traffic-related collisions within 500 metres of a…

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all schools inspected by summer 2025 after extra ofsted funding

Ofsted has been given more than £23 million extra funding to ensure that it can inspect all schools by the summer of 2025. The government has provided extra funding through the Spending Review to ask the watchdog to provide a quicker assessment of how well education is recovering from the pandemic. The accelerated inspection programme will start in September 2022. Ofsted said that beginning with last term’s inspections, all schools and further education providers will now be inspected at least once by the summer of 2025. The extra funding to increase the number of Ofsted inspections over the next three years comes amid calls from headteachers’ unions and school leader organisations for the watchdog to pause its checks on schools because of the impact Covid is having on them. Amanda Spielman, Ofsted chief inspector,…