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Texas Highways, the official travel magazine of Texas, encourages recreational travel within Texas and tells the Texas story to readers around the world. Renowned for its photography, statewide events coverage, top weekend excursions, off-the-beaten path discoveries, and scenic destinations, Texas Highways helps readers discover the treasures of the Lone Star State.

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a party in the making

THE BEST DESTINATION CITIES give travelers a distinct feeling that can only be experienced by walking their streets. A visit to a city as rich in culture, colorful in personality, and as central to Texas history as San Antonio is uniquely satisfying. With the city pu_ing nishing touches on plans for unprecedented celebrations in honor of its tricentennial year—plans that have been underway since 2015— the Alamo City will sparkle like never before in 2018. Events Editor Jane Murray visited the Tricentennial Commission o.ces that sit above Centro des Artes in San Antonio’s Market Square last August to research our cover story: “Even the Tricentennial o.ces re.ect the colorful culture we all know and love about San Antonio— walls painted orange, blue, green, pink, purple, and yellow; always ready for a…

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2018 bucket list

We hope our “18 Trips for 2018” feature (page 46) inspires you to travel to our suggested destinations. We’d love to hear from readers who use our story as their guide. Please send your memories and photos to letters@texashighways.com and we might spotlight your journey on our social media channels. MLK DAY Visit texashighways.com to read about the biggest parades and festivals in the state celebrating the life and legacy of civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. during the weekend of Jan. 15. FOLLOW US! Don’t let your Texas travel inspiration end once you finish an issue—follow us @texashighwayson Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to keep the wanderlust going all month long. EVENTS CALENDAR At texashighways.com/events we’ve curated comprehensive statewide listings of events ranging from festivals to craft fairs to art exhibits. Whether you’re at home or…

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happy cookin’, y’all!

The Big Empty Having been born in the Knox City hospital and having spent my early years in Munday, your story [November] brought back memories of living on my grandparents’ farm 3 miles “past the railroad tracks.” One particular incident happened when I was around 5 years old. My daddy and I struck out on one of his “adventures of the day.” We rode here and there in his old truck when he suddenly slammed on the brakes, flung his door open, and took o. running 90 to nothing through the trees and bushes and vines. I can still see him in his blue jeans, chambray shirt, and straw hat. He was gone a short time, returning to the truck— and me. More than likely I was si. ing there with…

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scenic route

Frosty Falls 32° 47º 30." N 97° 24º 45.00" W LAKE WORTH SPILLWAYin Fort Worth’s Marion Sansom Park creates a cascade on the West Fork of the Trinity River. To reach the falls, visitors can stop in the parking lot at 2501 Roberts Cut-O. Road about 2 miles north of State Highway 183 (River Oaks Boulevard). Head south from the trailhead and walk down the slightly steep hill (watch for mountain bikers) for about a third of a mile to reach the river. Follow the sound of the falls to help guide your way.…

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I TRY TO THINK OF MYSELF AS A WISE AND thrifty traveler. I stay in $50 motels instead of $100 ones because that means I can afford to stay out on the road twice as long. Besides, who needs all those pillows? I know to bring a cooler to fill up with free ice in the vending area, and I know to brew both complimentary coffee packets together—regular and decaf—to make a stronger tasting cup. But I’m just Double-A. The major-league pros of maximizing the quality of a road trip with minimal financial stress are touring musicians. Their jobs are basically working vacations, and they’ve figured out not only how to extend a fourminute song into 15 minutes while playing a jam-band festival, but how to stretch a per diem like…

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two-wheel touring

THE NARROW HILL COUNTRY ROAD DROPS TOWARDa low bridge over a small creek. I coast on my bicycle, faster than I ever have before, scanning the pavement in front of me for potholes, tires humming, the wind blowing in my face. It feels exhilarating. I zip across the bridge and make it halfway up the short ascent before losing momentum. My guide, Rob Adams, waits for me at the top of the hill. “Just a few more miles,” he says with an ever-present smile. No one would mistake me for a serious cyclist. But I love the outdoors and the Hill Country, and I’m geffing a full serving of both on this outing custom-designed for me by Texas Bike Tours. Over the course of the day, I ride about 25 miles—from Fredericksburg…