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editor's letter

Home Sweet Home If you travel to or live in the South, you know Southerners love their homes. From heirloom furniture and antique china patterns to quilts and plant cuttings, we hand down and pass on our most cherished treasures to preserve our heritage—the place we call home. And whether it is down a country road or in the city, we find special joy in decorating doors for the seasons and filling window boxes with cheerful blooms that say, “Come visit!” As we looked through our favorite cottage features, we selected a number of hero homes and gathered them in this special issue of The Cottage Journal. A second home can be the favorite, as it is for the homeowners in our cover story, “A Winter Haven by the Lake,” on page…

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cottage charm 101

It’s really no mystery why the American Dream conjures up images of a cozy cottage with a shady front porch, all surrounded by a white picket fence. Such sentimental visions represent cherished ideas—like home, family, security, and the ability to claim a plot of land—that are near and dear to our hearts. With this said, modesty and quaintness have always been hallmarks of cottage style. Historically, these meager homes contained few, if any, frills. Instead, they provided the basic essentials of shelter for European peasant farmers known as cottars (hence the origin of “cottage”). In time, the diminutive dwellings expanded their roles to include vacation houses and lakefront cabins that didn’t require the year-round accoutrements of a primary residence. Even today, cottages are generally smaller in scale and appearance when compared to…

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timeless tableware

While some collectors of vintage tableware have personal ties to their assortments, stemming from cherished memories, others simply found themselves admiring an aged platter in an antiques store and stumbled across a new passion. Regardless of how you become interested, collecting vintage pottery and dinnerware is a charming way to preserve a piece of history and fill your home with timeless character and storied beauty. And the possibilities are extensive. From the vibrant tones of majolica to the unique personality of Staffordshire figures to the understated elegance of caneware, you’re sure to find something to fit the spirit of your space. Style Ideas When growing your collection, patience is always a virtue. Whether scouring antiques stores and estate sales or searching through online auctions, keeping your eyes peeled is key to finding…

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passion for rare prints

Regardless of age or style, there is a print for every person, and behind each original antique print is a story. In years past, prints served as a way for scholars to transcribe anything from maps to architectural sketches to botanical diagrams. Every print is a time capsule of history. “Prints were done primarily to document and disseminate information,” says Helen Stewart, print collector and director of Rare Prints Gallery in Franklin, Tennessee. “There was a purpose behind creating these pieces.” That purpose didn’t die with the original owners. Antique prints now offer homeowners a chance to exhibit their interests by displaying images like a map of the family’s country of origin or a sketch of a building with a fond memory. Many collectors find prints with similar themes, such as…

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lowcountry cottage

Nestled among three of the most charming vacation destinations along the South Atlantic coast, Brays Island Plantation in Sheldon, South Carolina, presented these fortunate homeowners with their own slice of paradise. With Beaufort and Charleston, South Carolina, and Savannah, Georgia, all just a short drive away, Brays Island and its world-class sporting, natural beauty, and Southern charm welcome homeowners and visitors alike to a community unlike any other. While building their dream home, these homeowners opted to include an additional guest cottage on the property as well. To make their Lowcountry cottage style a reality, they worked with a team of home experts, including interior designer Sheena F. Jenkins of SF Jenkins Interiors, Inc. in Port Royal, South Carolina, before moving in 2014. “I was fortunate to work [alongside] the architect,…

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built to last

Leslie and Michael O’Kelley always dreamed of building their own home from the ground up. An interior designer and an architect respectively, the two finally realized their dream in 2016 when they began work on a new home in their Alabama community of Mt Laurel. The deep green of the home’s exterior is a nod to the early days of the town when an emphasis on the area’s natural beauty meant that homeowners were required to choose nature-inspired tones. “And my husband being the town architect, he really wanted to keep to the true theme of Mt Laurel,” Leslie says. Inside, the rich, earthy tones give way to a palette of bright whites and intentional pops of vibrant color. Interspersed with contemporary lines and touches of retro style, antique pieces repurposed…