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The Cottage Journal Spring 2018

The Cottage Journal features decorating ideas, style tips, creative inspiration, and delicious recipes - and now you can enjoy every single page on the tablet! Create a warmer, more magical home with the beauty of nature and The Cottage Journal!

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color revival

Spring is here! Welcome to the season of fresh new inspiration at home.Gardens are in bloom in this issue, and each has its own style. “Create Your Garden” on page 111 features a stunning courtyard garden of hardscapes and blooming annuals and perennials that burst with color while a fountain bubbles from the center. “A Garden to Nurture,” page 115, is a lovely cottage garden with charm-filled outdoor rooms, from the terrace lined with manicured boxwoods to a cozy dining oasis just off the kitchen and, of course, a gorgeous wall of ‘Limelight’ hydrangeas. One of my favorite features in this issue highlights the magic that happens when a place inspires a space. “A Breath of Fresh Air” on page 41 features views of the waterway nearby and was…

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nature’s handiwork

“What can your eye desire to see, your ears to hear, your mouth to take, or your nose to smell that is not to be had in a garden?”—William Lawson ■…

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simplify for spring

According to Emily, the first step to creating a home that feels both orderly and welcoming is a serious decluttering. “Ruthlessly trash or donate items that aren’t either your favorite or absolutely necessary,” she says. “Once you’ve cleared the mess, organize what’s left with bins or boxes found around your home. Then, infuse your space with colors that speak to your personality.” How do you feel when you walk into your home? Energized? Peaceful? Content? Or do you instead feel overwhelmed, tired, and stressed? Our homes have the potential to inspire and comfort us, but they can also drain or unnerve us. Physical clutter is mental clutter. With spring right around the corner, I challenge you to ruthlessly declutter your home. It sounds like a grand challenge, I know,…

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shades of inspiration

One feature that is common to both Don’s and Fiona’s styles is a love of bold hues. “[Customers] can expect to see color in intense saturation in many items that they use and enjoy daily,” Don notes. Don Wooters and Fiona Newell Weeks became business partners after they realized that they shared a common dream: to open a shop that would foster the creation of beautiful and unique living spaces. The two had worked in interior design separately, with Don working his way up through retail furniture sales and Fiona having started her own design business 15 years earlier. It wasn’t until they met at a show house Don was running that their talents came together. “Everything seemed to fall into place, and within a couple of months, we…

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an uncommon cottage

Published by Abrams, 2017. Images reprinted with permission from Prints Charming. John Loecke and Jason Oliver Nixon, the delightful duo behind the interior design firm Madcap Cottage, are anything but ordinary. The pair dares to mix but never match in their designs, remaining united through the use of common elements in the décor and furnishings. The two own four stores with locations in High Point, North Carolina; New York City, New York; London, England; and Naples, Florida. In their new 250-page book, Prints Charming, they detail how to integrate patterns of every kind—from wallpaper to upholstery—into a cohesive but eclectic style, highlighting an easy way to revive your space this spring. The Madcap men dispel the myths of how and when to use pattern and print. A combination of…

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market finds

Bench and pillow from At Home Furnishings, athome-furnishings.com or 205-879-3510. Wall tapestry from Sugarboo & Co., sugarbooandco.com or 770-545-8461. Planters on stools from Summer Classics, summerclassics.com or 888-868-4267. Rug, wooden spheres, and large basket from At Home Furnishings, athome-furnishings.com or 205-879-3510. Beads and small basket from Sugarboo & Co., sugarbooandco.com or 770-545-8461. Large lantern from Gabby, gabbyhome.com or 888-868-4267. Two gold triangle lanterns from At Home Furnishings, athome-furnishings.com or 205-879-3510. Two petrified wood objects on stands from West Elm, westelm.com or 888-922-4119. Large abstract wood on stand from At Home Furnishings, athome-furnishings.com or 205-879-3510. Beads from Gabby, gabbyhome.com or 888-868-4267. Basket from West Elm, westelm.com or 888-922-4119. Lanterns from Sugarboo and Co., sugarbooandco.com or 770-545-8461. Blue beads from Gabby, gabbyhome.com or 888-868-4267. Hanging planter from At Home Furnishings, athome-furnishings.com or…