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Texas Highways Magazine February 2018

Texas Highways, the official travel magazine of Texas, encourages recreational travel within Texas and tells the Texas story to readers around the world. Renowned for its photography, statewide events coverage, top weekend excursions, off-the-beaten path discoveries, and scenic destinations, Texas Highways helps readers discover the treasures of the Lone Star State.

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the cowboy way

THE MYTHOLOGY OF THE Wild West looms large over Texas. Tales of heroic cowboys and gritty ranchers dominate much of the state’s literature. And from outsiders’ perspectives, led by depictions in film and TV, every Texan wears a cowboy hat and owns a horse. As Amarillo-bred journalist Jason Boyett writes in his feature about his hometown (Page 32), “This is what they think Texas looks like.” Andy Wilkinson of Lubbock, a fifthgeneration nephew of Charles Goodnight— perhaps the most widely venerated of ranching legends—explains the allure this way: “There are a number of reasons for it. My late and dear friend Buck Ramsey, who was a cowpuncher and later become one of the great writers and poets of the West, said the cowboy and that way of life is a cult…

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most romantic places in texas

We want to hear from you: What are the most romantic destinations in the state? Head to our Facebook page in mid-January to add your submissions, and then vote in our poll. We’ll crunch the numbers and present a full list with links and recommendations on texashighways.com before Valentine’s Day on Feb. 14. MARDI GRAS EVENTS Head over to texashighways.com for details on Fat Tuesday (Feb. 13) celebrations. There are plenty of Mardi Grasinspired parades, festivals, and events to enjoy all over the state. STOCKYARDS HOTEL WEB EXCLUSIVE After you read our story on Fort Worth’s Stockyards Hotel (Page 20), visit texashighways.com to learn more about the history of the renowned lodging. SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER Keep up with the latest Texas Highways news and events by signing up for our bimonthly email newsletter at…

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GOT SOMETHING TO SAY? As long as I am with you, I would go anywhere. –LORI WHEATLEY, LUBBOCK OUR FAVORITE SOCIAL MEDIA OF THE MONTH Heater on at night, and AC on during the day. ANNE EVERETT JOHNSON, ABILENE My mama and daddy spent their wedding night at the Hotel Settles in Big Spring, back in 1947. FRANCES BLEVINS BRASHER, DENVER CITY Texas Highways makes the Lone Star State look great and fun for all. ANDREW CUMMINGS, FRAMINGHAM, MASS Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Warm Fuzzies “Stitching Through Time” [December] captured the history of quilts, their purposes, and the enjoyment these creations bring. All the exhibits at the Texas Quilt Museum are great. Hurray for quilts! Cherie Spacek Harris, Houston Citrus Season My grandfather had a citrus orchard outside of La Feria until the freeze of 1983. At Christmas, he would…

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scenic route

Route Kicks 35º 12' 23.69" N 101º 28' 17.63" W ENJOYING ROADSIDE attractions while traveling Route 66 is a time-honored tradition. While not a typical destination, this weathered barn along the route east of Amarillo— now Farm-to-Market Road 2161—takes on a warm glow with photographer Clark Crenshaw’s addition of LED lighting. From Conway, head about 5 miles west along FM 2161 to find the deserted outbuilding along the south side right before the road curves toward Interstate 40. For more information, visit nps.gov/nr/travel/route66/sh_207_interstate_40_conway.html.…

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in the saddle

THE COWBOY PHILOSOPHER WILL ROGERS once said, “A man that don’t love a horse, there is something the matter with him.” A bona fide movie star, Rogers also observed that an actor isn’t anything special: “He’s a fellow that just has a little more monkey in him.” Both those maxims came to mind recently when my actor friend Joe Stevens, who’s got enough monkey to have appeared on the silver screen in True Grit and other flicks, got to talking about horses. Joe commented that some actors, when auditioning for a role that required riding, fibbed about their experience on horseback and found themselves in a pickle when called upon to prove it. Joe also allowed that while he’s not a “real cowboy,” he does fine on a “movie horse.” That got…

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flower power

LAST WINTER HAD BEEN DRAGGING ON—NOT FRIGIDLY cold, but devoid of the sunshine that Texans crave yearround. One February day, I followed a tip from friends and took my children on a day trip east of our Dallas-area home in search of a dose of sunshine. As I exited Interstate 20 near Gladewater, bare tree branches stretched toward blue sky, their silhouettes like sculptures against the clouds. I drove on, following a line of cars through rolling hills of brown grass, forests of stark trees, and houses scattered here and there. But at the crest of one hill, the entire landscape changed before our eyes. The horizon erupted in color, and the monochrome winter scenery became washed in cheer. Fields of bright yellow daffodils stretched out like a sea of…